Planejammer: The Seven Stars

RISING- Episode 2: The Captains Return

Tavist, Taj Pach, and Kaolin stand on the deck of the Ancient Nautiloid and confer in aftermath of Tavist’s search of the vessel. Taj psionically corresponds with Kattar, her number one, and gets him to go to the bridge of the Kelhorn’s Grace to liaise with Dave and the Imperials.

Tavist starts to put down the githyanki hand covered in psionic circuitry that he picked up in the slave quarters, but does not seem to want to let go of it. He puts it in his ever present shoulder bag instead. He and Kaolin make their way to the deck with the weapons only to find them outside in the vacuum. As they confer with Taj via correspond Kaolin sees the psionic circuitry crawling out of Tavist’s bag under its own power.

Tavist tosses the now circuit-less hand onto a stack of bodies and examines the pulsing pool of psionic circuits on the floor. Taj uses her sense link from the helm room to examine it as well, but neither of them has knowledge of anything so exotic.

Tavist scoops it up onto a metal plate that used to part of a Thoon soldier’s armor and he and Kaolin carry it to the bridge deck so Taj can take a closer look. Using identify she gets a jumble of sensations detecting the circuits main purposes. She feels communication, protection, and latticeworks of stored memories.

Upon hearing this Tavist dips his scaly hand into the circuitry which immediately comes to life and bonds to his hand and forearm, as it does so that same forearm lashes out and touches Taj Pach. A portion of the circuitry flows off of Tavist’s hand as he does so, embedding itself in the xixchil’s carapace.

With blinding speed he reaches out for Kaolin, a look of shock on his face as he does so. Just before he makes contact the priestess dimension doors to another part of the ship. Hidden two levels above in the command station Kaolin listens through he open decks to hear the conversation between those now infected.

SLAM She looks down into the main compartment to see Tavist squashed against the wall by Taj’s telekinetic force. “It wasn’t my fault,” yells Tavist while the insectoid clicks angrily. Breaking into common she yells up at Kaolin, “We’re okay. No noticeable ill effects. Come on back down”

“Let me down,” Tavist pleads.

“Nope, I’m not coming down. Not yet,” the hadozee priestess says as she gets out her materials to commune with her god. She makes contact with The Traveller and he is willing once again to answer for Celestian. After a few moments she ceases to mumble and her eyes come back in focus. “The circuits are not evil, according to my God,” she shouts down.

Always the skeptic Taj Pach shouts back up “Well gee, now that god says its okay I’ll just let him down. Uh….no.”

After letting him hang for a few more moments she finally lets Tavist down. Once down he slips out his ring of comprehend languages and begins examining the ship and its contents. Unfortunately it seems the illithids were not big on labeling their equipment. Then he thinks to look at the scroll he found on the dead illithid, the one that was being sacrificed on the black altar. The context and mulitple layered meanings made it hard to translate but he is able to glean some disturbing news from it.

The best he can wring from the document is that it is some sort of agreement between two different illithid factions and is asking the recipient to make good on an agreement to send 200 of their number to “The Overmind.”

Tavist decides to start waving his hand over the various crystal components of the ship while concentrating on finding weapons. After some searching he find one circuit that light up with an amber radiance which he thinks is a psionic weapons system.

Kaolin glides down through the open shell to land next to Tavist. With blinding speed he reaches out and touches her, psionic circuitry sliding onto her as he does so. After about five seconds it evaporates into a bluish mist as des the circuitry on Tavist and about half of it on Taj Pach. The smoke rises into the air and forms an amorphous human face. The face of their former Captain, Theridon, Finn’s brother.

“Who is the bug?” he asks, in Theirdon’s voice.

“Umm, she’s with us” says Tavist.

Then the head speaks again, “There’s not much time. I’ve barely been able to hold on. We started this, back on the Elder’s Outpost, it is up to us to finish it. I’ve been able to codify the last of my conscious energy into a companion spirit to help protect you. I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt.”

Three bolts of psionic energy lash out to each of the remaining Seven Stars. They drop to their knees as they feel it drawing forth energy from their very life forces. After a moment or two of blurry vision and dizziness they find knowledge of the spirit’s abilities implanted in their minds.

As their heads clear Kattar contacts Taj through the correspond she has been maintaining. He says they are about to arrive, and are coming in hot with a Nautiloid on their tail. Quickly they shut down nonessential systems (such as lights) while Tavist projects a major image of the the ship’s exterior being burnt and ruptured.

