Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 6 Part 5: The Blind Drow

As our heroes once again risk the open flow they narrowly avoid several sets of Mantis Ships flying in formation. The swirling mists provide them some cover, but the phlogiston is full of surprises this trip.

In the first weeks out a Dweomerborn forms from the magical exhaust of the helm. The ensuing combat gives the group a chance to see their new hire (the monk) in action. They eventually vanquish it and speed on. As they approach GrommSpace they come across two ships floating adrift.

The first one is a dragonfly with a hopelessly fouled atmosphere. Drake’s examination of the air and ship shows that it is the residue of literally dozens of cloudkill spells. Unable to to penetrate the mystery they rapidly depart. A few days later they come across a derelict elven flitter also floating free in the flow. Drake and Tavist board it and find an old drow mage, seemingly blind, who they take captive. Attempts at interogation reveal little other than that he was left behind due to a curse cast on him by a priest during his Armada’s most recent engagement. He does refer to something called the “Nation of Eternal Twilight,” once or twice, but stays taciturn and uncommunicative. The party decide to bind and gag him and leave him under heavy guard in the brig. To remove the need to feed him they leave his ring of sustenence on.

As time progresses the crew become uneasy about the Gromm child after seeing him do various odd things (like floating above the deck crosslegged in mid air!) When confronted Galas reveals that the child is one of the Gromm Demigods, the first in fact to be born offworld. He stresses the urgency of returning the child to Gaia as the priests of his race belive that the child’s lifeforce is inextricably entwined with the planet


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