Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 3: The Back Doors

Feneylin , or “Finn,” as the others call him brings in some talent for interviews.
Olga Thorulfsdottir of Ysgard is hired as the Seneschal of the household.
Lilyra (took them for all their cash to get home to Oerth on their first visit to Sigil) is sent packing after being a smart ass. Kaolin REALLY disliked her.
Paentia – tiefling who first tutored them on the factions when they joined the Planewalkers Guild. Hired to orient the troops.
Praetorians and team brought to Stray Manor, Paentia as liason.
Test Astral Portal- let’s find out in what this place Finn calls the Elserryn Cluster is like. Lots of distortions and color pools.
Bytopian gate leads to area outside the town of Yeoman in the layer of Dothion. Stop in store to purchase pipeweed (Old stuttering gnome shopkeeper named Kalb)
Test Elysium Portal- isolated glenn high on a celestial mountainside. Stop for a celebratory Heroes Feast.

Chapter 10 Part 1: Party Time!!

Everyone escapes using the wind walk magic which is still active, escaping injury in the collapsing building.
A spontaneous festival breaks out as the party exist the collapsing building.
The Lady of Pain thanks them (using her dabus) and grants them a triple reward: A manor in the Lady’s Ward, A Key that will make a permanent portal to Sigil three times, and immunity from Vecna unless they seek him out.
Ronnasic meets them and claims the crystals. He then shows them through the drunken crowd to the Celestial Cathedral of Celestian. Riotous crowds in Celestian robes greet them exuberantly.
After being gifted with several skins of “Novice Henry’s Contraband Brew,” they are approached by a Planetar in Celestain colors. He introduces himself as Talos. He escorts them inside to a Heroes Feast set up buffet style. Novices come through with magic edibles that cure all the physical damage they suffered. Drake takes him aside and tells him about Dugan.
After they have had their fill Sissk, an illithid priest, escorts them to see Ronald the high priest.
Debriefing is surprisingly casual. Ronald is an older priest who wears spectacles and has a friendly, irreverent manner.
Atonement rituals are shceduled, Dugan declines and barricades himself in the quarters provided.
Drake and Kaolin go to his room intent on making him go through the atonement. He faces them off in the doorway and demands another priest if it is neccesary.
Sissk arrives at Dugan’s room and presides over the ritual. As it draws to a close Dugans eyes tear up as he realizes the evil he has done and been influenced by. (extreme swing to CG) He apologizes curtly and leaves, taking a novice to guide him to the temple of Morradin.
Durind, High Priest of Morradin hears his tale and grants his wish to do pennence in his own way. The Forge of Sustenence is turned over to him so he can work without stopping to eat or sleep. He begins working on replicas of the Hand and Eye, made of solanian truesteel and precious stones (as pure as the originals were not). He then enchants the eye to produce a Major Image of the rejoicing in the streets at Vecna’s expulsion. Kaolin, Tavist and Etsuriko arrive as he first unveils them.
While exploring the Lady’s Ward Tavist discovers the Blue Fountain where they party like heroes.
Returning to Bral they take stock of their affairs. Tavist begins an audit of the Company, Drake and Kaolin go to church, Ozzy sulks and spends most of his time in his room depressed over having used the Eye against a comrade.
Drake calls a tribunal of the Company Founders in which the case is made and carried that Dugan and Etsuriko should be let go for disobeying orders on the stairs in Cavitus.
Discussion of actual company bylaws goes late into the night, upon exiting the warehouse they are approached by a stranger calling himself Fenelyn. Speaking the odd dialect of common used in the outer planes he claims to be Theridon’s older brother, although he looks several years younger than Theridon did.
He tells a tale of having lived in the astral for many years (since The Capt was a baby) which held off the effects of aging. He sought out his family and found all had been killed years before. Using his aptitude for gathering info he tracks down his brother’s daughter and follows her trail from the City of Greyhawk to the Rock of Bral. He has been gathering info and waiting for his brother’s return in the months since.
All of this is repeated under a zone of truth. He seems to really want to find his brother, and to have little interest in the wealth at stake with Theridon’s share of the company.
The crew report to the Elven Forest and are debriefed by Adm. Icarus. Ozzy tries to get himself court martialled for his misdeeds with the Eye, but Icarus summarily pardon’s him (to the giff’s dismay)
After discussion it is decided to erect the first of the Gates to Sigil at the Celestian Temple here on the Rock. Drake and Kaolin make the arrangements.
The portal is erected in a stoneshaped arch in the sculpture garden behind the temple.
Ozzy continues to sulk, but begins to leave his rooms mre frequently, going to the Planar Church of Olympus making plans for the upcoming Olympics.
Drake, Kaolin, Fenelyn, and Tavist take the portal to Sigil to set up the new house and scope out it’s portals.

