Jowchit, Holy City of the Grommam

Who Rules: Stonn, Kongaro (God King) of Jowchit (LG Grom Cleric 21, Demi God Divine Rank 3) Much of his energy is focused on raising Chatka, the child king (see npcs below)
Who Really Rules: The Council (Gromam High Priests, Hadozee druids, and Bards of both races all 12th lvl and higher)
Population: 18,000 (70% Gromam, 20% Hadozee, 3% Elves, 7% other races)
Major Products:

  • Textiles- Grommam weaving is both soft and durable being made predominantly from silk like plant fibers found in the rain forest. They are usually brightly colored and patterned.
  • Woods- a huge variety of exotic hardwoods are available from the rain forest surrounding the city.

Armed Forces: It is only since spelljamming contact that there are any standing forces amongst the Grommam. In the present day Stonn keeps a standing militia against the threat of slavers and scro forces. The majority of these forces are drawn from the populace, having only limited training being predominantly commoners. A notable exception is the XXX, a small and elite group of Grommam paladins who report directly to the High Council. (average level 3-7)

Notable Mages:
Gwydion ap Kierin (h wiz 12)
Originally from the Moonshae Isles of Toril (Realmspace), Gwydion wandered the spaceways for decades before settling down in Jowchit to end his years in peace and beauty. He lives in a palatial residence in the Middle City and is a favorite among the natives due to his cheerful attitude and generous nature. Often he can be found using cantrips and minor spells to put on shows for the local Grommish children. He is slow to anger but can be quite formidable if anything threatens his adopted city or its people. He collects spores, mold and fungi.

Notable Churches:
The Temple of Kong Rex, Temple City- This stone and ironwood building consumes the center of the Temple City (30% of the total area). The priesthood of Kong lives, performs religious services, and administers the rule of Jowchit from within its walls. In the main Temple at the center of the complex resides The Flame of Kinruul, an eternally burning flame gifted by Kong to his people, symbolizes the light of intellect and warmth of compassion with which Kong graced his people at the beginning of their history.
The Shrine of Umbala, Root Town- this religious site takes the form of a large pool at the base of the main waterfall with two forty foot tall statues on either side of it, one of an oak tree and one of Kong Rex the Grommish deity. Every evening, just before twilight, two rays of purest sunlight pierce the canopy above and light the statues with a glowing radiance. Legend has it that the truly deserving are sometimes gifted with healing and insight if they drink of the pool’s water while the statues glow.

Notable Rogues’ and Thieves’ Guilds:
None known

Equipment Shops:
The Grommam Market, Temple City- An amazing array of items (predominantly carved from the local hardwoods) are available here. Locally grown foodstuffs, art objects, weapons, and much more can be found in the stalls that fill the district’s main plaza. This is also the area where licensed spelljammer merchants are allowed to set up while in port. There are usually at least one or two stalls operated the elven trading house known as the Sindath Line at any given time. It is said that there is no place in the known spheres where one can find such an array of brilliantly handcrafted exotic hardwoods.
The Hadozee Market, Middle City- A dizzying array of branches that extend away from the settled area, the Hadozee Market is comprised of numerous individuals selling everything from herbal remedies to stone and wooden weapons. There are no formal stalls as such, each Hadozee staking out a spot on one of the branches and displaying his wars on a brightly colored blanket. Out of respect for their cousins the grommam they keep the market, with its constant shouting, profanity, and boisterousness on the outskirts of the Middle City.

Inns & Taverns:
Kong’s Goblet
The Sheltering Trees
Starchaser’s Rest

Important Characters:
Stonn, Kongaro of Jowchit (LG Grom Cleric 21, Demi God Divine Rank 3)
Wise and gentle by nature Stonn is viewed as the ideal to which all Grommam should aspire. The majority of his time is taken up with raising and instructing Chatka, the god- child, and he leaves the day to day administration of the city to the High Council. Only those of great power and fame are usually able to gain an audience with him (i.e. 12th lvl and above). He has ruled here for over 4,000 years.

Hiril (Lord) Elrohir (elf wiz 6 ftr 4)
EIN void elf commanding the Emerald Class Man ’O War Sword of Arvandor. Elrohir is far less haughty than most void elves, and actually enjoys socializing with other races. It is sometimes speculated, although not within his earshot, that is was this trait that got him posted here. Many times the Sword of Arvandor is the only EIN ship in the sphere, a situation that leaves him with much autonomy. Oddly enough his closet companion is not an elf but rather Chewbev, leader of the hadozee Oathpack that comprises half his crew.

Chatka (Grom- Psion 2 wiz 2 Divine Rank 1)
Chatka is the first Grommish demigod to be born offworld. Recently returned to Gaya through the efforts of the hadozee Priestess Kaolin of Celestian , he is now growing into his power rapidly despite being only seven years old. Stonn is his constant companion and instuctor as he learns what it is to be a demigod.

Chewbev (hadozee ftr 7)
Leader of the Oathpack assigned to EIN duties. He is Elrohir’s right hand. Chewbev is atypical for a hadozee in that he is always shows precise decorum, even when elves are not present. He only allows himself to curse and scream when he knows that no races other than his own are around. Chewbev loves his posting and his duty, and is surprisingly lawful for one of his race.

Hookada, Voice of the Canopy (hadozee dr 9, rog 2)
This wizened hadozee is the most influential of his race on the High Council. The others defer to him and take their lead in voting matters from him as well. In his younger days he was a petty thief until he had a mystical experience , whose nature he does not divulge, while deep in the wilds.

