Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 6 Part 1: Blast Radius

Back in Shou Town in the low city of Bral, the recently arrived team of Theridon and Tavist venture into the low city. Theridon wants to make contact with the underworld elements of Shou Town, despite Tavist’s warnings. Taking the jade dragon recovered from the Samurai Duel in the Rockrat months before, Theridon uses one of the change self rings Dugan made to adopt a disguise. With Tavist trailing him he takes it to pawn shops in the Shou Quarter, after the second one he is approached by an older Shou male. “I represent someone who is interested in viewing your wares,” he says and leads the two deeper into Shou Town. Entering a noodle shop they make their way to a hidden back room where he is met by a portly Shou with long moustacios and a thin beard.

When he sticks to his story of ignorance about it’s origins, the Shou charms him and presses for more info. Meanwhile Tavist is screaming at him through the mindlink, “Don’t do it!!” Managing to shake the charm, Theridon freaks and fires his mindblast as the Shou disappears before his eyes. The blast knocks out people as far as the street outside, including Tavist who was trying to be inconspicuous eating noodles in the dining room. Shaking Tavist awake as the customers slowly regain consciousness around them, Theridon carries him from the shop into a crowd of downed people and avid onlookers.

As they head towards Dock Street they are accosted by three figures with dragon tattoos wearing simple robes. An amazing display of weaponless combat ensues as the three monks give the boys a pasting. In mid combat three figures fly down to street level in chains and address the attackers in Shou. After the exchange of a few sentences in this language one of the newcomers blasts one of the attackers with a bolt of eldritch lightning and then chases the others off. When Theridon speaks to one of their benefactors to offer thanks he finds himself suddenly struck in the face hard enough to almost make him black out. “It is for his sake, not yours that we intervened,” says the figure pointing at Tavist. The three Shou then rise into the air and disappear. Needless to say, the boys return to the uptown place to nurse their wounds.

The bad news begins to arrive shortly thereafter………

Finding a dagger stuck into the door of the midtown apartment with a scroll wraped around it, they discover a message in Shou pictograms (which neither one can read). Heading to the LoS, they attempt to find a translator. On the third level Theridon runs into Fong Lu, one of the Seekers Quorum. Respectfully approaching the eccentric Shou, he asks for assistance. Quirking an eybrow Fong Lu holds out his hand for the scroll. As he reads he seems amused. “It seems that you owe a debt of thanks to the Lady Kurishi Otobe. It also says that you need to work on your manners.” The Capt thanks him and promises to keep him appraised of further developments (“For my own amusement,” says Fong Lu). They head to The Laughing Beholder and get Luigi to set them up with a very rare bottle which they deliver to Otobe’s home and leave with a servant and a message of thanks.

Returning to the midtown apartment they find an official looking scroll addressed to Theridon and bearing the seal of Prince Durand. The message informs them of a 40,000 gp fine levied against them for “disturbing the peace during wartime.” Arriving at the Warehouse Offices they discover K’Tel in a fury about the fines. Leaving him an arcane trade bar and Theridon’s magical flute to defray the balance, they get Killroy’s Folly ready to ship out. Theridon takes some time in the Library and digs up info on Armistace. It’s a high grav world with a barren, tundra like environment that is cut off from spelljamming traffic. Evidently during the last Unhuman Wars a treaty was made between Adm. Leafbower of the EIN and an exceptionally talented half orc Fleet Captain. In return for ceasation of hostilities and giving up all their helms the orcs were to be given a planet of their own and left in peace. The Admiralty of the EIN stuck to the letter of the bargain, but put them on the least hospitable planet they could find. Leafbower resigned in a rage after that…

Using a message spell they contact Kaolin and after filling each other in they tell her to wait in GreatSpace while they fly in with reinforcements.As they are waiting to ship out another one arrives bearing the seal of the Exchequer of the court informing them that they are being audited by the Crown, One of the signatures on the document was Ozomata Ku Muwara from the Council of Captains, a leading figure in Shou Town.