Chapter 9 Part 5: To Smack A God

aken from notes on battlemat which are being transcribed by Ozzy’s player (hence the DudleyTime distortion preventing them from being here yet.) Now that this is online I hope to get the data up and running.

It all ends with Ozzy scoring a critical with the sword of Kas dispelling Vecna from Sigil

Chapter 9 Part 4: Chosen of The Lady

Dugan and Ozzy investigate deathfield around Armoury
Kaolin grafts greater hand onto Drake. This causes a state change in the Juna Bracers which merge with drake leaving only soulgems and juna patterned tattoos.
Ozzy tries to bet on their chances with a pit fiend and gets pimp slapped across the crowd to land on the very dwarf they offended their first time here..
The Lady disintigrates the dwarf and the pit fiend and drops Ozzy back with the party
Dugan grabs the soul gem the pit fiend was using for stakes and pockets it.
Ronnasic tells of the faction war after Kay asks about the lack of faction colors being sported.
Drake and Ronnasic proceed to analyze the death field.
Ronnasic gives them Sensate Recording Crystals (Ozzy tosses his aside.)
At strategy session Ozzy gets angry and repeatedly demands the Sword of Kas, even using eyebite on Drake.
Those with artifacts surround those who do not, getting them through the death field, they dodge several spheres of annihilation and enter the Armoury
Almost get ambushed by slaadi in entry hall.
The interior has been completely reshaped into a temple/retreat for Vecna Cultists, room after room of acolytes and converts deep in drug induced stupor.
Chapel of Lore- Drake uses hand to summon air elementals to collect as many scrolls as possible.
Chapel of the Eye, Dugan gains a golden eye.
After the room of the singing statues they reach the Harmonium Forge. Dugan decides he WILL own it!)
Flying down to the doorway at the base of the forge minimizes their time in it’s field, but several effects are still noticed. Several magic items are either enhanced or completely drained. Drake also feels huge amounts of his strength drained away (6pts).
Enter the temple (drake spider climbing) to find a tiefling cultist preaching to a varied crowd of gith, tieflings and the Hand and Eye Golems.
As they come into sight the rear wall fades and the 60′ image of Vecna appears and screams “Get them, Take their relics!!”
Drake uses the hand to time stop. He casts flame strike and divine power while Vecna, seemingly immune to the time stop, launches ineffectual arcane attacks.
Time starts again. To the PCs there is suddenly a hellish blast of flame, and when it clears an 11′ tall Drake wreathed in divine power going toe to toe with Vecna using the Sword of Kas.
Kaolin turns to the cultists an annihilates most of them immediately with a divine storm and a blade barrier.
Ozzy uses the Eye to Dominate a Harmonium Trooper and set him against his allies.
Etsuriko leaps into the fray, lands on the altar and slips in the blood covering it, to lie there stunned.
Tavist and Dugan attack worshippers while the Golems advance.
Vecna flame strikes Drake 3 times

Chapter 9 Part 3: When Gods Do Battle

Vecna’s Library is filled to bursting with exotic and powerful tomes and armaments, evidently trophies from his thousands of years as a tyrant. They rifle through it all searching fo the Sword of Kas, collecting particularly powerful items for themselves as they do so. Kaolin lets out a squeal of joy at finding a Crown of Stars and while the party is distracted by it Dugan slips a copy of the dreaded Necronomicon into his pack. As the others gather items of power for the coming battle, Etsuriko finds a large wooden case containing the Sword they seek. They make their exit and proceed to Vecna’s Throne Room.

As they approach the Throne Room, the Celestians use Divine Power to amp up for the coming conflict, meanwhile Tavist puts on another lesser relic (the pinky finger) giving him two. With Drake entering from above using spider climb, they storm the room. Inside they find a titanic scene awaiting them as Dukagsh, armed with the Eye of Vecna, is locked in mortal combat with the Eye’s original owner.

As the two DemiPowers battle, scro troops and giff mercs look on in wonderment. One of the Giff notices Ozzy and the others enter, and reaches to stay his soldiers from attacking. Ozzy parleys with them, playing on the fact that giff will not fight giff when hired out. He eventually convinces them to step out of the conflict and not interfere.

