Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 3 Part 5: A Week In The Free City

Realizing that resources were needed, Kaolin sold her Starwheel Rifle to an armory in midtown. Using the funds from it’s sale they rented Warehouse 23 on the docks to set up base in. After checking the registries they found that the Free Traders had a ‘jammer arriving soon. The next day or so was spent in scoping out the University District, the Docks, The Grand Library and The Temple of Celestian. Kaolin goes to the University and offers to lecture on their exploits, Drake dives into arcane research at the library, and Ozzy gets sick on Kaa-Habbage. Rand continues his efforts to develop group tactics that will be useful and effective.The next night, Ozzy and Kaolin join a halfling dice game and get mugged. The Watch arrives just in time to save them. Rand confers w/ the watch and tries to get a message to his childhood benefactor.

Chapter 3 Part 4: A Dwarf Whupped My Ass In Sigil…

After misadventures while seeking a guide, they met Lita (A Tiefling that Kaolin took an immediate disliking to) who offered to find them the info on how to get home to the Rock, for a price. While she was earning her garnish, the Heroes were getting in over their heads.

Tavist, already loudly drunk, began telling jokes. When his usual “How do you keep a dwarf from drowning?” was met by the usual bored chorus of “Take your foot off his head,” form the rest of the party the fun began. Three dwarves took offense; a Sorceror, and pair of warriors, one male and one female. Upon sight of the female Tavist shouts “Hey, you shaved her!” and the fun began.

Ozzy attempted to lean over and pick up the female by her tunic, and was met with a mighty Warhammer blow to the snout that flipped him over backwards and left him bloody and unconscious. As Kaolin dove under the table and Rand backed up, the sorcerer let fly some sort of focused variant of Exploding Runes and hammered everyone.

The male fighter then walked around commenting about manners and their lack as he gave each supine form a stout kick.

After that they stayed in their rented rooms until the scheduled meet with Lita. When she arrived it was with choices. No, they were no known portals to Bral (something about a density of mass required for standard portals to work), but she could either get them to Ironpiece (the system’s gnomish colony), or Spiral. At her comment that the next closest portal would be the City of Greyhawk the Oeridians in the party jumped at it.

After divesting them of all their liquid assets, Lita walked them through a portal that released them just inside the gates of The City of Greyhawk itself…..

Chapter 3 Part 3: Welcome To Ysgard, DUCK!

The next several subjective months are spent trudging across the hills and dales of the Outlands until they reached a mountain pass that allowed them through to the edge of the Eternal Battlefield of Ysgard. After watching the constant fighting by day and reveling at night, Kaolin and Drake carried everyone across using alternated fly spells with rope tricks in between to stay off the battlefield.

Right before using the rope tricks they had been resting on feasthall roofs. This came to an end after the sleeping Drake rolled off of one into the fray below.

Many injuries came of that little altercation…….

Upon reaching the edge of the battlefield they were stunned by the vision of Arvandor, Asgard, Muspellheim, and Nidavellir floating around them larger than any Crystal Sphere.

While camping out near the edge trying to concoct a plan, they met a human by the name of Fergus MacFergus who claimed to weekend here for the fights. After camping with him for an evening and telling him a bit of their story he offered to help them. This help consisted of keeping them there until a portal was opened by Snail Outfitters of Sigil. The gnome operator responded to Ozzy’s attempts to intimidate him with a Hold Monster spell, and then negotiated passage with Drake.

Upon stepping through the gate (after paying) they found themselves in Sigil, the City of Doors

Chapter 3 Part 2: Sum of All

Notes missing….

Chapter 3 Part 1: The Navimas of Cahm’ Fel

Investigation of the Temple showed the main space to be cluttered with the esoterica of either an advanced Arcane spellcaster or a total madman. All this amid walls and columns which constantly shifted hue and composition… It was here that they met Cahm’ Fel, the High Priest. While discussing the Iron Shadow and possible remedies he brought them into the Inner Sanctum of the Temple, a room that exists in a constant state of flux. A single altar that was now on a mountaintop, now in a flaming sea, now floating in star filled space. Three members of the party were foolish enough to touch it, and three were changed. Tavist had his hair turned blue, Drake’s skin was tinted chartreuse green, and Kaolin was transformed into a tall, purple skinned humanoid with an hourglass figure. She did however, retain her striking green eyes.

Cahm’ Fel agreed to give them Navimas, a distillation of pure chaos that he has created, but only in return for The Dream Diver . He then instructed them to feed three drops to a creature of “Purest Chaos,” in order to stop the paralyzing Shadow. Seeking out Torpellin once they returned to the Spawning Stone, they relayed these instructions to her. They were brought to the secret Nursery of the True Slaadi, where Ozzy restrained one of it’s inmates while it was telekinetically fed the Navimas. The results were explosive.

While the True Slaad screamed and dissolved in a foaming cloud of blood and less identifiable substances, the other Slaadi began to wake from their lethargy. Not caring to view the savagery closely, our heroes beat a hasty retreat. After much work they arrived at the disintegrating shack they all (except Drake) had arrived from the Stair in. It was all but gone, and the Portal was no longer active; however by following the rubble they were able to cross into the two remaining square blocks of the city of Xaos.