Moments later the Kelhorn’s Grace appears on a path perpendicular to their disguised ship. As the Nautilod screams across their field f view Kaolin fires the mind blast canon punching a hole through the ship and out the other side. As the Nautiloid tumbles the figures of individual illithids can be seen, slowly turning in the vacuum after being spaced.The Kelhorn’s Grace comes around and finishes off the Nautiloid with their ship’s lasers.

In short order the Imperials have pulled up alongside the Ancient Nautiloid and have set up a pressurised tunnel between the ships. Taj Pach’s hivelings immediately join their matriarch.

Meanwhile Tavist continues to examine the table with the ring shaped model on it. Using his comprehend languages ring he is able to make out two labels in illithid qualith script, one says “Ethergap” and the other says “Overmind”.

Kaolin communes with The Traveler and ascertains that the circuitry is not harmful or evil, and that it contains knwledge that they need. While she does this Tavist confer’s with Dave and Tardin Fane about their upcoming course of action. The Imperials are glad to be back home and after talking they all opt to remain in the Empire. “It would be like being stuck in the primitive badlands on the rim,” says Dave, “no offense”.

Taj Pach, meanwhile, sets her buglings to cleaning and searching the ship while she does her best to identify the ship’s capabilities. After a time she is able to detect and identify three programs within it: a course setting for Penumbra, course activation, and “adaptive life support”.

Having decided that Kalin will summon a Heroes Feast for their (hopefully) final meal before crossing the dimensional barrier, Tavist buys crate of minicells for his laser pistol. He also gives Dave a 100gp ruby and seven emeralds “to remember us”.

As Kaolin calls into being her divine meal they agree that the plan is to leave in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

RISING- Episode 1: Across the Barrier

Welcome to the reboot of the Seven Stars Campaign. Almost four years after the game was disrupted in mid adventure by the advent of Hurricane Katrina we now find four of the original gamers again in the same city and able to play, so we do. We’ve picked up at the same place our last game in August of 2005 left off.

[Dimensional Shift: Gamma Terra to Dragonstar]

As the dimensional shock wave from the Illithid Dreadnaught intersects the orbit of the massive portal the Kelhorn’s Grace is slammed by turbulence and huge arcs of psionic and arcane energies. Shaken as battered in the process, the ship tumbles across the dimensional barriers.

An undetermined amount of time later the crew, or most of them, awaken amidst damage and the smoke from a number of electrical fires. Kaolin, Taj Pach, and Tavist notice that they do not see Finn anymore and after a quick headcount realize a full third of the bridge crew seem to have gone without a trace. Examination of the ship shows a large number of people, objects, and in one case a chunk of hull have vanished without a trace.

After restoring communications with the the rear of the ship, on the other side of the hull breach they discover that in addition to a number of Taj Pach’s buglings Ozzy seems to be amongst the missing. As the group absorbs this foul news word comes from the bridge, Dave has managed to get the navicomp up and running and the constellation are familiar to him. While the Imperials whoop with joy the remaining Seven Stars look on with envy, still far removed from their native multiverse and now missing friends.

A course is set to return to the Ancient Nautiloid, the intervening travel time being used to repair the autodoc and other damage. A course is plotted leading them out of the domain of the Red Dragons and towards the Nautiloid’s last known position in the domain of the Golds.

Cautiously approaching from behind other asteroids in the field they see not only an abscence of Imperial ships guarding the Ancient Nautiloid, but also another Nautiloid of newer vintage parked along side it.

Taj Pach dimension doors onto the Ancient Nautiloid while invisible in order to recon. Two large entities covered in blades and obviously made rather than born stand guard in the helm room while a pair of oddly accoutered illithids gesticulate before an altar they have set up against one wall. As she stares in shock at the sight of the altar she realizes that the illithids are channeling divine magic, something unheard of. Embracing the better part of valor she returns to the Kelhorn’s Grace.

Plans are laid and the remaining Seven Stars prepare to board their old ship, casting protective magics and psionic effects. Then, invisible, they dimension door onto the main deck.

The two bladed creatures and the two tattooed illithids are still here, however so is a normal illithid. As the three watch the Tattooed illithids seem to be drawing some sort of viscous green fluid from the writhing body of the normal one. The fluid rises up, as if by levitation, to form a spinning globule about a foot in diameter above the altar. Kaolin confirms the xixchil’s observation: these illithids are using divine magic!