As they engage the scro troops, Dugan drops behind and launches a Fireball at drake, Etsuriko and Kaolin scorching them badly but not managing to kill anyone. The others bearing relics feel the force of Vecna’s intellect invading their minds and senses. Suddenly Dukagsh drives his sword into Vecna’s heart with a mighty scream of rage, his Eye flickering with greenish flames as he does so. Instead of crumpling Vecna begins to laugh.

Dukagsh’s skin begins to burn as arcs of arcane and divine energies leave his body and flow into Vecna’s empty eye socket. In a matter of moments he is burned to a pile of ash, the Eye of Vecna an obsidian stone on top. As Drake runs for the figures he lashes out with his sword and cuts of Tavist’s hand and the relics upon it.

Claim Hand and Eye after Dukagsh is drained
Dimensional Rift to Sigil forms, characters are sucked through in Vecna’s wake. Much of their swag, and Tavists hand, disappear in transit
Arrive 3 weeks after Vecna did.
An Audience with The Lady of Pain
Dugan provides alibi for evil acts while mentally praying constantly to Vecna.
Meet Ronnasic of Sigil (this would make a great story!)

Chapter 9 Part 2: Citadel Cavitus

Ozzy, Tavist and Kaolin find themselves suddenly incarcerated in small stone cells. Ozzy smashes his way out as Tavist narrowly avoids a magical trap pcking the lock on his. They take the tiefling torturer prisoner and rescue both Kaolin and an EIN void elf named Earendil.

Meanwhile the rest engage the stair guardian and defeat it, but not before Etsuriko feels the cold touch of it’s undead claw (lvl drain). A tactical disagreement ensues after which she and Dugan head back to the throne room while Drake forges onwards, deeper into the complex. Dugan sits in the throne and takes a massive jolt of arcane energy. He seems to go insane and attacks Etsuriko in a mindless rage. He manages to hit her once before she lays him flat. She ties him up and heads back towards Drake.

Drake proceeds inward and finds a quiet nook to stop in. He pulls the Ring Gate off Dugan’s belt and uses it to contact the others. Using the Ring Gate for line of sight he then Dimension Doors to the torture chamber. Kaolin casts restoration on Dugan and Etsuriko restoring his sanity (?) and her lost abilities. She also plucks out the eye artifact while he is tied up. A ferocious argument ensues the result of which is the reluctant return of the eye to Dugan. They all take one of the necrotic pills they found in Tovag Barragu, the ones that grant temporary invisibility to undead. Locking the tiefling in a cell the search out a stairwell and ascend.

After going up a floor or two they decide to try one of the doors. The opulent decor of the room surrounds an ivory sarcophogus caved in what Etsuriko recognizes as the style of the Mulan. The Mulan are an ancient and despicable oriental race known for their perversions. Quickly closing the door they continue up six more flights until they reach the top of the stairwell. The single door at the apex is heavily warded and carved with runes and glyphs that the mages recognize as barring the passage of undead. As they debate entering they hear the sound of many footsteps ascending the stairs. Deciding to take the risk, they enter.

The room is filled with blazing light which emanates from a spirit confined within. Conversation reveals it to be the soul of a paladin who died trying to defeat Vecna over four thousand years ago. Drake recalls theoretical writings that refer to “Radiant Spirits,” undead who are infused with positive rather than negative energy, usually the spirits of very powerful good heroes who were slain before completing their life’s work. They agree to release it if the spirit can lead them to the Sword of Kas.

What follows is a trek through the citadel, the searing light of the Radiant destroying all undead encountered on the way. He gets them to the base of the Black Tower and finally fades from existence, his voice echoing,”You will find the Sword on the fourth floor. It is kept in the library……”

Reaching the fourth floor with little incident, the party find a pair of Scro and several dead scro, ogre and giff bodies outside of an obviously warded door. They slay the scro and Kaolin uses Speak with Dead to interrogate one. They find that they are still behind Dukagsh in his raid on the Citadel. Experimentation shows that the Vecna Artifacts will allow those wearing them to enter the room unharmed by the death field. While those without artifacts guard the hall, those bearing them enter Vecna’s Library…

Chapter 9 Part 1: The Demiplane of Dread

Dugan takes out three Minor Deaths, the mists clear revealing a cobblestone alleyway. As they take stock of their surroundings they are suddenly assaulted by a Scro Triad. During the combat one disappears into thin air, one is slain, and Ozzy knocks the mohawked leader unconscious. As they drag the bodies into the alley four battallions of skelton warriors appear at the intersection, marching their way. The group pulls back into the darkness and hides in the alley until they have passed.

