The House Charter

The Company(1) will be divided into seven equal shares. Six of the seven shares will be given (one each) to: Drake, Ozzy, Kaolin, Tavist, Rand, and Falkirk(2). The seventh share will be divided into seven samller shares. One each of these shares will be given to: K’thar-Defender, Xamboor Arvo (Bug Man), Deldrick K’Tel, Sleestack and Kaa (The Scalykind Brothers), The Praetorian Guardsmen, Clan Hoopaka, and Tikazata(3).

On this date _______________ the shares are worth ___________(4).

The selling of share value(5) or transferance of shares can happen at any time if at least five of that level’s ringholders(6) are present for the vote and it is won 4 to 1 or all ringholders are there and win by mojority. Hiring and firing work the same.

Dividends are paid every three years. Only to ringholders, at the appropriate scale(7). At that time only the ringholder is paid his share of company(1) profits. Other negotiations(8) will be dealt with outside of the company(1) structure.

If a ringholder does not appear for the Grand Fiscal Reconing(9) two consecutive GFRs(10) his share is put up for sale under the procedures laid out in the hiring and fireing guidelines.

If a ring is forfeit(11) through death the appropriate and accurate percentage of dividend plus the value from the previous GFR goes to that individual’s named beneficiary(12).

1)Not spoils of war, but merchant house profits
2)These shares are each worth one vote.
3)These shares are worth 1/2 vote. Every three years these shareholders will elcet a spokesman representing one vote.
4)Original #
5)Thus either leaving the adventuring party (1 vote) or the upper level hirelings (1/2 vote)
6) The ringholders:
Seven diamond rings are made, each one representing 1/7 of the vote. Their representative will have a chain of office (Celestian’s Vote) Each ringholder gets 1/7 of one full share.6 other rings, each in the gemstone of the appropriate color (from celestian’s holy symbol) are given to those mentioned in paragraph one(A). Each ringholder gets one full share.
7)Diamond rings=1/7 share of profits. Six Rings with varied gems=1 full share of profits.
8)For circumstances involving the selling and buying of shares within the three year period of audits
9)What the three year audiits and such are now known as.
10)Grand Fiscal Reconings

A)The Colors of Gems and Assignments
Orange- Jacynt- Divine Powers – Kaolin
Green- Emerald- Weapons and Security- Ozzy
Purple- Amethyst- Arcane Power- Drake
Blue- Sapphire- Quartermaster- Tavist
Red- Ruby- The Invisible Art (psionics)-
Yellow- Topaz- Engineering-

The House Charter

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