Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 2: The Recondite Prison of Iralophinine

After extensive examination, revealing a variety of fiendish traps, Tavist and Finn attempt to pick the locks found on the sphere. Several traps are set off in the process, and Finn loses two fingers. (left hand pinky and ring fingers).
They eventually open it rescuing a Planetar named Iralophinine.
They prepare another sling and ride the adamantium ball through the Violet with Iralophinine steering.
Stopping to search after seeing some sort of reflection, they discover an extremely aged man, obviously near death. He addresses Finn, “You! You have the talent. Come here my son.” When Finn does so the old man clutches his hand, at this point there is a flash as the Illithid Psionic Circuitry transfers from the old man’s hand to his own. Reassuring his companions that he is okay, they continue to travel.
Eventually they find a broken storehouse, seemingly meant to contain something banished here. The place is smashed up and empty. After searching the main room and finding no doors, unsprung traps, or much of anything they prepare to leave.
Tavist finds a secret door in one wall of the corridor. It is very well hidden and has a very difficult lock. With Finn’s help he picks it and they enter an empty room. Drake discerns immediately that there is magic working here of much greater than first order.
After examining the dweomer he states that it is an inverted anti-magic field. While in the room they can all use magic and psi normally.
Iralophine thanks them, and after inquiring whether they need help returning to their own plane of existence, takes his leave. Before he does so he addresses Finn and Tavist, telling them they may call upon him for one favor in return for freeing him. Kaolin immediately greater plane shifts them to the Rock.
The sky over the Rock is an unaccustomed reddish hue and much darker than they remember ever seeing it. The docks are underpopulated, mostly Bralian Navy, Scro Tarantula Fleet, and EIN Tempest Fleet.
Making straight for their warehouse headquarters they summon K’tel for an update. Arriving still half asleep, he brings them up to speed on the year and a half they have been gone!
— Falkirk appeared shortly after they vanished, and lay claim to his share. As a founder, whose rights had been codified in writing, he experienced no opposition. He took Valis and a tidy sum in trade bars and set out a few months later. No word has been had of him or the ship since.
– The Unhuman War II came to an end shortly after the suns of over thirty crystal sphere across The Arcane Inner Flow began to simultaneously dim. The Illithid Embassy on Bral closed a few weeks before, Ishathrandra leaving on a nautiloid along with the other eight known Illithids on the Rock. As months went by and the suns grew steadily dimmer Illithid fleets appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and dealt major blows to both the EIN and Scro. In an unprecedented move the Grand Admiral of the EIN and the Almighty Leader of the Scro agreed to work together against the threat before resuming their own disputes.
Kaolin tries to contact Valis and succeeds. She encourages the ship to be hopeful, as Kaolin plans to planeshift onboard to reclaim it. When she tries again later she gets no contact and assumes that Valis is in the Flow.
Using a scroll hidden in their office, Kaolin regenerates Finn’s fingers. He saves the ones previously cut off.

Chapter 12 Part 1: The Violet

The next morning begins with shopping in Sigil as they take Lola to Emetriel’s Fine Flights
Sitting at a Cafe drinking Bytopian Gnomish tea they discuss Planar Theory with Lola discovering that her take on the Planes is quite different than their own. She disdains the standard cosmology and speaks often of the Million Spheres. This conversation evolved out of speculation on the Capt.’s fate.
Tavist comissions Balic’s Blades (on Bral) to make a matched set of rapiers from Tanarri red steel and Baatorian green steel that he provides
Lola tells the party of Carrigmoor while dining on a Heroes Feast in their private vale on the Seven Heavans
Tavist gets hit by a needle trap when attempting to search Drake’s room. He urinates on Drake’s bed in response.
While walking to the Library of the Spheres they are waylaid by chaositech bearing enemies led by Falkirk! They are all knocked unconscious and awaken in The Violet (Lola recognizes it)
They find and awaken Drake amongst the vines and snakes of The Violet
During an encounter with a ravid they experience a time slip.
They use vine sap to attach a continual light coin to the ravid and set it free in an attempt to scout out some of the surrounding terrain.
Drake attempts a Summon Monster I, which succeeds materializing three hawks. Finn’s breach sense detects the spell as working normally. Attempts to dispell or banish them fail…
Sling-shotting themselves across the vines the party travel several miles until they notice a violet orb 50′ across nestled in the vines. They engage an infuriated trio of Bone Devils and send them running. “Your souls will fetch a meagre price in the markets of Nimicri!” shouts Finn.
Examination of the sphere reveals a 20′ adamantium sphere with a very complex lock inside. “Can we get it home with us?” quips Tavist.

