Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 2 Part 5: Torpor In Limbo

Their arrival at the Spawning Stone was mostly unnoticed, as the prevailing atmosphere was unfocused and lackluster. Meeting a githzerai who evidently lived there (and who wore a Slaad Symbol on her head) they were able to not only find out that this could be another incarnation of the Iron Shadow, but also that the “temple with only one priest, ” referred to in the prophecy might well be the Temple of Change on this plane. Setting out with directions from Torpellin (the githzerai) they made best possible speed there.

The temple was a doorless iron structure set on an asteroid that was constantly changing from molten lava to cold stone seemingly at Random. They eventually found a way in an entered a vast entry hall with columns that changed color and material constantly and a huge intricately patterned rug. Their first step onto the rug transported them into a pocket dimensional maze.

Meanwhile in Bleurophil, Drake was delirious. Being a painter, he suffered the ill effects of the Iron Shadow’s malaise more seriously and immediately than his comrades. In the fever of his delirium he saw his rug assume the depth of planes, and ghostly footprints appeared and led him across a psychedelic landscape he assumed to be hallucination. This perception was dispelled when he came out of the fever on the deteriorating edge of the bordertown Xaos which was depopulated and dissolving into Limbo. While wandering the ghost town he encountered a bariaur who was cursed to remain as long as the town did. After establishing that the Bariaur (who would not give his name) wanted solitude, Drake accepted an offer to travel into Limbo with a teleported delivery of a beverage called Saki. He arrived in the Temple of Change and also fell afoul of the rug.

His compatriots, having been subject to numerous magical attacks, search warily for a means of exit. Attempting to retrace their steps they all met up in a corridor. Using Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments Drake painted an exit and they all materialized at the opposite end of the entrance hall safely past the trapped rug.


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