Coming out of invisibility they attack the bladed entities, inflicting enough damage to one that it dies. Unfortunately as it does so it explodes in a 30′ ball of flame. That captures the attention of the strange illithids who turn and unleash their mind blasts. Tavist and Taj Pach crumble to the ground insensate.

With a wave of her orange furred arms Kaolin conjures a wall of blades directly in front of the strange illithids effectively pinning them to the wall. Tavist and Taj awake, but the xixchil is taken down by a another mind blast as soon as she stands.

Tavist and Kaolin make short work of one of the illithids and the other bladed soldier. As they prepare to kill the last illithid it says “The Shadow of Thoon is upon you!” and disappears using what Kaolin identifies as a plane shift effect.

Radio contact is made with Dave after discovering that neither the corvette nor the other nautiloid were outside. He has the nautiloid in pursuit but is outdistancing them so far. Splitting up they search the ship while Taj Pach double checks the helm.

Chapter 14: Hurricane Katrina Interregnum

These are the events that ended the pre Hurricane Katrina incarnation of the campaign as reconstructed by those of us that were there.

Dave the pilot, aided by Taj Pach with her techno-magic staff aid the Restorationists in restoring the Sky Chariot of the Ancients, a pre-conflagration starcraft of some sort while the forces of Napoleon 3 pound the encampments psionic defences outside.

Meanwhile in the Kelhorn’s Grace Drake’s seizures have been becoming more frequent. The arcs of bioelectricity become more and more severe until they have to move hip away from the ship to a tent on the encampment’s edge.

Once finished the Restorationist crew boards the Sky Chariot and the Seven Stars board the Kelhorn’s Grace. As the two ships lift off Drake emerges through the back blast, now 60′ tall, wreathed in electrical arcs, and roaring in mindless rage. As the shocked crew rises into the sky he leaps and almost catches the Kelhorn’s Grace. He is rapidly lost to view as the two ships scream towards orbit.

At Tavist’s direction Dave falls in behind the Sky Chariot as they follow the navigation program towards “The Cities of Man.” Passing beyond the orbit of Luna the two ships make haste towards a point in space concealed on the moon’s dark side where they find an asteroid station fully fifteen miles across besieged by Illithid ships. Small fighter craft similar to the ones in the Dragon Empire oppose them but are greatly outnumbered.

An Illithid Dreadnaught falls into line behind them, sparkling bolts of psionic energy passing closely off the bow of the Kelhorn’s Grace. As Dave whips through space pushing his ship for everything he can get out of it a huge portal opens in space in the distance ahead. As it does the now familiar ripple of purple energy that have been bouncing them from one multiverse to another rolls out from the prow of the Dreadnaught.

As the dimensional shock-wave intersects the portal everything lurches and explosions rock the ship…

