Drake's Early Paintings

The various artworks are listed by type and or time period. The number in parentheses following the title is the craft: paint roll made for each.


Rock of Bral from Wildspace(20)
The Morray above an asteroid (14)
Ozzy, Falkirk, Tavist, Kaolin, Rand, Drake on The Morray (8)
Sapphire Mage’s Astral Keep (10)
Bral Dry Dock (19)
Ozzy (8)
Areana of Frun (Bral) (20)
Illithid Embassy (9)
RockRat Interior (1)

RoB Lamp Street (8)
RoB Street (14)
RoB Great Market (15)
RoB Great Market (10)
RoB Dry Dock (10)
The Morray (11)
The Rock from Orbit (15)
Prince Andru Portrait (7) Given to the Prince
Ozzy Battle Scene (12) Given to Corwin Cozar (Andru’s Cousin)
Done While Travelling with Thought Taker

Entering Phlogiston/ Firefly Stars (oil 20)
Kaolin Portrait (oil 10)
The Door (Interior) Bridge (drawing 10)
The Door (Interior) Sterncastle (drawing 18)
The Door (Interior) Hallway (drawing 10)
Tavist Portrait (oil 4)
Elven Man O War (oil 14)

Drake's Early Paintings

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