Stray Manor

Deeded to Kaolin, Tavist, Ozzy, Drake, Dugan, and Etsuriko directly by Her Serenity for expelling Vecna from Sigil.

Permanent Guards and Wards (18th Caster Lvl) set on building

All portals and keys were mapped out by Fenelyn and Kaolin in a four day Portal Binge.

Drake’s Campestri wander through Stray Manor (1-5 on a d20 when each floor, herds of 3-18 at a time)

“Astro” – a harriat, or Astral Forrager, this diminutive creature looks like a small brain with a pseudopod. It floats about slowly in the astral plane, feeding on stray thoughts. Found in Stray Manor the day after first testing the Elserryn Gate.

Main Floor


Squadron of trusted guards billeted in secret guards section

Olga of Ysgard in Seneschal’s Quarters

6 Permanent Unseen Servants


Stray Manor - Basement

6 Permanent Unseen Servants

Kaolin’s Alchemical Setup installed in Main Lab (including brewing equipment) Key to Portal 1 hangin on wall next to Portal

Second Floor

Stray Manor, Lady's Ward, Sigil - 2ndFloor

Chapel rededicated to Celestian, Kaolin’s tapestry of The Spelljammer is hung in here.
6 Permanent Unseen Servants
Third Floor

Stray Manor, Lady's Ward, Sigil - 3rdFloor

Arboretum -Plantlife of the Planes. One section is kept wet and marshy by daily create water spells, Drake’s Campestri live here when they are not ranging through the building singing badly. A Giant Sundew lies in the midst of the plant growth, seemingly kept dormant by other exotics around it.

Doorway to Drake’s office now sealed and smoothed over with stoneshape.
6 Permanent Unseen Servants plus three more that act exclusively as gardeners.
Fourth Floor

Stray Manor, Lady's Ward, Sigil - 4thFloor

Circular access stoneshaped leading from the floor of Drake’s quarters into his office.
6 Permanent Unseen Servants
Fifth Floor

Stray Manor, Lady's Ward, Sigil - 5thFloor

6 Permanent Unseen Servants

Location Direction Portal Key
1. Beastlands One Way Blue Feather from a Celestial Eagle
2. Astral Two Way Erratic (1 on a 1d4) A Silver Ring set with Moonstone
3. Astral, The Elserryn Cluster Two Way Whisper "Anall Nathraak" (needed from the

color pool side as well)
4. Outlands Two Way Must spill blood and wipe on doorframe
5. Bytopia, Layer of Dothion, near the Township of Yeoman Two Way Five fresh baked loaves of bread
6. Beastlands One Way (person to Beastlands, all possessions to a

random Plane
No key needed, constant effect
7. Elysium Two Way Three Sprinkles of Holy Water
8. Elysium One Way A Square Yard of Virgin Linen
9. Mechanus Two Way Solve Equation (Int Check DC 20)
10. Limbo Two Way Ball of Moist Clay
11. Gehenna One Way Open Elemental Flame
12. Gehenna, Layer of Mungoth in a cave. Two Way A Letter Intended For Smoeone Else
13. Pandemonium Two Way Whistle Off Key
14. Limbo One Way Masturbate
15. Elysium One Way Sincere Feeling of Remorse

Astral Forrager
Also called a harriat, this diminutive creature looks like a small brain with a pseudopod. It floats about slowly in the astral plane, feeding on stray thoughts. It is often kept as a pet by plane hopping wizards and psions.

In a game with both magic and psionics as well as some planar travel, astral forager may be taken as familiars. They grant a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against compulsions. Stats for a typical astral forager are:

Diminutive Aberration-HD ¼ d8 (1 hp); Initiative 5; Speed fly 30 ft. (perfect); AC 19 (4 size, +5 Dex); no attacks; SQ blindsight 30 ft.; Saves: Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +4; Abilities: Str 1, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 9; Skills: Hide +17, Listen +6; AL always neutral

Stray Manor

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