Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 8 Part 3: The Adytum of Vecna

Theridon manifests sever the tie and the ghouls drop inert to the ground. They close with the statues and over te next thirty seconds incapacitate three and destroy three utterly. In the process Etsuriko takes a pounding and Ozzy cracks one of them boxing with it. After Kaolin’s inventive thinking inspires her to use Stone Shape on two of them they make handy obelisks which Ozzy knocks over onto the remaining statues. They investigate the area finding one door blocked by a blank stone wall, evidently of magical origin, but not radiating any dweomer. Dugan seems puzzled by the stone, “it has NO grain whatsoever!” he says.

Carefully defusing the traps and locks on two more doors they find Chapels to Vecna. These rooms were obviously working laboratories as well as chapels, blood and other stains are soaked deep into the wood and stone while huge tapestries with the now all too familiar Hand and Eye symbol adorn the walls. Nosing about briefly at the more alchemical looking altar/lab Kaolin snags a vial of very strong acid. Investigation turns up doors in each that lead to small rooms full of cabinets . Lacking time they forego searching them and proceed onwards.

They find a room that looks like a smoking lounge behind the next door. The room is trashed and filled with corpses, both scro and cultists. The tapestries and carpet are torn and burned and the fine furniture smashed. One wall bears grffitti in Elven, “Dukagsh Ascendant!” They cross the battlefield to the door on the opposite wall and look out onto a hallway that has a branching corridor and a door not far down it’s length.

Moving swiftly they make for the door. They find a hallway lined with small cells, such as priests would sleep in, and then make their way through the complex to waht seems to be the kitchens. Several skeletons turn towards them as they enter, but Drake gestures and mutters a prayer to Celestian and they crumble to dust. Stepping carefully over the half gnawed bodies of several cultists they check one of the two doors in the room and find dry storage, several racks of flour and spices have been smashed.

Checking out the other door, which has been smashed open, they find a wine cellar. The contents of the room are mostly destroyed, but Tavist manages to find two red labeled bottle that bear the blazon, “Tovag Reserve.” A final door behind a wine rack leads to a magically chilled room with iron hooks hanging from the ceiling. In addition to the haunches of goat, cow, and sheep that adorn the hooks there are also the looted and ganwed bodies of two cultists.

Deciding that they are on the wrong track they return to the original hallway (outside the destroyed lounge) and proceed directly away from the lounge door. Taking the second corridor going left they pass several black iron doors sculpted into daemonic faces and other unclean imagery. They turn left at the end of the hall and decide to try out one of the doors. Tavist and Theridon find a magical trap and in the process of attempting to bypass it instead set it off.

A swarm of Baatorian Hellwasps fills the hallway. Trying to ingnore the stings of the hellwasps Tavist continues to try picking the lock while everyone else combats the swarm. Suffering massive damage from the infestation, Etsuriko flees down the corridor past the swarm. After numerous spells are proven inneffectual, Kaolin casts a wall of wind that seems to deter the insects, buying Tavist time to get the door open. The Capt meanwhile is doubled over from nausea due to the stings. As Etsuriko rejoins them, having made her way around the corridors to come up from the other side, they open the door.

The chamber within is tiled with green and yellow ceramic tiles and contains a single reliquary. The reliquary is a pillar (about waist high on a human) with a glass lantern shaped case on top which seems to contain a mummified human finger. As they step into the room, slamming the door behnd them, coruscating green energy arcs from the floor around them……


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