Chapter 11 Part 5: The End of The Olympiad

Day Eleven: Horse Races

Gold won by Erica Kithradian, The Sword of Pelor, called Flamehair, wife of Lord Baleron Silvertongue
Day Twelve: Fencing

Admiral Marianon Silmara, EIN Ambassador to Bral wins Gold, one of her personal guard wins Silver, and Tavist takes the Bronze.
Day Thirteen : Spellcasting

Drake withdraws when he realizes that his “bracers,” disqualify him.
Closing Day: Spelljammer Regatta

Drake comes down sick with Chronic Luminescence. He retires to his quarters on Valis to rest and get well.
Tavist gathers Sandyfoot’s halflings, Thames and his wives, Lola, and the rest of the Seven Stars together and heads for the ship so they can watch from the front lines.
On the way they encounter an EIN officer who knows, and has served with both Tavist and Lola. His name is Redwing and he is a Kargonesti originally from Krynnspace. Since his sphere is cut off from Spelljamming he has gone full career in the EIN as an Arcane Archer. Evidently he taught Lola while serving together. They invite him and his companions along.
Kaolin wins the Gold by a narrow margin, there is much rejoicing!
Tavist picks up his outfit, and some tips on Bralian high society, from the House of Metege.
Tavist, Kaolin, Loal, and Finn stop by the Blue Tavern. Tavist negotiates an evening with Gwynneth, a courtesan popular with the Court and knowledgeable of it’s movers and shakers. She also has a great enthusiasm for “exotic clients.” While he is doing this Kaolin and Lola get their hair, fur and nails done by some of the girls.
The Grand Ball at Castle Skyview

Ozzy invites Wilhelmina, Kaolin takes Finn.
Gwynneth guide them in proper ettiquette and points out Diadan Cartan (he and his son do NOT get along!!), Arkkan Nobroddukk the Voice of the Dwarves among others
Andru speaks with Kaolin and Finn for a few moments. Says he has been wtching House Seven Stars Rise over the years. “We shall talk later…”
A bald human approaches Ozzy at the buffet and congratulates him on good work. He makes a reference to the Iron Shadow and evaporates, but not before tossing Ozzy a suspiciously familiar bloodstone ring. Later they identify him as Mordenkainen The Mage, legendary and unpredictable wizard from Greyspace.
Finn catches wind of rumors: a turf war in the Great Market between the Red Masks and the Halflings Guilds; a pronounced increase in the illithid population of the Rock; an increase in suspected Tenth Pit slave trading; and comments about House Moune and House Seven Stars as up and coming groups.
Party till very late
Ozzy allows Wilhelmina to take him home and take advantage of him.
Kaolin goes to Tavist’s in the morning and disturbs him while enjoying Gwynneth one last time before she goes home. “Do you want me to walk your friend home??” she asks.
Drake is discovered to be missing. They search his apartment, find his door on Valis locked with no answer from within.
Portal hop to Sigil, no sign of Drake here either. Spend the night in Stray Manor.

Chapter 11 Part 4: Competition Time

Day Seven: Dance

Kaolin and Ozzy enter with high hopes of winning, unfortunatly the audience does not appreciate their interpretive efforts and they are cut in the first round
Tavist goes to Shou Town and pays the Yakuza their cut of his winnings.
Day Eight: Archery

Anak is eliminated in the first round
Finn makes it to the fourth round in the crossbow competition.
Lola shows her colors, making it to the pre-final round before being cut.
The final winner is Aefeledir of the EIN.
Day Nine: Spellcrafting

The competition is amazing, and ends in a tie between Elminster of Shadowdale and gamalon Idogyr, Archmagus of Bral.
Day Nine: Mage’s Guild Ball

At the Corner of Noble and High Streets lies the home of Lady Dahlia Mignor, lit by a profusion of multicolored mage lights and illousory scenes from the History of Bral. The party is in full swing when Drake arrives with the rest.
Seeking out the Lady of the manor they pays their respects.
Many notables are present from Elrohir Amroth the Seeker to Diadan Cartan, Andru’s Advisor.
Day Ten: Javelin

In the aftermath of having his quarters desecrated Drake moves to his living quarters on Valis, the new Octopus ship.
Lola, Drake and Tavist get pickpocketed in the crowds of midtown.
K’zishan (Ishan Master of Readiness) Kr’grawl Ch’rowl of the Kzinti wins the Gold Medal.
Drake finds the planar symbol for Limbo scribed on his door (on Valis) when he returns. He has the door removed and switches it for the one on the Capt’s room. “he won’t miss it.”
Tavist gets homesick
Kaolin creates yaneesh as part of a Heroes Feast i