Chapter 2 Part 5: Torpor In Limbo

Their arrival at the Spawning Stone was mostly unnoticed, as the prevailing atmosphere was unfocused and lackluster. Meeting a githzerai who evidently lived there (and who wore a Slaad Symbol on her head) they were able to not only find out that this could be another incarnation of the Iron Shadow, but also that the “temple with only one priest, ” referred to in the prophecy might well be the Temple of Change on this plane. Setting out with directions from Torpellin (the githzerai) they made best possible speed there.

The temple was a doorless iron structure set on an asteroid that was constantly changing from molten lava to cold stone seemingly at Random. They eventually found a way in an entered a vast entry hall with columns that changed color and material constantly and a huge intricately patterned rug. Their first step onto the rug transported them into a pocket dimensional maze.

Meanwhile in Bleurophil, Drake was delirious. Being a painter, he suffered the ill effects of the Iron Shadow’s malaise more seriously and immediately than his comrades. In the fever of his delirium he saw his rug assume the depth of planes, and ghostly footprints appeared and led him across a psychedelic landscape he assumed to be hallucination. This perception was dispelled when he came out of the fever on the deteriorating edge of the bordertown Xaos which was depopulated and dissolving into Limbo. While wandering the ghost town he encountered a bariaur who was cursed to remain as long as the town did. After establishing that the Bariaur (who would not give his name) wanted solitude, Drake accepted an offer to travel into Limbo with a teleported delivery of a beverage called Saki. He arrived in the Temple of Change and also fell afoul of the rug.

His compatriots, having been subject to numerous magical attacks, search warily for a means of exit. Attempting to retrace their steps they all met up in a corridor. Using Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments Drake painted an exit and they all materialized at the opposite end of the entrance hall safely past the trapped rug.

Chapter 2 Part 4: Psycho Limbo Fugue- The Fall of Falkirk

Shortly after leaving Sorrow’s Roost, they were approached by Ert, a peryton indentured to Vassilon, who sent them to the scene of the latest Strangler murder while in progress. Chasing the blue haired mage from the scene of the crime they then cornered him in his home. After a nasty battle in his study (in which the party almost got crisped by a Hellball) they captured Myess Breezewing and rescued Deidarth. Turing the killer over to the City Guard they received a hero’s welcome at their inn. Vassilon dispelled the stasis field around Kaolin who explained that she had figured it out. By researching the victims she had determined that the kills were being done according to alignment and in the order of the alignments of the Outer Planes. As she was preparing to go find the rest of the crew Myess broke in and enspelled her, whispering “wait until it’s YOUR turn…” as she faded from consciousness.

As a show of thanks for his rescue, Deidarth acted as Oracle and told them of “..a city on the greatest mountain in whose library the book you seek resides….” , “…..a temple with one priest where resides the cure…” , and “…a ruler, no ruler, who seeks to spread the malaise…” They were then whisked away to a public ceremony where they were all given medals and proclaimed “Defenders of Blurophil.” Determining that Limbo was the location of the Temple, as well as the easiest to reach the party set out for the stair again. Unfortunately Drake had subcome further to the effects of the Iron Shadow and could not travel. He was left in the care of the Celestian Hospice on Blurophil to recover. Despite feeling poorly himself, Ozzy would not be left behind.

After another journey up the noneuclidean pathways of the Infinite Stair they came to a deteriorating landing with the portal to Limbo on it. After a series of misadventures (The Capt being thrown by Ozzy and Catfalling to the other side, Ozzy’s great bungee escapade, Kaolin’s glide and roll, etc) they passed through into a somewhat stabilized cabin. Drawing upon Tavist’s familiarity with the Plane (PW 1°) they each tried mentally manipulating the immediate area to create a safe zone. Kaolin and Rand each had spectacular success and were able to stabilize a 50′ radius to resemble a patch of Gromm. Kaolin then ritually attuned the party to the plane using a new spell granted by Celestian. She then linked them to the portal and they took off on their chunk of Gromm. Journeying beyond the reach of the portal link, they nearly got lost returning. Just as they were prepping to leave again they were attacked by Rav, a dao slaver hunting Slaad in his craft The Dream Diver.

A furious battle ensued, rolling through the shifting substance of chaos as 14 shads (EPoEarth, dao slave race) tried, and failed, to net the PCs. Just as the tide had turned Falkirk heard one shout a warning just as he blasted it with an arcane bolt. Rav, invisible, was stalking them. A brief intense battle between the dao and Ozzy, made shorter by both Ozzy’s great strength and the dao’s wounds from capturing the Slaad. After knocking him unconscious the party absconded with his ship, the grey Slaad chained in it, and Mulk- the shad slave who warned Falkirk.

Attempts at questioning the Slaad in Draconic, the only language they had in common, resulted only in requests for release or transport back to “The Spawning Stone…” This jogged Kaolin’s memory of an augury she had recently done that referred to “The Source.” Setting course under the Slaad’s directions they set out for the Slaadi Spawning Stone.

