Grommspace has been charted for at least 1500 years, the first explorers bein Elven Imperial Navy (EIN) vessels. They discovered a sphere with reasonably friendly natives and few obvious natural resources, save for a few scattered asteroids containing various ore deposits. There are in fact comparitively few asteroids in the sphere, and certainly no great belts. In many ways the sphere’s most valuable assets are its position between Ilsigspace and Bralspace on the Arcane Inner Flow and the many hadozee spacefarers who come from this place.
Piracy is not common in the sphere, but slave raids by the neogi and the Chainmen are reasonably common. The sphere itself is warm throughout, the temperature staying in the mid-eighties (F) regardless of distance from the primary. The sphere is also very moist, small clouds of water vapor float about. These clouds are very hard to see, and often cause sudden “rains” aboard spelljammers which fly through them. (Incidentally, this also refreshes the vessel’s air when it occurs.) The sphere is twenty- five (25) days out from Sawai, which is in turn twenty- five (25) days travel from the primary.

Places of note:

Size F Spherical firebody Grommspace’s primary, Ntwadulemai, is a very typical firebody, standard in all respects.

Size C Elliptical airbody This small airworld seems to be completely uninhabited. No native species have been discovered or mentioned, nor does there seem to be any earth islands as are found in some airworlds. Tornadoes and lightning storms make this world very dangerous even for brief air replenishment trips.

Size C Spherical waterbody This small waterbody is actually an earthbody covered by a shallow freshwater sea. Large lake fish of every description populate its waters. No indigenous sentient races are known. As the planet furthest from the primary, Sawai has become an important stopping port for many spelljammers. A large port of the same name as the planet has sprung up around a multitude of crashed and abandoned vessels. This floating town is pushed across the world by the gentle winds and weather of Sawai. It is ruled by a hereditary mayor who values the town’s independence and has resisted allying strongly with the various groups of the spheres. The town itself is a brawling, backstabbing, pirate-infested hellhole in quarters, but is safe enough for those who stay near the better areas. Note that only ships which can land on water can dock here.

Size F Spherical earthbody This large planet is covered with thick, lush jungles broken only by winding rivers and tall mountains. The rivers all drain into the two shallow polar seas. The climate is humid and hot throughout. The native wildlife varies wildly, nearly every creature found in jungles across the multiverse can be found somewhere on Gaya. The exception are sentient creatures. The only sentient lifeforms are the grommans and hadozee; this is their homeworld.

The grommans dwell in the foothills of the mountains, dwelling in countless small clan villages. These villages typically are united in groups called a “House” and led by a descendant of their demigod, Kong. The exact number of Houses is unknown, but their are at least thirty, and likely many more. Wars between the Houses are not unknown, but are extremely rare as the grommans believe Kong looks down on those who war against other grommans with great disfavor.Gromman society is matrilinear and polygamous. Most males have at least two wives, but the eldest wife is the head of the household and make all of the primary decisions, including which other wives her husband will be allowed to take. Males do make up the majority of the clan warbands, marauding carnivores are their primary opponents.

Gromman villages are simple but elegant affairs, houses are typically build single-story, using the trunk of one of the great trees as an integral part of the construction. Though trees are not cleared, some crops are cultivated beneath their branches. Grommans are renowned as wood carvers and carpenters. Along with rare herbs and feathers, these are their primary exports. Most gromman villages are within walking distance of a river, on which spelljammers land to pursue trade. Most spelljamming merchants always deal with the same clan, year after year. Some few grommans have taken to the stars due to their strong, racial curious streak.

The hadozee live a far simpler life among the higher branches of the great jungles. They are nomadic, gliding silently from tree to tree as they hunt across Gaya. Most own only a few tools (such as knives and scrapers), weapons, and religious talismans. They often trade hides and pelts from their prey to the grommans or spelljamming captains for steel weapons. The occasional war has broken out between the hadozee and the grommans, but for the most part the two races live together peacefully. The hadozee range further across the vast expanse of their planet, not limiting themselves to the foothills as the grommans do. Their religion is based on nature worship. Hadozee priests on Gaya are invariably druids.

The nomadic nature of the hadozee inclines them to a greater interest in spelljamming then the grommans. A great many hadozee have taken employment aboard spelljamming vessels and lifted off into the stars, establishing hadozee colonies in other spheres. In some cases, “oathpacks” of hadozee warriors form. Twenty to thirty individuals strong, they hire themselves out as mercenary crewman and warriors.


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