Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 4 Part 2: The Grand Admiral Speaks

Upon arriving in orbit around Edill, our heroes are met by an EIN Warbird and escorted to the depths of the airworld (below the level of darkness).

There amidst an incredible number of Huge Silver Dragons and EIN ships (varying model Man-O-War ships, Flitters and the scintillating IEN Silverswift used only by the Very Top Brass) lies their destination the EIN Armada Constellation.

Billeted for a day, they see numerous arrivals as crews of different races disembark. The following morning they are summoned to a ballroom style chamber on the upper deck. Here they are addressed by the Fleet Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque “Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”. Kaolin instantly recognizes that the Grand Admiral is carrying an Artifact – The Staff of Celestian himself! ( A long staff of smoky black crystal, the Staff of Celestian is capped by a smooth, circular crystal that is constantly changing colors. The bottom of the staff is tapered and ends in a butt of mithral. Tiny motes of lights glow within the staff, constantly shifting and changing position, size, and color. It is trimmed with gold and platinum.)

A hush falls over the room as she begins to speak……

“Within my lifetime, but before many of your grandsires were born, the Unhuman War was fought. The goblin races and the elves met in glorious battle. The goblins and others of their ilk were driven from wildspace in the known spheres, and elven law and orders were established.

We have recently learned that Lar, an elven world in a remote crystal sphere, has been destroyed by an orcish fleet. Not conquered, but destroyed. Nothing lives of breathes on its surface. The elven armada Eclipse is now a floating hulk. Ten elven ships were lost for every goblin or orc ship destroyed. The goblinkin have some sort of new weapon or strategy that is more powerful than anything we can currently counter. We must learn what it is. Furthermore, we must learn more about the size of their armies and which goblin races are involved.

I shall get right to the point. Each of you has a talent. You are good at making trouble and surviving to brag about it. We want to put your talents to use. Each of your groups will be chartered to accomplish a specific task. When you have accomplished your goals, report back to this ship with the results of your mission. Remember, this is of vital importance to all the known spheres. Your own homeworld could be next.

I ask that each group draw lots from the bowl in the center of the room. Engraved upon the tokens is a sigil that matches another hung upon one of the doors throughout the room. Once your representative has drawn a token, go to that room, where you will be briefed on your mission.”

Following the symbol they have drawn, the party enters a room to be met by Silvanos, a white haired elf in black and grey robes who exudes a feeling of great age. Their assignment is to assume the identities of Jonas reels and crew, mercenaries in the employ of the Scro. Using a charter and star charts taken from a captured Scro Captain named Wrackblood they are to report for assignment to a base called Gammaro in MoragSpace. While there they are to gain any info possible and then return.

To facilitate this the EIN are providing a Dragonfly Class ship and any nonmagical supplies needed. They also provide ESP confusing psi treatments for the Capt. While aboard the Constellation Kaolin and Tavist are summoned to the Arcane Labs. At the hands of an abstracted elven mage Kaolin is drained of the excess transmutational magic in her system, returning her to her naturally furry form. He then uses the drained energy to ignite the latent Draconic blood in Tavist’s veins.

Encountering no difficulties en route they proceed to MoragSpace, the Captain, Kaolin and Dugan using the downtime to craft potions, scrolls, and a Psychokinetic Blast Dorje.


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