Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 13 Part 1 Adrift in The Dragon Empire

Open with Drake and Taj in the medical bay of the Startiger being examined by a Soulmech named Dr. Terendil Leafbower.
During Drake’s medscan alarms go off, followed by forcefields and a Dimensional Anchor field that isolate the room. The machinery revealed his latent disease and quarantined the sickbay automatically.
Tavist receives a Message from the Startiger’s Capt. Apologizing for the necessity of aiming the Startiger’s Ion Cannons at the Nautiloid, but stressing the necessity for this disease not to get out. Tavist and party agree to full medscans of the entire crew.
While prying for spells, Drake and Kaolin find themselves floating in a steely void where they are questioned by The Traveller (this dimension’s analog of Celestian) who finally agrees to grant them spells. The Power seems puzzled, he brought them here because their prayer was to him, but using a name never heard before.
Meanwhile back on the Nautiloid, Taj finishes the installation and attunement of the Bug Helm.
Tavist and Co. are ordered to accompany the Startiger to someplace called Outlands Station. Discussion with the Startiger’s Capt. on differences in propulsion lead to an investigative team coming aboard (in envirosuits) to examine the Helm. Tavist gives them a first hand demonstration, finding out in the process that below Spelljamming speed the Startiger is far faster than the Nautiloid.
Kaolin communes with The Traveller, deciding on that basis to trust Capt. Tirellin. The crew begins packing for Outlands Station while Drake and Kaolin set guards and wards throughout the Nautiloid to protect it until their return.
While the party is quarantined Capt. Tirellin gives them datapads and shows them how they function. The party give themselves a crash course on the Dragon Empire . Taj focuses on trying to understand their medicine.
Upon arrival at Outlands Station they are conveyed, using quarantine forcefields, to the medical bay. Finding the food dispensers Tavist goes Kim Chee crazy!
Lola proceeds to whip Tavist, Finn, and Ozzy playing Dragon Poker while they wait


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