Chapter 5 Part 4: Return To The Rock

Upon their return our heroes discover the immediate WildSpace around the Rock to be filled with ships. The Bralian Navy and allied forces patrol the area, while numerous traders, freebooters, and others wait for docking space. Theridon is greeted by an escort from House Seven Stars who whisk him away to a meeting of the Council of Captains (Renting property on the Rock and having five ships makes him a member now).

Drake sets about researching the status of their holdings and touring the facilities of House Seven Stars. He finds that Deldrick K’Tel (the gnome who bought in during their absence) has left for Ironpiece on family business. He also begins reinsinuating himself into the upper crust party scene and greasing palms in the Land Bureau in an attempt to rent space for a high end art gallery.

Ozzy heads for the pits near the docks and starts getting back into the swing of things with the fights, Tavist (of course) is taking bets. Kaolin meanwhile is summoned to the Temple of Celestian where she is appraised of the fact that she must now take on a novice priest as a student. After surveying her choices she picks Cyril Cartan, a son of Diadan Cartan (adviser to Prince Durand). Drake is thrilled at the idea of having a “servant.”….

Dugan negotiates with Balic’s Blades and arranges a trade off- while on the Rock he will work for them producing weapons of quality in return for use of their forge and facilities during the off hours for his own projects (i.e. magic items).

Meanwhile all of them are keeping their ears peeled for news of the current state of alert. The Fireball Alliance is mobilized and their Mages are visible on all the Ballista Towers in the city. City Guard are seen in increased numbers, including patrols in LowTown (where they are usually never seen). It seems that it has recently come to light that the scro haven taken Spiral and have maintained the secret until a few weeks ago. A scro squad also broke the peace of Bral and pursued a fugitive through the streets, chased him off Rock, and pursued him with a fleet to Ironpiece where they battled the Gnomish Navy.

Drake discovers that one of the House ships, a Dragonfly class ship called Random Access, disappeared recently. It was last heard from in Redeyes, where it reported the sighting of a black and violet Elven Man O War. The Random Access was captained by Hoopaka the Hadozee (the rest of Clan Zarcrat was also on board). With Drake’s help Kaolin attempts a scrying to find them. Using the holy water font in the Temple of Celestian they are able to summon an image of Galas, the grommam, and communicate with him via a message spell.

The crew of the Random Access are marooned on a planet called Armistace. They are battling not only the tempestuous environment and it’s local humanoids, but also gravity triple the norm. It is decided that Tavist and the Capt. will go to Ironpiece in the Turtleship to find out more about the mystery man the scro were chasing (and rescue K’Tel, whose SideWheeler has broken down en route) while everyone else takes the Door To Excess to Armistace to stage a rescue. With help from Elmandar’s Starcharts Kaolin plots a course to Armistace (SpiralSpace to GreatSpace to GrommSpace to WinterSpace) Preparations begin for departure.

Chapter 5 Part 3: Enter The Rev

Staying on their best behavior, the party enters the city Delon Estin-Oti. They secure lodgings and begin making arrangements to rent use of a smithy so Dugan can forge tuning forks for Kaolin to use to get them home. Finding an agreeable smith, he and Theridon rent the facilities and begin working on that and on a Ring of Change Self. Ozzy, meanwhile starts showing signs of being (gasp!) disciplined and obsessed with orders and procedure.

With The Capt. occupied assisting Dugan, everyone else decided it was time for some R&R. While Tavist and Kaolin went wine shopping, Ozzy accompanied Drake outside the city walls.

Drake set up his easel while the Giff began a rigorous regime of calisthenics. Suddenly there appeared a pinpoint of actinic blue light, rapidly expanding and making a warbling distorted wailing noise. As the boys watched it blossomed into a full fledged portal, dumping a rumpled and slightly singed wizardly looking fellow at their feet.

Introducing himself as The Rev, the figure began questioning them as to what Plane of Existence they were on. He seemed visibly dismayed to find himself on Mechanus. “Bet the parties here are terrific,” he quipped sarcastically.

The Rev goes on into a series of fractured commentary, the gist of which reveals him to be a wizard and a recently ordained priest of Celestian. At one point he casts a Read Thoughts spell on Ozzy, which Drake recognizes instantly. “Think about puppies!” He yells, distracting the Giff. The Rev immediately apologizes and assures them he comes in friendship. Suggesting luncheon he asks them to show him a little of the city.

