Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 4 Part 1: Draax, New Blood, and Wildspace Again

The next night while sitting on the roof drinking they hear cries for help. Kaolin flies down with the rest following only to find a twisted humanoid figure stooped over a cowering human. They engage and are beaten back by a pulse of negative energy that bursts from an eye in the center of it’s hand. Again the watch arrives, and the adversary melds with the stone wall and escapes.

The Capt takes Ozzy into town and sets up a match in an untaxed pit fight, they also discover that the Brewfest begins the day of the fight. Owing themselves an evening out, the boys go get schnockered. Tavist drinks Ozzy’s mug of ale and becomes instantly drunk and rapidly sick. Drake dives into his studies arcane and is not seen waking without his nose in a book for the rest of their stay planetside.

Ozzy gets approached by a dwarf looking to hire on. “I can make things…..” the dwarf keeps repeating. After a brief interview with the Capt he is told to get his gear. Kaolin meanwhile, has been summoned to the temple. The High Priest introduces Gryffn, a Paladin of The Holy Road. It appears Gryf saw St. Killroy in a a vision telling him to seek the “Monkey Priestess” and guard her. Kay is thrilled!

After immediately disliking each other the Capt and the paladin settle into a relationship of stifled antagonism, while Tavist baits him incessantly. Ozzy tries to find common ground and is quite glad of someone to spar with.

After Ozzys pit fight, in which he outright clobbers an Ettin by smashing it’s skulls in with a mighty blow of his hammer, they are discussing plans when the voice of Draax laughs at them from a corner..

After antagonizing each other for a few hours, Draax and Kaolin part ways. His arrogance far outweighing (in her mind) the information and Smalljammer he provided (The ship was carried with him in a bottle and returned to normal size when he opened it). Having been informed of a rendez vous with the Flowfish, a tradesman ship they evidently own, our heroes set out for the trading asteroid of Ceres in the Grinder. While setting down on Ceres, Draax’s words come back to Kay as the deck becomes insubstantial under her feet “It’s yours until you get there…”

Barely pulling out of a watery crash the group find the ship has transformed into several Arcane Trade Bars easily worth a thousand platinum each. They immediately stash them in Kaolin’s bag of holding. Shortly afterwards they are met by Post-Captain Wilhemina, the female giff commander of the Flowfish, and Italapate, her trickster shaman helmsman. They make the journey back to SpiralSpace and catch up on events during their absence. With the mail they got a summons to a meeting hosted by the Imperial Elven Navy, as well as a letter of recommendation from Admiral Thorn of Realmspace (with a heavy subtext of “don’t fuck this up”)


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