Chapter 13 Part 4 Into the City

While having dinner with Napoleon 3 and the Bonapartists Drake falls ill. The group return to the Kelhorn’s Grace and put him in the autodoc. Examination shows that the virus in his system is consuming radiation, and evidently he got a sizable dose during dinner.
A humanoid lion with tentacles for hair, followed by two robots comes to the ship. He says his name is Hannibal and that he is the “Grand High Sherriff of these parts.” While verbally introducing himself he telpathically tells Tavist that he is a member of the Restorationists, and warns him that Napoleon will probably try to take the ship if they do not agree to his desires. He mentions Napoleon having a “Deathbot,” and seems very grave as he does so. He also warns of militant “Pure Strain Humans,” and Shreloon in the ruined city. Conversation reveals that the Shreloon seem to be illithids.
Meanwhile in sick bay Drake has some sort of seizure which causes a large burst of bioelectricity, shorting out the autodoc.
Still groggy after all these weeks, Ozzy once again slips into unconsciousness.
Deciding on discretion, they get Dave to liftoff and take them out into the desert. That night the SOLAR Paladins and the party (minus Ozzy) prepare for their expedition into the city. Tarden Fane shares Endure Radiation spells with the other casters.
Preparations: Endure Radiation is cast on everyone. Kaolin fills six spell storing arrows with Searing Light. Comlinks are issueed to all.
Dave lands on the outskirts of See-A’teel, and the away team disembarks. Trudging throught the bizarre undergrowth tempers begin to heat up a bit between Our Heroes and the SOLAR Paladins, especially after Foehammer shoots a giant centipede for no discernable reason.
Several blocks into the ruins they are attacked by, and fight off a Cactisaurus Rex. Observations shows them scattered throughout the area. Slowing their pace the group threads their way between the carnivorous plants.
Suddenly a titanic mutant felinoid, fully 30′ high at the shoulder, rounds the corner and attacks them, only to get a face full of Fireball which sends it screaming off into the city. It is about this point in their journey that Finn notices a cranium rat observing them from the foliage.
As they get nearer to their goal Tavist detects motion and noise in the undergrowth ahead. A motley assortment of beings led by a 20′ tall, blue skinned humanoid array themselves in the intersection ahead. At first Our Heroes are denied admittance to the encampment, but upon hearing of their “Sky Chariot,” the tune changes rapidly.
A meeting is rapidly arranged inside the fenced area this group controls. The PSH (ure Strain Humans) seem to be the majority here, although one of the main spokesmen is a pale and unhealthy looking human in wheelchair. It is made obvious that he is a mutant when they realize that he is not speaking, yet they can all hear his words. He speaks of this group of Restorationists and their ongoing attempts to rebuild on of the Sky Chariots of the Ancients in order to reach someplace called The Cities of Man. Now that Napoleon 3 has found and reactivated a Deathbot they will probably be overrun before they can finish (they are months away at least).
An agreement is reached. Dave will bring the ship in and land it in a clearing the Restorationists will make. Our Heroes will continue negotiations with the restorationists and come to an acommodation.
Demolition proceeds at once as the ruins of old skyscrapers are leveled to make a landing field. The group goes out to consult and get caught in a sudden Scarlet Rain. They run for shelter, but Finn and Lola suffer radiation burns. Later they both begin to change…
Lola suffers extreme mutation, her skull expanding as her brain quadruples in capacity (Int now 20!). At the same time her joints become rubbery, and develop a tendancy to become dislocated with the slightest exertion.
Finn’s skin begins to thicken and become rough in texture while his sense of hearing dulls

Chapter 13 Part 3 Paradigm Shift-Gamma World

While Kaolin fills the breach with a Divine Storm, Finn puts on the Ring of the Gunslinger and snatches a fallen grimlock’s blaster rifle.
Looking through the whirling blades of the Divine Storm Finn observes a figure in the back of the Boreworm, not just an Illithid, but a Ulitharid (an Illithid noble). Lola casts flare in it’s face, momentarily blinding it.
After a brief and bloody battle the Ulitharid Dominates those still standing (Kaolin, Finn, Tavist and Foehammer. Taj awakes just as the Ulitharid has them kneel to make a meal of them. She casts Telepathic Assault, jarring its concentration enough for Finn and Tavist to break free. Tavist draws his starwheel and blows its head off.
Using the Staff of the Technomage Taj refuels the ship and Dave takes off fast.
Tavist casts a Major Image of a stone wall in front of one of the pursuing Nautiloids, then Drake casts a real Wall of Stone just beyond it. The Nautiloid slams into the stone wall and ceases pursuit.
As an Illithid dreadnaught appears, rapidly closing with them, the sky fills with arcs of purplish energy. Just like the past two times they fade out and reappear in unfamiliar space.
As they appear the ship goes out of control tumbling towards a planet below. All the spellcasters fell their magic weaken (Arcane max level of 3, Divine max level of 5). Kaolin uses the rapidly draining energy of the Crown of Stars to ease the crash into a rough landing amongst the reddish grasslands below.
They wake Dave the pilot and begin the process of refueling the ship and rebooting the AI using Taj’s staff. Dave says it will take awhile for the arcane battery to charge up enough to use.
Ship’s sensors detect a group of 40 humanoids approaching. Taj scans them and says that more than half are psionic, although of a raw, primal, and untrained type she has never seen before. As they get closer it becomes obvious that any humans or near humans are chained and acting as slaves.
Drake and Tavist use magic to disguise themselves, drake as a catfolk and Tavist to look more reptilian. They Dimension Door out with Kaolin and Taj.
They are escorted through the crowd of mutants to meet Napoleon 3, Emperor of Bonparr. While talking drake paints his portrait (DC 30). They group are invited to dine that evening.
During the meal Napoleon begins trying to negotiate renting or trading for use of the “skyship,” in order to wipe out an “infestation,” in the ruined city nearby.
Boudreaux, a mutant crawfish and shaman to the Emperor says that their coming was foretold, that they would cleanse the infestation of the old See-Teel Starport……