The Capt and Drake, having tired of gryph’s general prescience, trap him in the Iron Jug to be rid of him for awhile.

The Rev is greeted with amusement by the crew, his priestly credentials and chaotically amusing nature serving him well with Kaolin in particular. The next morning they Plane Shift to the Helm Room of the Octopus (still in orbit with the EIN Armada Constellation and the Greyspace fleet.)

Drake uses magic to create two backup duplicates of each piece of Scro reconnaissance while Kaolin sends a message to Admiral Thorn in Tavist’s name letting him know they have proof of traitors within the EIN.

An Elven flitter arrives hours later bearing Admiral Thorn and an escort of Bladesingers who fly across using gadabouts. After adjourning to the meeting room our heroes fill him in (to his increasing discomfiture). Once the tale is told, he instructs them to stay on the Octopus and await reinforcements. The admiral’s party leaves in a state of extreme agitation.

Two hours later a pair of Emerald Class Warbirds, The Free Wind’s Fury and the I, arrive and take up positions to port and starbord of the Octopus. Supplies and wines are shipped over.

Four days later the party members are summoned to testify at an EIN military tribunal. Their evidence helps convict the traitors (who are disowned by their race, along with their families, and put to slow death.) During the process they discover that the insect creature on Gammaro Base was a bionoid. Bionoids were developed as biological weapons during the last Unhuman War. The elves know the whereabouts of all the bionoid clans except for one, the Blue Cottage Clan. It is suspected that they have turned against their creators, the elves, for reasons unknown.

After the tribunal the party are given instructions to keep this information to themselves. They are assured a reward is forthcoming and sent back to Bral under escort. During the return trip the Rev is lost in a space surfing accident in Spiral Space.

Chapter 5 Part 2: Prayers Answered

A quick assessment tells our heroes that they are just about out of spells and options. Deciding that temporary refuge is the best option Gryph pulls out his Daern’s Instant Fortress and activates it. Once the adamantine tower has manifested they enter and batten down the hatches. Dugan, Drake and Kaolin immediately start studying and praying while the rest dig in for a siege.

The Black Man O War hangs in the sky above them while a troop of Ogres, Hobgoblins and Scro approach from the vicinity of one of the external weapons emplacements. Suddenly a guttural chanting is heard from outside, circling round their redoubt. After five or six seconds of this a wave of chilling violet energy slams through the tower, injuring almost everyone. Dugan and Drake maintain their concentration, but Kaolin does not. She has, however, become inspired by Celestian.She realizes that she now has access to even greater magics, as the secretes of certain prayers seem to be revealing themselves to her.

As Kaolin resumes prayer, an arcane fireball strikes the side of the building. No one sustains great injury, and the spellcasters do not lose their focus. Meanwhile, Ozzy has noticed figures dropping slowly to the surface from the Man O War, two light skinned man sized figures. Ozzy begins laying down alchemists fire in a ring around the tower in an effort to stop the War Priest outside while Dugan throws a fireball at the approaching figures. Just as the figures are closing in one one side, with the ogres and scro on the other Kaolin snaps out of her prayers, screeching joyously.

She stops, scratches her head for a moment and then breaks out in an unnerving hadozee grin. “I’ve got it! Celestian has inspired me with a prayer to transport us across planes. To perform the rite I need a tuning fork of a certain metal and pitch for the plane I want to take us to.” She grins even larger. “I just so happen to have a tuning fork of silver tuned to A sharp which I use for my Music of the Spheres rite. An A sharp, silver tuning fork will take us too…..”She scratches her head again, “Mechanus.” The Capt looks up with a gleam in his eye and says “Do it”

Kaolin begins the ritual and, with the sound of troops battering the walls, shifts them across the planes to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus (The Plane of Purest Law). They materialize on the outer edge of a huge gear, the sky around them filled with more of the same. The gears surface is covered with geometrically laid out fields, with a city at the hub.

