Followers - Taj Pach

_ Partial list, still collating_

1st Level:

  • 15 Xixchil (@1 HD) 5 Orphans from a hive destroyed by the Neogi, 10 that split off from the colony in God’s Marbles
  • 4 Drommites (no class levels)
  • Elan Wizard (apprentice Cerebremancer)
  • 2 Human Wizards
  • 1 Human Psion

2nd Level:

  • 3 Thri Kreen (no class levels) Bralian natives

3rd Level:

  • Kovash (xixchil Cleric of Celestian)

4th Level:

  • Do Ta’Nyet’s level up for the 4th level follower slot

Followers - Taj Pach

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