Chapter 11 Part 3: Blood On The Sand

Day Six: Gladiatorial Style Combat

Breakfast at The White Galleon arranged, Fin schmoozes and bribes his way into a 10 bells reservation after liberally bribing Aliar the desk elf.
Ozomata Muwara visits the box with bodyguards in tow, ostensibly to wish Ozzy luck.
Ozzy fumbles through trying to do a tea ceremony for Muawara while guards and crew stay out of earshot.
Muwara delivers oblique threat not to advance beyond the third round, he also tells Ozzy to “ask that one among you who has studied our ways to tell you of the quivering palm…” He then hastily exits.
Drake dimension doors them all to the White Galleon to meet Thames and party. Fin greets Aliar with a shower of gold and continues to tip like a madman while there.
Seeing that they have two more than the reservation was made for, Ozzy takes the opportunity to bow out of breakfast. He hauls ass through the crowded streets to Shou Town and the Song Ming monastery.
Thames and the party take note of Dargaaz and Ishathrandra meeting in the White Galleon dining room.
Ozzy accosts the novice answering the door and gives him an errratic and nearly incomprehensible earful mentioning “quivering palm,” several times. The novice asks him to wait in the inner courtyard until he can find a superior.
Realizing that the event will be starting soon and Ozzy is not back yet, Kaolin, Drake and Tavist Dimension Door to Song Ming looking for him. Drake is incredible rude to the monk who answers the door (“Snap to it! We haven’t got all day!”)
The others are ushered into the courtyard to meet Ozzy. After ascertaining that Kaolin does have a diamond for him, just in case, they dimension door back to the Arena of Frum and Ozzy begins armoring up.
Ozzy’s first round he faces off against an 800 lb giff “hottie,” Sgt. Major Tolia Pellorak, who sports a three foot ponytail and an orcish double axe. A close match, but Ozzy wins, driving the crowd wild by ending with two head butts.
Krath pound’s a dwarf in his round.
Ozzy barely beats Valkan Riogan
Tavist wins 4,000 gold, three donkeys, and a cargo barge with a tactical helm.
Midmatch with Erica of Pelor Ozzy just barely shakes off the death effect of the quivering palm……..
The match continues until Erica K.O.s Ozzy with the flat of her blade. She then walks ten paces and passes out from blood loss.
Drake begins a painting of the party in Sandyfoot’s box.
When it is announced that Ozzy has won the Bronze Medal there is much celebrating. Tavist nips out after a few drinks and collects his winnings (3,000 gp plus a custom tailored court garb from the House of Metege). Erica of Pelor won the Gold, and a Hadozee Oathpack Warrior named Gigree won the Silver.
Finn brings Lola to the box to meet the crew. Meredyn Sandyfoot is passing the pipe as they enter.
Finn and Tavist sugest using their portal network to run to Bytopia “for some serious pipeweed.” The visiting Guildmaster Thames loves the idea. Loal pulls a fadeout.
The boys make their run to Bytopia and return, gifting Thames and Sandyfoot each with a pound.
Drake encounters a construct-like creature consuming his spellbooks when he returns to his quarters. He. turns it in to the City Watch

Chapter 11 Part 2: Running and Singing

Day Four: Foot Races

Krath makes it to the second round
Anak makes it to the third round
Winner- Illutriel Atreus, heir in exile of Spiral
Ozzy and Kaolin decide they need dancing lessons before the Ball
Ozzy is found by Post Capt.Wilhelmina. He ditches her, she chases him down and tells him how rude he is.
Tavist hangs out at Drake’s Gallery opening. Picks up on a rumor that Kruz Kanonwerks has been commissioned by the crown to make a bombard for the Giff as payment for policing during the Olympiad
Merrydin Sandyfoot stops by the Gallery and buys an inked portrait of a Battledolphin.
Finn begins camping out in the Box at the Arena
Day Five: Bardic

Balthasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker’s Guild arrives with two assistants (one assimar, one tiefling) and the Tuirian Chorus who are here to compete.{Considered the masterwork of the half-Elven bard Domatha, the Tuirian chorus has toured many Planes. Consisting of a full dozen singers, this choir has members from a variety of races. While the core members of the group are a quintet of Elven bards, Domatha’s direction weaves in the voices of a pair of harpies, a young silver dragon, a trio of lillend and half-fiend Dwarf whose demonic parent was a succubus. The experience is one of unearthly beauty and transcendence.}
Bang, the Tinker Gnome Bard puts on an enthusiastic show
The Spawn seem to be doing alright until Dib suddenly loses his ability to carry a tune (Natural 1) He blames it on his contract of Napthas with House Seven Stars interfering with his playing.
Ld. Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong the Kindori Bard do a duet that leaves the audience weeping.
The Tuiran Chorus provides Baleron and Deepsong’s only serious competition
Winner- Ld Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong The Kindori
Finn and Tavist take Ld Thames to Drake’s Gallery, The Edge and Large Luigi’s