Chapter 5 Part 1: Forward To The Rear!!

Dropping to ten feet below the level of the docks, our heroes fly towards the mouth of the gammaroid- straight towards two approaching Mantis ships! Drake creates a magical miasma of poison gases on the dock behind them in the midst of the amassing troops. The scro sharpshooter from the battle in the strategy room arrives and scores hits on both Drake and Kaolin. Kaolin manages to remain aloft, but Gryph loses his grip on her and plummets towards the floor. While the others keep going, Kaolin swings around at top speed and tries to catch him. Her attempt fails. She tries again and misses once more. Pulling a potion of flying out of her belt she throws it down to him and he quaffs it. The potion takes effect and he stops five feet from the floor. Just as he halts there is an explosion behind him, outlining him in bright lights and flames. Needless to say, the kobold work crews flee in terror.

Meanwhile Ozzy and the rest had engaged the incoming ships. With Tavist hanging onto his leg, Drake on his shoulders and Dugan and the Capt being carried by spidersilk ropes; Ozzy draws his flame pistol. Attempting to rearrange the way he is carrying them, Ozzy almost loses his grip on Dugan and the Captain.

Using his flame gun, Ozzy hits the leftmost ship on both the top and bottom decks, setting it alight. Getting Drake to pass him a cartridge, he reloads. The gun jams! Ozzy yanks the cartridge out and slams it towards the floor of the docking bay with all his considerable strength where it explodes (thus backlighting Gryph as his fall is arrested). The Capt. mindblasts the ship on the right effectively clearing it’s decks-except for a lone figure. Morkitar, the scro High War Priest. “Get him!” reverberates throughout everyone’s brains through the mindlink.

Morkitar hits Ozzy with a bolt of violet lightning, but the giff’s innate resistance to magic shields him from most of the effect. He returns fire with his flame gun severely burning the scro, and disrupting his next spell. While trying to put out his flaming robes, Morkitar is hit by a starwheel shot from Tavist. Flying at top speed Ozzy headbutts Morkitar, knocking him cold. Tavist prepares to put the War Priest to the sword, but the body shimmers and disappears from view.

Suddenly there is a whooshing sound as something amorphous rips through the dock and enters the side of the Mantis beneath them. Tlaach’na the tanarr’ri has returned. Dugan hurls a fireball back towards the docks, intent on taking out the sharpshooter. He kills and wounds many, but the sharpshooter survives. The Mantis begins to lurch and sink beneath them.

Taking to the air again while their magic is still in effect, the party fly out of the gammaroid’s mouth and proceed to duck beneath it’s gravity plane flying along the undebelly. The area is rocky looking and ragged. It is covered with undergrowth and brush which must help keep the air envelope fresh. They hunker down about five hundred feet from the mouth and try to hide. Just as Tavist finishes disguising Ozzy as a boulder he looks up to see a black colored elven Man O War exiting the other end of the gammaroid (3,000 feet away). It turns towards them and begins flying directly towards the exhausted group….

Chapter 4 Part 5: Mayhem Ensues

The room is filled with maps and models of various Spheres, as well as model ships of various sorts which seem to denote EIN and Scro fleets. Rapidly dispatching the bugbear guards, they begin to search the place but are disturbed by four scro captains that arrive moments later.

Drake takes two starwheel bullets in the shoulder, while Gryph engages the scro (and learns a lesson about full plate and momentum). Kaolin tries to dimension door them away, but her spell is disrupted by another scro bullet.

Meanwhile, back in the barracks, the Capt. and rest of the crew monitor through a mindlink. Right as Kaolin’s spell is disrupted there is a loud beating on the door. It’s a drunken Potulus, carrying a keg of ale and two magnums of scro sacramental grog he “liberated.” Ozzy distracts him with drunken feastapault games.

An alarm sounds, and scro reinforcements pour into the Grand Strategy Room. Drake sends back on the mindlink, “I’m opening the Iron Jug!” Coordinating with Kaolin he opens the jug, releasing the Tanar’ri who had possessed Tavist in the Pladic library. They watch it roar forth and merge with the floor of the room just as they fade out.

