Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 3 Part 3: Welcome To Ysgard, DUCK!

The next several subjective months are spent trudging across the hills and dales of the Outlands until they reached a mountain pass that allowed them through to the edge of the Eternal Battlefield of Ysgard. After watching the constant fighting by day and reveling at night, Kaolin and Drake carried everyone across using alternated fly spells with rope tricks in between to stay off the battlefield.

Right before using the rope tricks they had been resting on feasthall roofs. This came to an end after the sleeping Drake rolled off of one into the fray below.

Many injuries came of that little altercation…….

Upon reaching the edge of the battlefield they were stunned by the vision of Arvandor, Asgard, Muspellheim, and Nidavellir floating around them larger than any Crystal Sphere.

While camping out near the edge trying to concoct a plan, they met a human by the name of Fergus MacFergus who claimed to weekend here for the fights. After camping with him for an evening and telling him a bit of their story he offered to help them. This help consisted of keeping them there until a portal was opened by Snail Outfitters of Sigil. The gnome operator responded to Ozzy’s attempts to intimidate him with a Hold Monster spell, and then negotiated passage with Drake.

Upon stepping through the gate (after paying) they found themselves in Sigil, the City of Doors


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