Reviving their new prisoner they question him, finding out that Dukagsh is here and is planning a raid on the black tower that rises above the city skyline. Using the remaining magic of their Wind Walk dweomer they fly to the tower and investigate. It rises higher than they can fly and appears to have no windows. Casting a Rope Trick they hide within to plan and rest.

The next morning they cast fly on Ozzy. They then all hang on and make for the entrance at maximum speed. Rematerializing in front of the huge stone doors Ozzy and Tavist push them open to reveal a huge, five story chamber. Two 35′ tall Skeltons with broadswords measuring at least 18′ flank what Drake identifies as Vecna’s legendary Spider Throne. Ozzy flies rapidly past them and alights on the landing above.

As they prepare to enter the doors at the top of the stairs a skeletal figure in black robes appears, hand outstretched, and asks in a sepulchural voice, “Who is our Master?” As each replies, “Vecna,” the figure allows them to pass. When it comes Drake’s turn he relpies, “We are here to help Vecna.” A wave of magical energy washes over them and Ozzy, Kaolin and Tavist vanish as the figure moves menacingly towards those remaining.

Chapter 8 Part 5: The Inner Temple

As everyone casts Ozzy a dirty look, a female human in cultist robes steps forth from behind a pillar casting as she does so. A turgid ball of black smoke shoots from her hand to the Captain, enveloping Theridon and then dissipating as though in a strong wind leaving an empty space where he once stood. Theridon is nowhere to be seen.

As the cultist begins to cast another spell, Ozzy grabs her and pins her. She tries to escape by using a shocking grasp, but the giff easily shakes it off and knocks her unconscious. As Kaolin tries several prayers to locate Theridon (or determine his demise), Tavist searches the cultist. Shaking her head sadly, Kaolin tells the party that she has had no luck, the Captain may well be dead. Tavist grimaces upon hearing this and runs the cultist through with his rapier, much to Drake’s horror.

Using a speak with dead spell Kaolin questions the cultist. From the corpse comes the information that Dukagsh and a troop of his followers passed through a Portal in the room beyond. Checking behind the door they get a glimpse of a room with a deep pit across it’s center and several scro troopers on a thin ledge on the opposite side. Tavist notices that they are chained to the wall, as though to prevent falling. Opening the door again Dugan lobs a fireball into the room, slamming the door shut immediately. Peeking in a moment later they find the scro burnt to a crisp. Kaolin casts a wall of stone to cover the chasm and they walk across.

They open the door on the ledge and find a largish room containing several scro and a large Portal, seemingly filled with roiling black smoke, which humms menacingly at the far wall of the chamber. A fierce melee ensues, continuing until all but four of the scro are dead. Surrender is offered and accepted. As they hand over their weapons Drake torches a web remaining from the combat, burning the scro inside to death. With a bellow of, “Elves have NO honor!!” the remaining scro attack until slaughtered.

Kaolin steps up to the Portal and attempts to “feel,” it. Suddenly tentacles of black smoke leap from the Portal’s surface and pull her through it. Wasting not a second the party follows her through to help. They find themselves in the utter darkness of the void. A chilling fear strikes all, Drake being so overcome he flees and has to be restrained by Ozzy. Kaolin calls up a prayer to attune him to this realm and his struggles cease. As Drake regains his composure Ozzy lights up his mace and they pick a random direction in which to set out.

Part 4: Relics, Relics, Everywhere….

Within the chamber arcane energies spike around the party, even arcing up to Tavist when he tries to levitate above them. Ozzy eventually discovers that touching the central pillar renders you immune to the damage, and they proceed to aquire what Drake says might be a minor Vecnan relic.

As they put this newfound knowledge to use and begin raiding the other rooms Using various means they manage to secure several minor relics of Vecna from the surrounding rooms with a relative minimum of damage. The list of body parts includes the Thumb, Middle Finger, Index Finger, and Other Eye of Vecna. Drake continues to hold forth that not only are the relics evil, but will corrupt whoever carrys or uses one. He also berates them for desecrating the priest’s temple. “They may be evil, but they are not our prime concern, and by doing this we are making life much more dangerous for ourselves. They want Dukash stopped as much as, if not more than, we do.” The Captain vetos the discussion and they package up the relics in Kaolin’s bag of holding.