Bare moments after their return a scro and hobgoblin detail arrives to arrest them. They barricade the door and hide in a rope trick (except Drake who uses magic to meld with the stone wall of the room). Kaolin leaves the space drake skeleton from her bag of holding in the room in their place. After a search of the room the scro depart, leaving a pair of ogre guards in the room. Drake steps out of the wall and immobilizes them with a hypnotic pattern and the party make good their escape

Descending the stairs of the Merc’s Compound they encounter a guard detail with Hobgoblin troops and a War Priest. Drake drops most of them with a well placed color spray while Ozzy drops the War Priest with two well aimed starwheel shots and then they bolt. Once in the main compound they hide behind the waste dump (primarily corpses form shipboard fights). Using the Iron Jug to transport the Captain and Gryph they dimension door to the dragonfly ship.

While checking the ship for guards the Captain sets off a magical alarm in the helm room which goes on for several seconds before Kaolin dispels it. Just as the sound of troops arriving on deck is heard they discover that the helm is dead. Realizing discretion is the better part of valor the priests cast fly spells on Ozzy and Kaolin. Ozzy kicks out one of the “eye,” ports of the dragonfly and they fly out amidst a hail of bullets and crossbow bolts….

Chapter 4 Part 4: Twelve Scrolls

Just as the away team is appearing, a very irate seeming Gryph suddenly appears in the Barracks, wearing a frilly apron and holding a feather duster. Evidently he was summoned by a high level mage whose hobby is tormenting paladins. Tavist is hugely amused! Once the entire party is reunited a heated debate about rescuing the EIN officer ensues. A recon/rescue attempt is decided upon.

Noticing the marks are written in high elvish, Drake decides to use magic to disguise himself as a Drow. He uses a fly spell to float just above the floor and appearance altering magic to change his looks. Kaolin messes up her fur and tries to look bestial, and the paladin is put on a leash of braided hair that she holds. The God Squad then dimension door to the dragonfly and try to sneak out and make it appear they have just debarked from the Mantis next to it.

There is one dicey moment when they face down Yikart. He pulls a starwheel on them and demands to know where they came from. Drake keeps his cool and manages to bluff him. “I suppose you’ll need to see Altark then?” he says and fills them out a mark allowing them into the scro compound. Narrowly avoiding a War Priest and entourage, they find Altark’s office. Putting on his best evil elf act Drake manages to talk the guards into allowing them to wait in the office while they fetch Altark.

Once left in the office, with two bugbear guards, they cast silence magic and use the ring gate to pass Gryph his sword. The paladin’s great cleave takes them both out and the search begins.

The room is heavily trapped with magic and devices. Kaolin and Drake each get injured several times, but Kaolin neutralized the poisons and Gryph uses his lay on hands ability to heal the damage. After and extensive scan of the room they do manage to find a secret alcove that has twelve scrolls detailing traitors in the EIN. They toss the bugbear bodies down a pit trap they avoided.

Finding another secret door they discover a long narrow passage that lets out in what would seem to be the command center of the base

Chapter 4 Part 3: Gammaro Base

Upon entering the sphere several things become obvious immediately. The primary is on the outermost orbital track and is flat, light emanating from the inner surface only. The other tracks are filled with asteroid belts, there are no earth bodies larger than Type B. You could easily conceal several fleets in here…

On day two the Scro Mantis Elven Blood approaches from behind a nearby asteroid. Once the boarding party assured themselves of the charter’s authenticity they escort the Long Arrow to Gammaro Base.

The base itself is massive, built in the corpse of a dead Gammaroid. The dock inside of it’s mouth, next to two other ships, and report to a corpulent Scro named Ykart. He informs them of the rules, their billeting in the Merc’s compound,and assigns them a mark of passage to traverse the base to their quarters. Their appointment with the Chamberlin, when they will be offered their contract, is set for four days hence.


