Fenelyn of The Silver Void


Partner in House Seven Stars (Topaz, inherited from Theridon)
Planewalker’s Guild 5°-Astral
Wanted for Trespassing by the Githyanki Lich Queen
These rough notes will be refined in the near future:

raised the “thin blood,” in a family of tieflings.
Emigrated to Oerth/Greyspace/Prime with family as a child
Lineage traces to two Tana’arri bloodlines, a Cerebrelith and a risen Vrock who fought for the side of good as a paladin.
Left at 17 for the Silver Void and beyond, right after his third sibling, Theridon was born.
Found Elserryn Cluster, encountered Planewalkers Guild and joined
Went to Mechanus to learn Blood War history, Planar Structure, and Gehennaa legal practices
Learned Control skill in Elserryn Cluster.
Went to Gehenna (Layer of Chamanda, City of Nimicri) to observe and learn the “art of cutting a deal.” Finally disgusted after being exposed to the soul trafficing between the Original Sin Cartel and the Yuggoloths left for the Prime.
Learned archery from the Silvanesti elves of Krynn.
Traverse the ethereal to reach the Inner Planes.
Studied with an Efreet learning planar attunement.
Studied Control with the Planewalker’s Guild in the Ethereal until the World Serpent Inn manifested.
“Gotta do this!” he thinks as he enters the legendary multiplanar bar. Hangs out awhile.
Exiting the World Serpent leaves him in Bytopia (The Layer of Dothion), too many gnomes.
Return to Elserryn Cluster.
Return to Oerth to visit family, found them all dead except for his brother and brother’s daughter.
Tracked Anya Sixela to Rock of Bral, maintained low profile
Met with and joined forces with 7 stars


Fenelyn of The Silver Void

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