It was as they sped through the roiling torrents of Limbo that they suffered a great loss. The hull of the Dream Diver rang like a bell as it was struck from outside. A tentacle pierced the side of the ship and began questing about for prey. In the ensuing melee the hull was breached in three places.

Disaster wrapped itself around Falkirk’s leg in the form of a tentacle. The bizarre beast then flung him through the Limbostuff so far and hard that even after several days of looking they were forced to concede him “Missing In Action.”

Chapter 2 Part 3: The Infinite Staircase

While trying to find a way to Sorrow’s Roost, the earth body upon which Vassilon made his home, they discovered that on the Elemental Plane of Air “down,” is subjective. They they proceeded to fall to the small rock while it orbited the city. Upon meeting them Vassilon showed immediate interest, as well as finally clearing up the mystery of their employers. The Bloodstones were not actually bloodstones, but gems mined from the slopes of Mount Celestia in the heart of the Outlands. The Rilmani, who have always seen themselves as the guardians of balance, were in fact the ultimate forces behind the party’s various contacts.

Chapter 2 Part 2: The Plane of Air

Departing through a Portal in the Sculpture Garden of the Celestian Temple they set forth once more upon the Infinite Stair, led by Kierin- a Celestian Planewalker. Taking leave of their guide at the landing of the Planewalker’s Guild they reprovisioned, did some trading and got directions to the Blurophil Portal. Upon arriving there they encountered an elven woman coming through who told them with disgust, “There’s no party there, cutter.” (Blurophil was supposed to be experiencing its Festival of Lights, much like Mardi Gras but very arts oriented). They entered and booked lodging immediately. While getting their bearings (yes, that means drinking…) they heard rumors of the “Gasping Strangler.” Kaolin meantime was up in her room having one of her Pacing Prayer Fits™. The city seemed depressed, and not at all like a party.

Splitting up to track down Ghuntomas, the party members heard more wild rumors of the strangler, as well as comment about a local Oracle (“Why didn’t he SEE this!”). Finding the Oracle’s home empty they searched the place and found not only a list of people, including Ghuntomas, with most of the names scratched out; but also the specter of Evonnia- the True Oracle and sister of Deidarth Third Eye, the man who claims the title. After scaring the daylights out of Tavist (who Ozzy had to pin down to keep from running off screaming), she begged Rand to find her brother. Meanwhile, Kaolin was being set upon and magically imprisoned by the Strangler.

After securing their comrade, who was now encased in an air magic based stasis field, the remaining members follow Evonia’s suggestion and seek out Guder Fruend, a Tiefling Battle Master who was the last one she heard her brother speak of. Gaining an audience, they discovered him disdainful of mages and unwilling to even speak to someone who had not met him in battle. Taking the challenge, Ozzy met him in single combat. While fighting he learned that Deidarth was last seen in the company of an arrogant genasai named Myes Breezewing, notable for his usual distaste for all not born of the Plane of Air. When pressed he suggested Vassilon the Rilmani as someone who could provide Breezewing’s whereabouts. At this point Drake began to suffer the malaise (the Iron Shadow) and discovered that he could not paint anymore, his inspiration gone.

Chapter 2 Part 1: Truths

Ship cleanup commenced along with loading up the library. They then charted a course for Spiral Space and Bral. Two weeks out in the Flow they ran across a seemingly adrift Dragonfly and boarded it. Populated by a faerie dragon, a cowardly golem, and Terigammar the Lich. So absorbed in his studies of the nature of the Flow that he had forgotten to die, the Lich frightened them at first and then began trading for spell component’s and alchemical ingredients. Unnerved by their experience they took their leave, charting the Dragonly’s exact position for future reference.

Over the weeks of their return trip Rand met with the party one or two at a time and came clean about his past and his Tiefling bloodines. Deciding that it was time to “get serious,” about being honest with each other and about setting goals as a group he took the first steps. He was rapidly followed by Tavist who revealed his new found magical abilities (He had just taken his first Sorcerer Level) The majority of the trip was taken up with learning more about each other’s capabilities and planning tactics for future engagements.

The return to Bral was marked by yet another heroic party at the Rockrat Bar. Once hangovers were finished they attempted to get an audience with Shandra only to be told by a nervous looking Gerald that he was gravely ill and seeing no one but his personal chirurgeon. Repeated attempts to contact Shandra were deflected. While the books sat under guard in the ship, Rand and Kaolin located the tome they needed to locate Ghuntomas of Thorn, author of Everchanging Order. He had left Sigil to take up residence in the city of Blurophil on the Elemental Plane of Air.

Finally, after three weeks, they were summoned to the Head Librarian’s Office. Upon entering they were met by the new Head Librarian, Sir Kyle. It seems that Shandra had been responsible for the cover up of the missing shipment and was being replaced. He thanked them for their efforts and assured them that rewards for their efforts would be delivered soon. Three days later a group of Seekers and guards delivered a box of magical items, each decorated in the color of the recipient’s chosen stone. The Capt received a flaming horseman’s mace, Ozzy a Brilliant Energy Warhammer, Kaolin got candles of invocation, Tavist a vest of escape, Falkirk got a pair of Ring Gates, and Drake a set of Nolzur’s Pigments.


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