Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 2 Part 2: The Plane of Air

Departing through a Portal in the Sculpture Garden of the Celestian Temple they set forth once more upon the Infinite Stair, led by Kierin- a Celestian Planewalker. Taking leave of their guide at the landing of the Planewalker’s Guild they reprovisioned, did some trading and got directions to the Blurophil Portal. Upon arriving there they encountered an elven woman coming through who told them with disgust, “There’s no party there, cutter.” (Blurophil was supposed to be experiencing its Festival of Lights, much like Mardi Gras but very arts oriented). They entered and booked lodging immediately. While getting their bearings (yes, that means drinking…) they heard rumors of the “Gasping Strangler.” Kaolin meantime was up in her room having one of her Pacing Prayer Fits™. The city seemed depressed, and not at all like a party.

Splitting up to track down Ghuntomas, the party members heard more wild rumors of the strangler, as well as comment about a local Oracle (“Why didn’t he SEE this!”). Finding the Oracle’s home empty they searched the place and found not only a list of people, including Ghuntomas, with most of the names scratched out; but also the specter of Evonnia- the True Oracle and sister of Deidarth Third Eye, the man who claims the title. After scaring the daylights out of Tavist (who Ozzy had to pin down to keep from running off screaming), she begged Rand to find her brother. Meanwhile, Kaolin was being set upon and magically imprisoned by the Strangler.

After securing their comrade, who was now encased in an air magic based stasis field, the remaining members follow Evonia’s suggestion and seek out Guder Fruend, a Tiefling Battle Master who was the last one she heard her brother speak of. Gaining an audience, they discovered him disdainful of mages and unwilling to even speak to someone who had not met him in battle. Taking the challenge, Ozzy met him in single combat. While fighting he learned that Deidarth was last seen in the company of an arrogant genasai named Myes Breezewing, notable for his usual distaste for all not born of the Plane of Air. When pressed he suggested Vassilon the Rilmani as someone who could provide Breezewing’s whereabouts. At this point Drake began to suffer the malaise (the Iron Shadow) and discovered that he could not paint anymore, his inspiration gone.


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