Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 2 Part 4: Psycho Limbo Fugue- The Fall of Falkirk

Shortly after leaving Sorrow’s Roost, they were approached by Ert, a peryton indentured to Vassilon, who sent them to the scene of the latest Strangler murder while in progress. Chasing the blue haired mage from the scene of the crime they then cornered him in his home. After a nasty battle in his study (in which the party almost got crisped by a Hellball) they captured Myess Breezewing and rescued Deidarth. Turing the killer over to the City Guard they received a hero’s welcome at their inn. Vassilon dispelled the stasis field around Kaolin who explained that she had figured it out. By researching the victims she had determined that the kills were being done according to alignment and in the order of the alignments of the Outer Planes. As she was preparing to go find the rest of the crew Myess broke in and enspelled her, whispering “wait until it’s YOUR turn…” as she faded from consciousness.

As a show of thanks for his rescue, Deidarth acted as Oracle and told them of “..a city on the greatest mountain in whose library the book you seek resides….” , “…..a temple with one priest where resides the cure…” , and “…a ruler, no ruler, who seeks to spread the malaise…” They were then whisked away to a public ceremony where they were all given medals and proclaimed “Defenders of Blurophil.” Determining that Limbo was the location of the Temple, as well as the easiest to reach the party set out for the stair again. Unfortunately Drake had subcome further to the effects of the Iron Shadow and could not travel. He was left in the care of the Celestian Hospice on Blurophil to recover. Despite feeling poorly himself, Ozzy would not be left behind.

After another journey up the noneuclidean pathways of the Infinite Stair they came to a deteriorating landing with the portal to Limbo on it. After a series of misadventures (The Capt being thrown by Ozzy and Catfalling to the other side, Ozzy’s great bungee escapade, Kaolin’s glide and roll, etc) they passed through into a somewhat stabilized cabin. Drawing upon Tavist’s familiarity with the Plane (PW 1°) they each tried mentally manipulating the immediate area to create a safe zone. Kaolin and Rand each had spectacular success and were able to stabilize a 50′ radius to resemble a patch of Gromm. Kaolin then ritually attuned the party to the plane using a new spell granted by Celestian. She then linked them to the portal and they took off on their chunk of Gromm. Journeying beyond the reach of the portal link, they nearly got lost returning. Just as they were prepping to leave again they were attacked by Rav, a dao slaver hunting Slaad in his craft The Dream Diver.

A furious battle ensued, rolling through the shifting substance of chaos as 14 shads (EPoEarth, dao slave race) tried, and failed, to net the PCs. Just as the tide had turned Falkirk heard one shout a warning just as he blasted it with an arcane bolt. Rav, invisible, was stalking them. A brief intense battle between the dao and Ozzy, made shorter by both Ozzy’s great strength and the dao’s wounds from capturing the Slaad. After knocking him unconscious the party absconded with his ship, the grey Slaad chained in it, and Mulk- the shad slave who warned Falkirk.

Attempts at questioning the Slaad in Draconic, the only language they had in common, resulted only in requests for release or transport back to “The Spawning Stone…” This jogged Kaolin’s memory of an augury she had recently done that referred to “The Source.” Setting course under the Slaad’s directions they set out for the Slaadi Spawning Stone.

It was as they sped through the roiling torrents of Limbo that they suffered a great loss. The hull of the Dream Diver rang like a bell as it was struck from outside. A tentacle pierced the side of the ship and began questing about for prey. In the ensuing melee the hull was breached in three places.

Disaster wrapped itself around Falkirk’s leg in the form of a tentacle. The bizarre beast then flung him through the Limbostuff so far and hard that even after several days of looking they were forced to concede him “Missing In Action.”


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