Urso (Grommam Exp 6)
A comparative rarity amongst his people, Urso has no love for elves. He sees them as being responsible for the death of his son who died adventuring in Wildspace. Without their inspiration, he believes, his son would never have left the safety of Jowchit. He is quick to vocalize his views to any around him and is viewed as an unstable radical by other members of his community. Urso is also a complete pacifist and will never useviolence unless his life or the lives of hs loved ones is in danger.

Important Features in Town:
The city is arrayed in three districts- the stone and wood edifices of the Temple City on top of the cliff, the Middle City built into and around the trunks of the giant trees just off its edge and vertically along their lengths, and the agricultural Root Town around their bases. There are numerous mushroom farms and other cultivation amongst the roots.

Temple City

The temple city is a sprawling complex of wood and stone edifices (treat wood hardness as stone in all structures) painted in bright colors and festooned with flowers and feathers. The center is a massive temple to Kong Rex, the overgod of the Grommam, with smaller chapels dedicated to the demigods which rule each city arrayed in a spiral around it.

Places of Note:
Spelljammer Port- The port itself consists of a flat field at the city’s edge at the edge of the of the river. There are a few small buildings and warehouses and limited dry dock facilities. It is here that clerics of Kong perform customs inspections when deemed necessary.
Sky Street- This wide avenue runs from the Port to the central temple complex and is lined with permanent outposts from a variety of spelljamming groups. The Elven Fleet maintains offices here as do the Sindiath Line, House Seven Stars of the Rock of Bral,and the K’tel Trade Cartel.
The Way- The Way is the name for the complex of hanging bridges that joins the Temple City to the Middle City. It is composed of seven bridges, each one wide enough for ten to walk abreast.

Middle City

The Middle City can be quite unnerving to some, as it is built into the branches of several
enormous trees. The treetops are even with the top of the cliff upon which rests the Temple City (750’ up) making it an easy transition from one district to the next using The Way. The branches and trunk are replete with grommam homes and businesses. These extend to the base of the trunks where Root Town begins.

Places of note:
Nomads Quarter- The Nomads Quarter is, for the most part free of buildings for it is the area where the various packs of hadozee live and do business. (chances of meeting up with a particular group are usually 2 in 6, however there is a 4 in 6 chance of getting word on their location through one of the other packs currently in residence) Nomadic by nature the hadozee are quite comfortable with this arrangement and take pride in the fact that their “neighborhood,” is completely pristine and natural. The Nomad’s Quarter is divided into three areas:

  • Dimto Courts – Dimto is a Hadozee sport vaguely akin to a variety of soccer, but involving multilevel play in which gliding is needed to participate. These areas lie on the south side of Middle City and usually sport numerous onlookers betting on the proceedings. Occasionally an adventurous wizard will use a fly spell to join in the game.
  • Hadozee Campgrounds- Between the Market and the Dimto courts stretch the campground used by the nomadic hadozee while visiting Jowchit. The smoke of cookfires, the sound of constant animated conversation, and the sight of hundred of hadozee hammocks makes this area hard to miss.
  • Residential areas- Like any city there are a variety of neighborhoods. This particular part of the triune city is home to the vast majority of residential housing. Many of the residences seem to have been grown from the substance of the trees themselves (which they have been by Grommam druids over the centuries). They are usually decorated in bright colors and sport numerous windows where there is access to natural light. Smaller businesses that cater to the local population, including a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, are clustered onto individual branches within each of the neighborhoods. Typical neighborhood names are StrongBranch, Brightleaf, TrueBark, etc.

Root Town

Root Town is the third section of the city. It comprises the ground level at the base of the trees that support the Middle City. Here is little to no residential area here as it is primarily devoted to farming. Much of the city’s waste is brought down here where it serves as mulch for the tashrooms.

Places of Note:
The Tashroom Farms- the areas in deepest shadow at the base of each tree are where the delicacy known as the Tashroom is farmed. These 6-10’ diameter mushrooms fill the niche of steaks in more carnivorous cultures, and seem more meaty than fungus like when properly prepared.

Jowchit is the oldest Grommish city on Gaya, reputed by legend to have been founded by Kong himself over 3,000 years ago. It is a major pilgrimage destination amongst the divinely inspired amongst the Grommam as well as being the largest spelljamming port on the planet. (Due to its status and importance the Elven Navy keeps a small contingent here in the city even if their ships have been pulled from the sphere for other duties)

Local Lore:

  • For much of the history of Gaya there was discrimination against the hadozee amongst the Gromam. It was in Jowchit that this first became frowned upon. In the early years of the city, when Kong still occasionally appeared, Stonn made it known that this was frowned on by the Gods. The Edict of Brotherhood declared that while different the hadozee were equals, and thus eserving of respect. It gave them the same rights as Grommam and provided them with a voice on the High Council. Still, there are those Grommam who continue to view the hadozee as primitive and unworthy of respect. They rarely endorse these views in public for fear of censure.
  • Twenty five hundred years ago the rainforests surrounding the city became engulfed by a titanic forest fire which would have destroyed Jowchit were it not for Stonn. The God King strode out into the green and held back the flames with his divine might. For one long month he stretched his abilities to the utmost to protect his people, returning exhausted at the end to sleep for the next two
  • It is considered an evil men when a Grommam child is born with black and silver fur. It is commonly assumed that the child will grow up to be evil. One example given frequently in support of this is the legend of Ulod, a grommam necromancer who was put down by the God Kings almost fifteen hundred years ago. Ulod and his army of brachiating undead are a story often used to frighten children to this day.


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