Chapter 11 Part 1: The Olympiad

Day One: Chariot Races

Winner – Conrad Shambrath of Greatspace
Drake sketches continually, getting bases for series of paintings, Kaolin watches trying to learn
Tavist arranges all of the groups bets through Yakuza runners
Day Two: Boxing

Tolluk makes it 11 rounds in and then gets pasted by a Thri Kreen
Ozzy lasts 8 rounds before being beaten by a huge lizardfolk called Kisst’Haa (Rex Saurial)
Winner- Kisst’Haa of the Lizard Kingdoms
Tavist, Ozzy and Kaolin go to Sakhar’s Exotic Mails to buy Kisst’Haa a drink. (Tavist says it is the most likely spot to find both the titanic lizardfolk and appropriate drinks to buys him)
While at Sakhar’s Ozzy drops off his captured scro armour to have it refitted, gild the spikes, and re-enamel it to be green rather than red.
Day three: Wrestling

Krath loses early on to a Beefolk from the Lizard Kingdoms
Monk contestant quivering palms Ozzy during fight, no one notices.
Ozzy lasts almost till the end and is beaten by a human pirate named Caine.
Winner is Gelephas Garnettfist, a gnome from Feyspace.
Tavist loses all of his stake betting today.
Finn drafts an invitation to Balthasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker’s Guild, to join them in their box for the Olympics. He then personally delivers it to their HQ in the Market Ward.
Fin and Tavist go out gathering information in the bars and get some rumors of a displeased Yakuza, and also of Trickster Priests among the Olympians

Chapter 10 Part 5: Olympic Torch

Kaolin and Ozzy take a drunken joyride in “Valis,” and note a sizeable number of both Scro Tarantula Fleet ships as well as a similar formation of EIN ships waiting to dock. They end up sobering up somewhat while waiting in line to dock and disembark.
Prior to the games Andru cut deals with Tomojak, Valkan Riogan and Celestia Silverfist to have the Bralian Giff, Valkan’s Legion, and The War Drakes assist with peacekeeping during the event.
At Drake and Tavist’s urgings they all get fresh courtgarb made for the festival. Fin gets a cloudsilver outfit, with golden yellow piping (his brother’s color)
Drake arranges a (costly!) box at the Arena of Frun. The box to their right is occupied by Merredin Sandyfoot, a halfling of some reknown, the one on their left by Teledir Sunstrider, an elf.
Tavist and Fin stock the box with extraplanar wines and ales, Drake adds elven wines and sets up to paint the events.
Ozzy takes Fin down to The Edge where he gets to know his niece. The two bond while Ozzy, Tolluk, and Kra’th have drinks
Drake’s Gallery opens the night before the games. A swank party in upper midtown.Corwin Cozar allows his portrait to be used for the show. Drake bumbles into a conversation between Aric Cozar and an unknown human about the latest assassination attempts made on him. Arkan Nobrodduk, Voice of the Bralian Dwarves, stops by.Morgan Kullek buys a large painting of Bral seen from Wildspace. Kaolin runs into Lady Cerena (Andru’s consort, Diplomacy 1)
On the edge of the gravity plane a small asteroid has been brought in. It is here that 11 priests from the Olympian Church hold their ritual to light the torch in a ceremony honoring Zeus, Hera, and Mercury. (just like on ancient earth).The Priest of Zeus, of course, leading the rite. The Priest of Hermes then begins the relay, using boots of star striding to run across the gravity plane to the Rock.
Once at the Rock the relay continues, with Gen Mors Dairbad (Gen of Bralian Military) doing the last leg of the relay, ending with the lghting of a huge torch in the Arena of Frun. (Ozzy and Tomojak are part of the Honor Guard around the Arcane Torch)
Andru opens by addressing the crowd, winners will join him at Castle Skyview for a Grand Ball after the games are finished. Non-arcane competitions with have antimagic field cast over the contest ground. All judges and participants will be under Contract of Nepthas to ensure honest competition