Chapter 13 Part 2

A halfling appears outside the quarantine field and introduces himself as Dr. Haldo, Chief Medical Officer of Outlands Station.
The medical exams, far more sophisticated than the ones undergone in the Startiger, begin. Finn is the first to undergo the 36 hour procedure. Much of the focus of the exam seems to be the Illithid circuitry embedded in his hand.
The exams proceed, two at a time, for the next two weeks or so. In the meantime those not currently being examined use the datapads and station Infonet to learn of both the Unification Church and the strange analogs of the planes they are used to. (The Corporate Hells of Baator, etc). During this period Kaolin takes to giving “educational lectures,” to Taj’s buglings. Drake breaks his datapad and demands another one of the staff.
After the examinations the party are subjected to hours of individual debriefing by the ISPD (the Dragon Emperor Mezzenbone’s secret police, staffed entirely by Drow.). Drake channels The Merchant, primary aspect of The Traveler here, and tries to sell them campestri.
Shortly after the debriefings end the station goes to battle stations and then shakes as though hit by some titanic force. Kaolin desperately tries to attune her Crown of Stars to the station enough to get a view of outside space. After a few moments she succeeds, seeing an image of several Nautiloid ships strafing the station. As the attack continue the sun, shining in the background, begins to dim visibly…..
Focusing all of her arcane and psionic skills on the quarantine shields Taj manages to punch a tiny hole in them. Just enough to Dimension Door out. As she appears in the corridor a pack of Illithidae (Kaolin identifies them as Kigrids) round the corner. Taj quickly dimension doors back into the sickbay as she feels their tendrils of thought snaking into her mind. The Kigrid cluster at the doorway and proceed to psionically assault the party.
Working rapidly Kaolin and Drake, using Drake’s Metamagic Rod, cast Windwalk on everyone. Kaolin then Dimension Doors to a corridor near the Portal to the Stations next segment, parsecs away in the next dominion of the Empire. Her now gaseous companions flow through the Ring Gate she is carrying, followed by Drake who Dimension Doors up to meet them with the other Ring Gate.
Our Heroes get about 40′ down the corridor, just into the next segment, when forcefields pop up around them and a voice rings through the hall, “ILLITHID INCURSIONRED ALERT!” About half the group manages to dodge out of the way, but the others are trapped within. Fortunately they discover that they have one Ring Gate on each side of the fields. Using Dimension Door and the still active Wind Walk they escape, but cannot take the Ring inside the field with them. Tavist and Finn enter the field through the gate and solidify with the intention of playing on Tavist’s draconic heritage and brazening it out.
When security drops the field Finn uses his boots to escape with Tavist by running along the ceiling. They go gaseous as the troops open fire with strange guns that shoot Magic Missile style bolts of energy.

Chapter 13 Part 1 Adrift in The Dragon Empire

Open with Drake and Taj in the medical bay of the Startiger being examined by a Soulmech named Dr. Terendil Leafbower.
During Drake’s medscan alarms go off, followed by forcefields and a Dimensional Anchor field that isolate the room. The machinery revealed his latent disease and quarantined the sickbay automatically.
Tavist receives a Message from the Startiger’s Capt. Apologizing for the necessity of aiming the Startiger’s Ion Cannons at the Nautiloid, but stressing the necessity for this disease not to get out. Tavist and party agree to full medscans of the entire crew.
While prying for spells, Drake and Kaolin find themselves floating in a steely void where they are questioned by The Traveller (this dimension’s analog of Celestian) who finally agrees to grant them spells. The Power seems puzzled, he brought them here because their prayer was to him, but using a name never heard before.
Meanwhile back on the Nautiloid, Taj finishes the installation and attunement of the Bug Helm.
Tavist and Co. are ordered to accompany the Startiger to someplace called Outlands Station. Discussion with the Startiger’s Capt. on differences in propulsion lead to an investigative team coming aboard (in envirosuits) to examine the Helm. Tavist gives them a first hand demonstration, finding out in the process that below Spelljamming speed the Startiger is far faster than the Nautiloid.
Kaolin communes with The Traveller, deciding on that basis to trust Capt. Tirellin. The crew begins packing for Outlands Station while Drake and Kaolin set guards and wards throughout the Nautiloid to protect it until their return.
While the party is quarantined Capt. Tirellin gives them datapads and shows them how they function. The party give themselves a crash course on the Dragon Empire . Taj focuses on trying to understand their medicine.
Upon arrival at Outlands Station they are conveyed, using quarantine forcefields, to the medical bay. Finding the food dispensers Tavist goes Kim Chee crazy!
Lola proceeds to whip Tavist, Finn, and Ozzy playing Dragon Poker while they wait

