Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 13 Part 2

A halfling appears outside the quarantine field and introduces himself as Dr. Haldo, Chief Medical Officer of Outlands Station.
The medical exams, far more sophisticated than the ones undergone in the Startiger, begin. Finn is the first to undergo the 36 hour procedure. Much of the focus of the exam seems to be the Illithid circuitry embedded in his hand.
The exams proceed, two at a time, for the next two weeks or so. In the meantime those not currently being examined use the datapads and station Infonet to learn of both the Unification Church and the strange analogs of the planes they are used to. (The Corporate Hells of Baator, etc). During this period Kaolin takes to giving “educational lectures,” to Taj’s buglings. Drake breaks his datapad and demands another one of the staff.
After the examinations the party are subjected to hours of individual debriefing by the ISPD (the Dragon Emperor Mezzenbone’s secret police, staffed entirely by Drow.). Drake channels The Merchant, primary aspect of The Traveler here, and tries to sell them campestri.
Shortly after the debriefings end the station goes to battle stations and then shakes as though hit by some titanic force. Kaolin desperately tries to attune her Crown of Stars to the station enough to get a view of outside space. After a few moments she succeeds, seeing an image of several Nautiloid ships strafing the station. As the attack continue the sun, shining in the background, begins to dim visibly…..
Focusing all of her arcane and psionic skills on the quarantine shields Taj manages to punch a tiny hole in them. Just enough to Dimension Door out. As she appears in the corridor a pack of Illithidae (Kaolin identifies them as Kigrids) round the corner. Taj quickly dimension doors back into the sickbay as she feels their tendrils of thought snaking into her mind. The Kigrid cluster at the doorway and proceed to psionically assault the party.
Working rapidly Kaolin and Drake, using Drake’s Metamagic Rod, cast Windwalk on everyone. Kaolin then Dimension Doors to a corridor near the Portal to the Stations next segment, parsecs away in the next dominion of the Empire. Her now gaseous companions flow through the Ring Gate she is carrying, followed by Drake who Dimension Doors up to meet them with the other Ring Gate.
Our Heroes get about 40′ down the corridor, just into the next segment, when forcefields pop up around them and a voice rings through the hall, “ILLITHID INCURSIONRED ALERT!” About half the group manages to dodge out of the way, but the others are trapped within. Fortunately they discover that they have one Ring Gate on each side of the fields. Using Dimension Door and the still active Wind Walk they escape, but cannot take the Ring inside the field with them. Tavist and Finn enter the field through the gate and solidify with the intention of playing on Tavist’s draconic heritage and brazening it out.
When security drops the field Finn uses his boots to escape with Tavist by running along the ceiling. They go gaseous as the troops open fire with strange guns that shoot Magic Missile style bolts of energy.


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