Etsuriko's Trunks

Black Laquer Trunks, Shou Craftsmanship


Trunk One

  • Basic Gi in Lavender and Blue x 2 sets
  • Basic Gi in Black x 4 sets
  • Shoes (matching) Black x 2 pairs, Blue x 1 pair, Lavender x 1 pair
  • Winter Coat, Gloves and Boots (matching) in Black
  • Regular Gloves, Black

Trunk Two – Inheritance from Mother

  • 3 fine silk kimonos with matching shoes
  • - Black with Silver Trim
  • - Royal Blue with Gold Dragons
  • - Lavender with Silver and White Cherry Blossom Motif
  • Pair of Jade hairsticks
  • Hand mirror
  • Carved Jade Comb
  • Carved Jade Medallion, Symbol of Song Ming Monastery
  • Hand Fan, Lavender
  • Hand Fan, Black
  • Amber Medallion on leather thong from Gaea, portrait of Kong Rex (not a hand me down)
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    Etsuriko's Trunks

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