After numerous encounters with both scro troops and cultists, they parley with a higher order member of the Vecna Cult for a cessation of hostilities. The captain orders them to return the relics, which they do (to the cultist’s astonishment!) Later on, having failed at all other attempts to get through the mysterious stone wall, they confiscate them again. The Captain decides to sidestep the ongoing moral debate about using the relics by dominating Ozzy, slipping off to the chamber with the wall, and cutting off his thumb to replace it with the relic.

As the relic bonds to Theirdon the wall disappears revealing a large set of stone doors.To the rest there seems no change. The group take turns donning relics in order to pass, cutting them off on the other side and sending Dugan back through with the relic for the next to come across. Drake’s agitation through this process continues to mount.

As they enter the chamber on the other side of the doors a voice calls out, “Who passes?” Ozzy, now dressed in the scro armor he took from the gladiator tries to brazen it through. ” We report for Dukash!” he says, to the dismay of his comrades……

Chapter 8 Part 3: The Adytum of Vecna

Theridon manifests sever the tie and the ghouls drop inert to the ground. They close with the statues and over te next thirty seconds incapacitate three and destroy three utterly. In the process Etsuriko takes a pounding and Ozzy cracks one of them boxing with it. After Kaolin’s inventive thinking inspires her to use Stone Shape on two of them they make handy obelisks which Ozzy knocks over onto the remaining statues. They investigate the area finding one door blocked by a blank stone wall, evidently of magical origin, but not radiating any dweomer. Dugan seems puzzled by the stone, “it has NO grain whatsoever!” he says.

Carefully defusing the traps and locks on two more doors they find Chapels to Vecna. These rooms were obviously working laboratories as well as chapels, blood and other stains are soaked deep into the wood and stone while huge tapestries with the now all too familiar Hand and Eye symbol adorn the walls. Nosing about briefly at the more alchemical looking altar/lab Kaolin snags a vial of very strong acid. Investigation turns up doors in each that lead to small rooms full of cabinets . Lacking time they forego searching them and proceed onwards.

They find a room that looks like a smoking lounge behind the next door. The room is trashed and filled with corpses, both scro and cultists. The tapestries and carpet are torn and burned and the fine furniture smashed. One wall bears grffitti in Elven, “Dukagsh Ascendant!” They cross the battlefield to the door on the opposite wall and look out onto a hallway that has a branching corridor and a door not far down it’s length.

Moving swiftly they make for the door. They find a hallway lined with small cells, such as priests would sleep in, and then make their way through the complex to waht seems to be the kitchens. Several skeletons turn towards them as they enter, but Drake gestures and mutters a prayer to Celestian and they crumble to dust. Stepping carefully over the half gnawed bodies of several cultists they check one of the two doors in the room and find dry storage, several racks of flour and spices have been smashed.

Checking out the other door, which has been smashed open, they find a wine cellar. The contents of the room are mostly destroyed, but Tavist manages to find two red labeled bottle that bear the blazon, “Tovag Reserve.” A final door behind a wine rack leads to a magically chilled room with iron hooks hanging from the ceiling. In addition to the haunches of goat, cow, and sheep that adorn the hooks there are also the looted and ganwed bodies of two cultists.

Deciding that they are on the wrong track they return to the original hallway (outside the destroyed lounge) and proceed directly away from the lounge door. Taking the second corridor going left they pass several black iron doors sculpted into daemonic faces and other unclean imagery. They turn left at the end of the hall and decide to try out one of the doors. Tavist and Theridon find a magical trap and in the process of attempting to bypass it instead set it off.

A swarm of Baatorian Hellwasps fills the hallway. Trying to ingnore the stings of the hellwasps Tavist continues to try picking the lock while everyone else combats the swarm. Suffering massive damage from the infestation, Etsuriko flees down the corridor past the swarm. After numerous spells are proven inneffectual, Kaolin casts a wall of wind that seems to deter the insects, buying Tavist time to get the door open. The Capt meanwhile is doubled over from nausea due to the stings. As Etsuriko rejoins them, having made her way around the corridors to come up from the other side, they open the door.

The chamber within is tiled with green and yellow ceramic tiles and contains a single reliquary. The reliquary is a pillar (about waist high on a human) with a glass lantern shaped case on top which seems to contain a mummified human finger. As they step into the room, slamming the door behnd them, coruscating green energy arcs from the floor around them……


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