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Planejammer is a shared campaign setting used by a number of related campaigns. The actions of each impact the continuity of the shared continuum.

The main wiki for the Planejammer Campaign Series is the one for The Spelljoined Campaign Entries on this Wiki are things developed specifically for or used in the Seven Stars

House Seven Stars
The House Charter | Main Office- Rock of Bral | Sigilian Office – Stray Manor | Oeridian Office – Warehouse 23
| Spelljamming Fleet | Valis- Custom Spelljamer / Ethership | Crew Uniforms | Drake’s Gallery | Midtown Apartment | Uptown Apartment

* Grommspace
* Herdspace
* Moragspace
* Truespace
* Winterspace

* Bleurophil -The city of the Riven on the Elemental Plane of Air.
* Jowchit – Holy City of Kong in Grommspace
* Ceres – Asteroid city in The Grinder in Greyspace
* Illkool Rem – Illithid City in the underdark of Oerth in Greyspace

* Penumbra – Throneworld of the Ancient Illithid Empire, Truespace

Important Locations
* Song Ming Monastery – Shou Monastery on the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace
* The Burnt Tail – Restaraunt in Shou Town on the Rock of Bral, Spiralspace
* Tovag Barragu – Interdimensional travel network of the Cult of Vecna on Oerth, Greyspace
* Gammaro Base – Scro starbase in the corpse of a dead gammaroid in Moragsapce
* Outlands Station – Multi-sector starbase in the Dragon empire (Dragonstar)
* Green Dragon Inn – Robilar’s infamous bar in the City of Greyhawk, Oerth, Greyspace
* The Adytum of Vecna
* The Library of Vecna
* The Spiral of Manzessine – Illithid prison in Oerth’s underdark, Greyspace.
* Crosswinds Keep – an asteroid freehold in the Elserryn Cluster of the Astral Plane. Finn’s home base before joining the Seven Stars

* The Kamarel Inhabitants of reflection
* Campestri Singing mushrooms raised by Landrake “Drake” Ke’randyl
* Witchlight Marauder – Scro Doomsday weapon/creature

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