Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 13 Part 4 Into the City

While having dinner with Napoleon 3 and the Bonapartists Drake falls ill. The group return to the Kelhorn’s Grace and put him in the autodoc. Examination shows that the virus in his system is consuming radiation, and evidently he got a sizable dose during dinner.
A humanoid lion with tentacles for hair, followed by two robots comes to the ship. He says his name is Hannibal and that he is the “Grand High Sherriff of these parts.” While verbally introducing himself he telpathically tells Tavist that he is a member of the Restorationists, and warns him that Napoleon will probably try to take the ship if they do not agree to his desires. He mentions Napoleon having a “Deathbot,” and seems very grave as he does so. He also warns of militant “Pure Strain Humans,” and Shreloon in the ruined city. Conversation reveals that the Shreloon seem to be illithids.
Meanwhile in sick bay Drake has some sort of seizure which causes a large burst of bioelectricity, shorting out the autodoc.
Still groggy after all these weeks, Ozzy once again slips into unconsciousness.
Deciding on discretion, they get Dave to liftoff and take them out into the desert. That night the SOLAR Paladins and the party (minus Ozzy) prepare for their expedition into the city. Tarden Fane shares Endure Radiation spells with the other casters.
Preparations: Endure Radiation is cast on everyone. Kaolin fills six spell storing arrows with Searing Light. Comlinks are issueed to all.
Dave lands on the outskirts of See-A’teel, and the away team disembarks. Trudging throught the bizarre undergrowth tempers begin to heat up a bit between Our Heroes and the SOLAR Paladins, especially after Foehammer shoots a giant centipede for no discernable reason.
Several blocks into the ruins they are attacked by, and fight off a Cactisaurus Rex. Observations shows them scattered throughout the area. Slowing their pace the group threads their way between the carnivorous plants.
Suddenly a titanic mutant felinoid, fully 30′ high at the shoulder, rounds the corner and attacks them, only to get a face full of Fireball which sends it screaming off into the city. It is about this point in their journey that Finn notices a cranium rat observing them from the foliage.
As they get nearer to their goal Tavist detects motion and noise in the undergrowth ahead. A motley assortment of beings led by a 20′ tall, blue skinned humanoid array themselves in the intersection ahead. At first Our Heroes are denied admittance to the encampment, but upon hearing of their “Sky Chariot,” the tune changes rapidly.
A meeting is rapidly arranged inside the fenced area this group controls. The PSH (ure Strain Humans) seem to be the majority here, although one of the main spokesmen is a pale and unhealthy looking human in wheelchair. It is made obvious that he is a mutant when they realize that he is not speaking, yet they can all hear his words. He speaks of this group of Restorationists and their ongoing attempts to rebuild on of the Sky Chariots of the Ancients in order to reach someplace called The Cities of Man. Now that Napoleon 3 has found and reactivated a Deathbot they will probably be overrun before they can finish (they are months away at least).
An agreement is reached. Dave will bring the ship in and land it in a clearing the Restorationists will make. Our Heroes will continue negotiations with the restorationists and come to an acommodation.
Demolition proceeds at once as the ruins of old skyscrapers are leveled to make a landing field. The group goes out to consult and get caught in a sudden Scarlet Rain. They run for shelter, but Finn and Lola suffer radiation burns. Later they both begin to change…
Lola suffers extreme mutation, her skull expanding as her brain quadruples in capacity (Int now 20!). At the same time her joints become rubbery, and develop a tendancy to become dislocated with the slightest exertion.
Finn’s skin begins to thicken and become rough in texture while his sense of hearing dulls


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