Oriam Trascalia


Oriam Trascalia (Pl/♂ human/W9/NG) is an older mage, a member of the Planewalker’s Guild for many years. Skirting the edge of seniority, Trascalia feels himself too old to do much planewalking these days, and thus spends the majority of his time at the Guild’s headquarters on the Infinite Staircase, helping out the new members with his own experience and worldliness. Most members of the Guild know him with at least passing familiarity. In the past, he has been involved with a mage by the name of Shavanistra, but this relationship ended abruptly some time past.

The Seven Stars rescued him when he was trapped on a section of the stair taken over by an escaped Tanar’ri. In return he provied them with several pages of the Codex of Everchanging Order, and sponsored them in their initiation into the Planewalkers Guild.


Oriam Trascalia

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