Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 9 Part 4: Chosen of The Lady

Dugan and Ozzy investigate deathfield around Armoury
Kaolin grafts greater hand onto Drake. This causes a state change in the Juna Bracers which merge with drake leaving only soulgems and juna patterned tattoos.
Ozzy tries to bet on their chances with a pit fiend and gets pimp slapped across the crowd to land on the very dwarf they offended their first time here..
The Lady disintigrates the dwarf and the pit fiend and drops Ozzy back with the party
Dugan grabs the soul gem the pit fiend was using for stakes and pockets it.
Ronnasic tells of the faction war after Kay asks about the lack of faction colors being sported.
Drake and Ronnasic proceed to analyze the death field.
Ronnasic gives them Sensate Recording Crystals (Ozzy tosses his aside.)
At strategy session Ozzy gets angry and repeatedly demands the Sword of Kas, even using eyebite on Drake.
Those with artifacts surround those who do not, getting them through the death field, they dodge several spheres of annihilation and enter the Armoury
Almost get ambushed by slaadi in entry hall.
The interior has been completely reshaped into a temple/retreat for Vecna Cultists, room after room of acolytes and converts deep in drug induced stupor.
Chapel of Lore- Drake uses hand to summon air elementals to collect as many scrolls as possible.
Chapel of the Eye, Dugan gains a golden eye.
After the room of the singing statues they reach the Harmonium Forge. Dugan decides he WILL own it!)
Flying down to the doorway at the base of the forge minimizes their time in it’s field, but several effects are still noticed. Several magic items are either enhanced or completely drained. Drake also feels huge amounts of his strength drained away (6pts).
Enter the temple (drake spider climbing) to find a tiefling cultist preaching to a varied crowd of gith, tieflings and the Hand and Eye Golems.
As they come into sight the rear wall fades and the 60′ image of Vecna appears and screams “Get them, Take their relics!!”
Drake uses the hand to time stop. He casts flame strike and divine power while Vecna, seemingly immune to the time stop, launches ineffectual arcane attacks.
Time starts again. To the PCs there is suddenly a hellish blast of flame, and when it clears an 11′ tall Drake wreathed in divine power going toe to toe with Vecna using the Sword of Kas.
Kaolin turns to the cultists an annihilates most of them immediately with a divine storm and a blade barrier.
Ozzy uses the Eye to Dominate a Harmonium Trooper and set him against his allies.
Etsuriko leaps into the fray, lands on the altar and slips in the blood covering it, to lie there stunned.
Tavist and Dugan attack worshippers while the Golems advance.
Vecna flame strikes Drake 3 times


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