Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 8 Part 5: The Inner Temple

As everyone casts Ozzy a dirty look, a female human in cultist robes steps forth from behind a pillar casting as she does so. A turgid ball of black smoke shoots from her hand to the Captain, enveloping Theridon and then dissipating as though in a strong wind leaving an empty space where he once stood. Theridon is nowhere to be seen.

As the cultist begins to cast another spell, Ozzy grabs her and pins her. She tries to escape by using a shocking grasp, but the giff easily shakes it off and knocks her unconscious. As Kaolin tries several prayers to locate Theridon (or determine his demise), Tavist searches the cultist. Shaking her head sadly, Kaolin tells the party that she has had no luck, the Captain may well be dead. Tavist grimaces upon hearing this and runs the cultist through with his rapier, much to Drake’s horror.

Using a speak with dead spell Kaolin questions the cultist. From the corpse comes the information that Dukagsh and a troop of his followers passed through a Portal in the room beyond. Checking behind the door they get a glimpse of a room with a deep pit across it’s center and several scro troopers on a thin ledge on the opposite side. Tavist notices that they are chained to the wall, as though to prevent falling. Opening the door again Dugan lobs a fireball into the room, slamming the door shut immediately. Peeking in a moment later they find the scro burnt to a crisp. Kaolin casts a wall of stone to cover the chasm and they walk across.

They open the door on the ledge and find a largish room containing several scro and a large Portal, seemingly filled with roiling black smoke, which humms menacingly at the far wall of the chamber. A fierce melee ensues, continuing until all but four of the scro are dead. Surrender is offered and accepted. As they hand over their weapons Drake torches a web remaining from the combat, burning the scro inside to death. With a bellow of, “Elves have NO honor!!” the remaining scro attack until slaughtered.

Kaolin steps up to the Portal and attempts to “feel,” it. Suddenly tentacles of black smoke leap from the Portal’s surface and pull her through it. Wasting not a second the party follows her through to help. They find themselves in the utter darkness of the void. A chilling fear strikes all, Drake being so overcome he flees and has to be restrained by Ozzy. Kaolin calls up a prayer to attune him to this realm and his struggles cease. As Drake regains his composure Ozzy lights up his mace and they pick a random direction in which to set out.


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