Obey the orders of all Scro
Bow to a War Priest before speaking
Don’t enter areas marked with a Black Fist or a Red Skull
Don’t make maps or records of anything without express permission by a Scro
Weapon’s are allowed, fighting is not.
No spellcasting or use of magical items
Third offense usually merits death or prolonged imprisonment

The Merc’s compound is composed of 8 floors and currently is host to a motley assortment of pirates and rogues of all races. Our heroes find a space on the least occupied of the human dominated floors.

Shortly after getting settled, a giff comes running down the corridor and says, “five gold each if you’ll hide me!!” Being both greedy and curious, they throw him into the room. Ozzy then sets off down the corridor to create a diversion. Moments later they meet the Chief War Priest, Morkitar, who arrives with troops and covered in food. He takes an instant dislike to our heroes and lets them know it.

Once questioned, the giff turns out to be atypical in outlook as well as a bit of a prankster. He had been trying out his new “feastapault,” (a model siege engine that can hurl fruits and rolls about 30′ across a banquet room) and got carried away. Needless to say, he and Ozzy hit it off very well. He tells them that there are about 10,000 mercenaries currently billetted here, a floor full of giff, a floor full of scalykind, two more floors of humans and demihumans (mostly pirate crews) and the first floor, in which something deadly lurks…

The next day they awake to find Gryph gone and Drake has appeared in the room. After much surprise they begin to recon the area. Ozzy and the crew go up to the Giff floor of the barracks for breakfast, but Between Ozzy’s flamboyance and having Potulus with them their reception is cool at best. Rand, Tavist and Kaolin see a humanlike figure suddenly change into a large insectile killing machine that takes out six ogres in the span of about 18 seconds. It then transforms back into human form and departs down the corridors of the first floor.

Rand forges a sight link with a scro War Priest he sees heading through the compound and deeper into the base. He sees numerous tunnels and a compound the size of the Merc’s Compound, but it is lined with caves and populated with ogres. Hundreds of them at the very least!

A raid on the harbormaster’s office is made late that night. Rand, Tavist and Kaolin dimension door to the Dragonfly (from just inside the main mess hall they are just in range). Kaolin stays on the ship, while the boys, invisible, make a run for the office. They manage to steal a number of the Marks used for passage within the base, some filled out and some blank ones. Just as they are preparing to leave they hear commotion at the dock. A scro Captain is lowering the a severely beaten Elven commander over the side of his Mantis to a waiting group of guards. They carry him away into the scro compound as the boys return to the ship and dimension door back to the compound.

Chapter 4 Part 2: The Grand Admiral Speaks

Upon arriving in orbit around Edill, our heroes are met by an EIN Warbird and escorted to the depths of the airworld (below the level of darkness).

There amidst an incredible number of Huge Silver Dragons and EIN ships (varying model Man-O-War ships, Flitters and the scintillating IEN Silverswift used only by the Very Top Brass) lies their destination the EIN Armada Constellation.

Billeted for a day, they see numerous arrivals as crews of different races disembark. The following morning they are summoned to a ballroom style chamber on the upper deck. Here they are addressed by the Fleet Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque “Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”. Kaolin instantly recognizes that the Grand Admiral is carrying an Artifact – The Staff of Celestian himself! ( A long staff of smoky black crystal, the Staff of Celestian is capped by a smooth, circular crystal that is constantly changing colors. The bottom of the staff is tapered and ends in a butt of mithral. Tiny motes of lights glow within the staff, constantly shifting and changing position, size, and color. It is trimmed with gold and platinum.)

A hush falls over the room as she begins to speak……

“Within my lifetime, but before many of your grandsires were born, the Unhuman War was fought. The goblin races and the elves met in glorious battle. The goblins and others of their ilk were driven from wildspace in the known spheres, and elven law and orders were established.

We have recently learned that Lar, an elven world in a remote crystal sphere, has been destroyed by an orcish fleet. Not conquered, but destroyed. Nothing lives of breathes on its surface. The elven armada Eclipse is now a floating hulk. Ten elven ships were lost for every goblin or orc ship destroyed. The goblinkin have some sort of new weapon or strategy that is more powerful than anything we can currently counter. We must learn what it is. Furthermore, we must learn more about the size of their armies and which goblin races are involved.