Chapter 12 Part 5: Planetfall: Penumbra

Drake and tavist discover a new alcove that seems to have grown in the Captain’s Quarters. Upon entering there is an actinic flash! Tavist rolls out of the way and into the hall. Using a small mirror from his tools he looks back to see Drake, immobile, his strange armband/tattoos forming two points of a triangle of crackling energy. The third point is the waist high pillar topped with a large blue crystal that occupies the center of the room. Blueish crystals begin to form around Drake’s feet….
Tavist examines it after shouting for help, he determines it is 5th order transmutation magic. The drow argues for destroying him, “He will only come out as a thrall.” Not wishing to risk it they leave him encased after Kay uses deathwatch to determine he is in no immediate danger.
Over the next four days, as the nautiloid approaches Penumbra, the crystals grow to encase Drake entirely.
As the nautiloid comes in for a landing Finn is overcome by a vision of The Annulus accompanied by the voice from the psi-circuitry saying,”The Annulus, it is your only hope!” Kaolin attempts a sending to Ronnasic saying, “We’re on Penumbra, where’s the Annulus??”and his reply is to follow the path of Arrak
On the surface Taj Pach and her hive obeserve as the nautiloid comes in for a landing near their crash site. Leaving the rest at the base camp, Kattar and Taj move in to investigate. Little known to them a pair of Forerunner shepherds also do the same, but from the opposite side.
Taj sends squealer (her lissator familiar) on a recon flight and discovers the shepherds, when she sends it in closer Tavist notices it. He also notices the psicrystal around its neck.
Ozzy and Kaolin keeping lookout. They spot both the bugs and the shepherds. Debate ensues. Finn observes the shepherds resemblance to githyanki.
Steppping out of the ship they approach the Xixchil. When the dominant female addresses them in accented elvish they relax a bit and converse. Her name is Taj Pach and she is the leader of small Xixchil hive. They crash landed here about three weeks ago and have salvaged their helm, but the ship is a loss. She also tells the party that there have not been illithids here for thousands of years, most of them having fled or been killed during the Gith rebellion. Reaching an agreement to work together in finding the Annulus, Taj sends Kattar, her Number One, to fetch the rest of the hive and move them into the bottom deck of the nautiloid.
It is around then that they notice the drow has disappeared.
Taj is brought to examine Drake. After doing both psionic and magical examinations she seems quite distracted. Evidently his bracers arcane field initiated a cascade reaction in one of the ship’s psionic devices. The current trasmutation effect is the result. As best she can determine he is changing into a Blue! She also thinks she can reverse engineer the effect and create a psi-spell that will duplicate it!
Deciding that the humanoids have a better chance of finding info from the gith-like shepherds without the bugs around. Taj set’s up three sense links so that Tavist can hear what she does, and she can see and hear what he does. She then casts fly spells on him and on Finn. Kaolin gives Finn her ring of tongues to use and casts comprehend languages into Tavists belt of spell storing. They fly toward the village scouted by the Hive.
The guards at the gate seem quite excited as they approach. When Asked if there is “anyone of learning,” about they escort the pair to The Lost City Rest, an Inn filled with artifacts of a previous culture (approximately Renaissance level) They book rooms (straw flooring with a pallet) and get confused mightily by the monetary syste