Chapter 10 Part 4: Stray Manor

Drake and Tavist playing “mushroom games,” (deliberately failing save and experiencing the Slow effect of the spores)
Mimir delivered. Gift from Ronassic. He will be on the Inner Planes for a few weeks and want’s you to offer hospitality to his associate Charles William Dexter Ward Shakespear III, a bard of some reknown.
Finn sights harriat
Kaolin helps name the Manor, and then proceeds to make a batch of Stray Manor Liquor (DC 26)
Harriat befriended and named Astro
Tavist buys coffee at Robusto of Arborea’s tent (down the street about three days a week) 1.5 # Blue Peak, 1.5 # Lower Ward Dark (cut with abyssal bloodroot) and 1.5 # Solanian Goldbean.
Courier arrives with word that the new Ship has just arrived on Bral. Another arrives moments later with a message from Sissk, the illithid Celestian, that travel by Portal might be very dangerous to him due to his “bracers.”
Tavist and Finn get party paid up on back dues and ahead a year or two. Picks up Guild insignia for all.
Drake meets with Sissk, subjects himself to massive arcane/divine/psionic examination. The “bracers,” are an Ultimate Helm, a seed from The Spelljammer itself and the only helm that can drive it. They can act as a Crown of Stars although in a more limited fashion, and seem to have various other abilities unidentified at this point.
Sissk also tells him that taking the Ultimate Helm through a Sigilian Portal could feedback and blow him past his destination and perhaps into a completely different dimension of reality.
He ignores this warning and take the crew through a gate to Gehenna. They emerge in a cave in the midst of an acidic snow storm. Kaolin then uses Greater Plane Shift to get them to Bral.
Their arrival startles the gnome who was painting a landing circle for them. Kaolin accidently knocks him down.
Upon finding it is 3 bells they send K’tel back to bed and head into town.
Kaolin and Ozzy hit the Rockrat. “Must be Thiefsday. Thiefsday is always brawl day at the rat.” Get ripped, bet on bar fight, decide to shakedown the new ship.
Drake heads to check out his gallery. It’s in great shape, and he almost walks in on his employee getting laid in the back.
Tavist arrays weapons, booze and other fun stuff on the bed within reach of one of the Ring Gates. The other he carries with him.
Tavist and Finn go into Shou Town and meet Chen-san. Arrangement for betting throughout the Olympics is made. Tavist gifts him with Cinnamon and Cacao retrieved through Ring Gate.
Tavist and Drake arrive at the Rockrat just after Kay and Ozzy have left. They have a few drinks and head for the docks.
Kay and Ozzy take off in the new Octopus just as Finn and Tavist come running up to the docks. Tavist jumps for it and misses, Finn uses his gravity boots to get them back to the Rock where they then walk up the side.
They pull themselves up on the dock just as Drake arrives. The three watch the Octopus do a barrel roll once away from the docks.
Kaolin notices something different about the ship. “What’s your name, little girl?’ she sings, and is startled when she receives the reply *Valis

Chapter 10 Part 3: The Cage
  • Kaolin, Drake, Tavist, and Fenelyn take a few days and check out the house. Fenelyn and Kaolin catalogue the gatekeys and and destinations of Stray Manor’s portals. Drake and Tavist check for secret doorways and rooms.
  • Meet with Ronnasic and go to the Grand Market in the Market Ward.
  • A githyanki suddenly dimension doors into their midst, nails Fenelyn once with a spiked chain, and ports out again.
  • Tavist feels the Call of the Bow while passing Emetriels Fine Flights. While he purchases an elven double bow the rest outfit themselves with various alchemical arrows and other bolts.
  • Deeper into the market they find Vrith, a githzerai dealer in magic and painter of some reknown. They purchase bags of holding and other magics. Drake arranges for Vrith to contact him when he gets containers of holding in the future.
  • Drake gets disgusted in the tent of an air genasai selling booze when he inquires as to the prices. A rare bottle of Leshay Amberwine is out of their current reach at 8,000 jinx. Tavist goes to town on several bottles of expensive stuff, including the pink gaseous stuff he had found on the Elemental Plane of Air. He finally finds out it’s name, Wavoosh.
  • Stopping at an Ysgardian trader’s tent they purchase several small kegs of beers and wines. Kaolin gets a bottle. It has no name, “it’s…”
  • Returning home they broach the booze, raise a toast with Ronnasic. He tells them a bit about the faction war, and shares the dark on who weilds the clubs of law now.
  • Drake plants his campestri spores in an area of the arboretum made marshy by create water spells. Tavist and Kaolin do some impromptu drinking songs and sailing shantys when he tells them the magic requires music to work. Over the next twenty minutes a dozen campestris grown up and start crawling around singing off key. They all rush towards Tavist who cuts loose with his breath weapon killing seven (To Kay’s horror

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