Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 2 Part 1: Truths

Ship cleanup commenced along with loading up the library. They then charted a course for Spiral Space and Bral. Two weeks out in the Flow they ran across a seemingly adrift Dragonfly and boarded it. Populated by a faerie dragon, a cowardly golem, and Terigammar the Lich. So absorbed in his studies of the nature of the Flow that he had forgotten to die, the Lich frightened them at first and then began trading for spell component’s and alchemical ingredients. Unnerved by their experience they took their leave, charting the Dragonly’s exact position for future reference.

Over the weeks of their return trip Rand met with the party one or two at a time and came clean about his past and his Tiefling bloodines. Deciding that it was time to “get serious,” about being honest with each other and about setting goals as a group he took the first steps. He was rapidly followed by Tavist who revealed his new found magical abilities (He had just taken his first Sorcerer Level) The majority of the trip was taken up with learning more about each other’s capabilities and planning tactics for future engagements.

The return to Bral was marked by yet another heroic party at the Rockrat Bar. Once hangovers were finished they attempted to get an audience with Shandra only to be told by a nervous looking Gerald that he was gravely ill and seeing no one but his personal chirurgeon. Repeated attempts to contact Shandra were deflected. While the books sat under guard in the ship, Rand and Kaolin located the tome they needed to locate Ghuntomas of Thorn, author of Everchanging Order. He had left Sigil to take up residence in the city of Blurophil on the Elemental Plane of Air.

Finally, after three weeks, they were summoned to the Head Librarian’s Office. Upon entering they were met by the new Head Librarian, Sir Kyle. It seems that Shandra had been responsible for the cover up of the missing shipment and was being replaced. He thanked them for their efforts and assured them that rewards for their efforts would be delivered soon. Three days later a group of Seekers and guards delivered a box of magical items, each decorated in the color of the recipient’s chosen stone. The Capt received a flaming horseman’s mace, Ozzy a Brilliant Energy Warhammer, Kaolin got candles of invocation, Tavist a vest of escape, Falkirk got a pair of Ring Gates, and Drake a set of Nolzur’s Pigments.


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