Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 5: Planetfall: Penumbra

Drake and tavist discover a new alcove that seems to have grown in the Captain’s Quarters. Upon entering there is an actinic flash! Tavist rolls out of the way and into the hall. Using a small mirror from his tools he looks back to see Drake, immobile, his strange armband/tattoos forming two points of a triangle of crackling energy. The third point is the waist high pillar topped with a large blue crystal that occupies the center of the room. Blueish crystals begin to form around Drake’s feet….
Tavist examines it after shouting for help, he determines it is 5th order transmutation magic. The drow argues for destroying him, “He will only come out as a thrall.” Not wishing to risk it they leave him encased after Kay uses deathwatch to determine he is in no immediate danger.
Over the next four days, as the nautiloid approaches Penumbra, the crystals grow to encase Drake entirely.
As the nautiloid comes in for a landing Finn is overcome by a vision of The Annulus accompanied by the voice from the psi-circuitry saying,”The Annulus, it is your only hope!” Kaolin attempts a sending to Ronnasic saying, “We’re on Penumbra, where’s the Annulus??”and his reply is to follow the path of Arrak
On the surface Taj Pach and her hive obeserve as the nautiloid comes in for a landing near their crash site. Leaving the rest at the base camp, Kattar and Taj move in to investigate. Little known to them a pair of Forerunner shepherds also do the same, but from the opposite side.
Taj sends squealer (her lissator familiar) on a recon flight and discovers the shepherds, when she sends it in closer Tavist notices it. He also notices the psicrystal around its neck.
Ozzy and Kaolin keeping lookout. They spot both the bugs and the shepherds. Debate ensues. Finn observes the shepherds resemblance to githyanki.
Steppping out of the ship they approach the Xixchil. When the dominant female addresses them in accented elvish they relax a bit and converse. Her name is Taj Pach and she is the leader of small Xixchil hive. They crash landed here about three weeks ago and have salvaged their helm, but the ship is a loss. She also tells the party that there have not been illithids here for thousands of years, most of them having fled or been killed during the Gith rebellion. Reaching an agreement to work together in finding the Annulus, Taj sends Kattar, her Number One, to fetch the rest of the hive and move them into the bottom deck of the nautiloid.
It is around then that they notice the drow has disappeared.
Taj is brought to examine Drake. After doing both psionic and magical examinations she seems quite distracted. Evidently his bracers arcane field initiated a cascade reaction in one of the ship’s psionic devices. The current trasmutation effect is the result. As best she can determine he is changing into a Blue! She also thinks she can reverse engineer the effect and create a psi-spell that will duplicate it!
Deciding that the humanoids have a better chance of finding info from the gith-like shepherds without the bugs around. Taj set’s up three sense links so that Tavist can hear what she does, and she can see and hear what he does. She then casts fly spells on him and on Finn. Kaolin gives Finn her ring of tongues to use and casts comprehend languages into Tavists belt of spell storing. They fly toward the village scouted by the Hive.
The guards at the gate seem quite excited as they approach. When Asked if there is “anyone of learning,” about they escort the pair to The Lost City Rest, an Inn filled with artifacts of a previous culture (approximately Renaissance level) They book rooms (straw flooring with a pallet) and get confused mightily by the monetary syste


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