Chapter 12 Part 4: Truespace

A search of the nautiloid commences, finding areas of seemingly stopped time denoted by a flickering slime. The ship seems unpopulated.
The hold contains cases of jars, each containing fist sized octopoid creatures. They also find many sets of illithid tentacle weapons. The slave deck does contain a female figure, frozen in time by the slime. Estimating that it will take a good day and a half for her to “thaw,” they return to the chart room and clear the door of mucus. Among the illithid charts they find several penned by other species. Including one bearing the symbol of an ancient Celestian sect.
Examination of the Celestian map activates a blast of divine energy. When it fades it leaves an extremely short, bald gnome standing on the deck.
The gnome immediately starts telling the priests that “this is their job.” He blesses both of them, and imparts some of his divine energy unto Kaolin. He delivers Tavist’s swords (the green and red steel one) and several potions with a note saying “These make your brain taste bad…” He then evaporated (“Gotta be in New York for 5….”)
After discussion it is decided that time is of the essence. Finn gives the command and the nautiloid takes off heading outsphere at a phenomenal rate of speed.
As they zoom through the Phlogiston everyone take turns studying the tomes they brought, learning as fat as possible about the illithid. They discover some information on ceremorphosis in a book penned by Ronnaisc found in Theridon’s stuff.
Having gone farther out into the Flow than they have ever been, the group arrives at the sphere of Avidarel. As the nautiloid enters they see a desolate waste, the sun long dead. One lone tower on a rock cicrling the dead star is the only hint of intelligent Long range inspection reveals it to be blazoned with Sensate glyphs.Unfortunately with the nautiloid’s course set they cannot detour to investigate. While traveling through the sphere they do encounter a Memory of Starlight, Tavist falling under the sway of its Song of Rememberence begins to obsess upon relighting the star. The nautiloid returns to the Flow.
About 4 days out from Penumbra’s sphere they run afoul of ephemerals. These lost souls of the phlogiston take over Tavist and Finn with the intent of getting to wildspace as fast as possible. Getting uncovered early in their efforts the two spirits claim to be buccaneers who died in the Flow 900 years ago. When they become combative Kaolin casts undeath to death destroying them both.
It is about this time that Ozzy shares with the party his new ability. Evidently after spendinng the past few years trying to “twist his mind a certain way,” he has developed psionic abilitites. Notably, a mindblade!
Frustrated with being unable to unlock the safe in the Capt’s quarters, Tavist and Finn turn to the drow. Using her suppression blade she neutralizes the psionic circuitry allowing them to pick it. Inside are found three humanoid skulls, plated with precious metals, that contain concentrated brain matter in the form of pills. Evidently emergency rations for illithids

Chapter 12 Part 3: Dawn of the Overmind- Eidolon

Lola departs to check on what happened to her stuff.
The group returns to the warehouse to confer. Shortly into the discussion a semitransparent image of the Capt. appears claiming to be his spirit. Questions seems to verify this.
The Capt’s ghost, or Eidolon as he puts it, reminds them of the incidents at the Elder’s Outpost when under commission by Thought Taker. “We started this,” he says, “without us he never would have been able to take that piece of their drive.” He also reminds them of the vision he had when the Outpost emitted that energy burst. In it a six tentacled Illithid reached out across the spheres and shattered them. Finn recognizes this description as a Ulitharid or Illithid noble.
While Finn and Theridon get aquainted Finn determines that the place the Capt escaped from sounds a lot like the quasi-elemental plane of ash.
Theridon identifies the psionic circuitry on Finn’s hand as a key to a ship. He believes that the ship will take them towards finding a key to stopping the Overmind project. They are able to determine that it is hidden in an asteroid trailing the planet H’Catha, a beholder world in Realmspace
Finn and Tavist place orders for custom weaponry in both Bral and Sigil
Theridon’s books are collected for study en route.
Kaolin creates a Heroes Feast for them on the Elysium Balcony, they then Greater Plane Shift to Killroy’s Folley, the turtleship, in Realmspace.
The next thre weeks are spent poring over the capt’s books, and researching illithids. When not otherwise occupie the Capt.and Finn continue to get aqainted.
As they near H’Catha they begin having to dodge Beholder Tyrantships, they manage to avoid having any confrontations.
On the Capts urgings Finn tries to interface his circuitry with the planetar locator. It works and throws up a pinpoint map to the asteroid that is their destination, trailing H’Catha about 5 days out.
Findng the asteroid they enter a large cave in its surface and find an ancient Nautiloid. They enter.
Finn locates something that seems like it might be a control panel. Using the circuitry he activates it.
A distant click audibly and mentally reverberates throughout the craft, and dim phosphorescence pulses in slow rhythms along the walls like flowing blood. A mental whisper speaks; “Reinvigoration protocols executed and successfully completed. Navigation coordinates successfully installed. Destination: Penumbra. Awaiting launch command.”
As the voice is heard the capt’s image fades from view.


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