Ship: The Door To Excess


Octopus [Lost in an Extradimensional vortex]

Left behind in an extraspatial vortex in the Phlogiston outside the GrommSpace sphere, Captained by Kaolin.

While raising funds to purchase this ship the party was approached by higher order members of the Seekers, who offered to provide funding and broker the deal if Our Heross would accept a particular mission. All other Seeker ships were currently off-rock and unavailable. The Party accepted the deal.

When they arrived at the Laughing Beholder Bar to meet their prospective employer it turned out to be an Illithid who named himself Thought Taker. The mission was stated as being an expedition to a little known Sphere so that he could “retrieve an item,” anything else found is fair game for the Party. Despite reservations they accepted, both because they had already committed themselves to the Seekers, and also because of the 35,000gp value Fire Diamond Thought Taker offered to seal the agreement………


Ship: The Door To Excess

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