I shall get right to the point. Each of you has a talent. You are good at making trouble and surviving to brag about it. We want to put your talents to use. Each of your groups will be chartered to accomplish a specific task. When you have accomplished your goals, report back to this ship with the results of your mission. Remember, this is of vital importance to all the known spheres. Your own homeworld could be next.

I ask that each group draw lots from the bowl in the center of the room. Engraved upon the tokens is a sigil that matches another hung upon one of the doors throughout the room. Once your representative has drawn a token, go to that room, where you will be briefed on your mission.”

Following the symbol they have drawn, the party enters a room to be met by Silvanos, a white haired elf in black and grey robes who exudes a feeling of great age. Their assignment is to assume the identities of Jonas reels and crew, mercenaries in the employ of the Scro. Using a charter and star charts taken from a captured Scro Captain named Wrackblood they are to report for assignment to a base called Gammaro in MoragSpace. While there they are to gain any info possible and then return.

To facilitate this the EIN are providing a Dragonfly Class ship and any nonmagical supplies needed. They also provide ESP confusing psi treatments for the Capt. While aboard the Constellation Kaolin and Tavist are summoned to the Arcane Labs. At the hands of an abstracted elven mage Kaolin is drained of the excess transmutational magic in her system, returning her to her naturally furry form. He then uses the drained energy to ignite the latent Draconic blood in Tavist’s veins.

Encountering no difficulties en route they proceed to MoragSpace, the Captain, Kaolin and Dugan using the downtime to craft potions, scrolls, and a Psychokinetic Blast Dorje.

Chapter 4 Part 1: Draax, New Blood, and Wildspace Again

The next night while sitting on the roof drinking they hear cries for help. Kaolin flies down with the rest following only to find a twisted humanoid figure stooped over a cowering human. They engage and are beaten back by a pulse of negative energy that bursts from an eye in the center of it’s hand. Again the watch arrives, and the adversary melds with the stone wall and escapes.

The Capt takes Ozzy into town and sets up a match in an untaxed pit fight, they also discover that the Brewfest begins the day of the fight. Owing themselves an evening out, the boys go get schnockered. Tavist drinks Ozzy’s mug of ale and becomes instantly drunk and rapidly sick. Drake dives into his studies arcane and is not seen waking without his nose in a book for the rest of their stay planetside.

Ozzy gets approached by a dwarf looking to hire on. “I can make things…..” the dwarf keeps repeating. After a brief interview with the Capt he is told to get his gear. Kaolin meanwhile, has been summoned to the temple. The High Priest introduces Gryffn, a Paladin of The Holy Road. It appears Gryf saw St. Killroy in a a vision telling him to seek the “Monkey Priestess” and guard her. Kay is thrilled!

After immediately disliking each other the Capt and the paladin settle into a relationship of stifled antagonism, while Tavist baits him incessantly. Ozzy tries to find common ground and is quite glad of someone to spar with.

After Ozzys pit fight, in which he outright clobbers an Ettin by smashing it’s skulls in with a mighty blow of his hammer, they are discussing plans when the voice of Draax laughs at them from a corner..

After antagonizing each other for a few hours, Draax and Kaolin part ways. His arrogance far outweighing (in her mind) the information and Smalljammer he provided (The ship was carried with him in a bottle and returned to normal size when he opened it). Having been informed of a rendez vous with the Flowfish, a tradesman ship they evidently own, our heroes set out for the trading asteroid of Ceres in the Grinder. While setting down on Ceres, Draax’s words come back to Kay as the deck becomes insubstantial under her feet “It’s yours until you get there…”

Barely pulling out of a watery crash the group find the ship has transformed into several Arcane Trade Bars easily worth a thousand platinum each. They immediately stash them in Kaolin’s bag of holding. Shortly afterwards they are met by Post-Captain Wilhemina, the female giff commander of the Flowfish, and Italapate, her trickster shaman helmsman. They make the journey back to SpiralSpace and catch up on events during their absence. With the mail they got a summons to a meeting hosted by the Imperial Elven Navy, as well as a letter of recommendation from Admiral Thorn of Realmspace (with a heavy subtext of “don’t fuck this up”)


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