Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 4: Truespace

A search of the nautiloid commences, finding areas of seemingly stopped time denoted by a flickering slime. The ship seems unpopulated.
The hold contains cases of jars, each containing fist sized octopoid creatures. They also find many sets of illithid tentacle weapons. The slave deck does contain a female figure, frozen in time by the slime. Estimating that it will take a good day and a half for her to “thaw,” they return to the chart room and clear the door of mucus. Among the illithid charts they find several penned by other species. Including one bearing the symbol of an ancient Celestian sect.
Examination of the Celestian map activates a blast of divine energy. When it fades it leaves an extremely short, bald gnome standing on the deck.
The gnome immediately starts telling the priests that “this is their job.” He blesses both of them, and imparts some of his divine energy unto Kaolin. He delivers Tavist’s swords (the green and red steel one) and several potions with a note saying “These make your brain taste bad…” He then evaporated (“Gotta be in New York for 5….”)
After discussion it is decided that time is of the essence. Finn gives the command and the nautiloid takes off heading outsphere at a phenomenal rate of speed.
As they zoom through the Phlogiston everyone take turns studying the tomes they brought, learning as fat as possible about the illithid. They discover some information on ceremorphosis in a book penned by Ronnaisc found in Theridon’s stuff.
Having gone farther out into the Flow than they have ever been, the group arrives at the sphere of Avidarel. As the nautiloid enters they see a desolate waste, the sun long dead. One lone tower on a rock cicrling the dead star is the only hint of intelligent Long range inspection reveals it to be blazoned with Sensate glyphs.Unfortunately with the nautiloid’s course set they cannot detour to investigate. While traveling through the sphere they do encounter a Memory of Starlight, Tavist falling under the sway of its Song of Rememberence begins to obsess upon relighting the star. The nautiloid returns to the Flow.
About 4 days out from Penumbra’s sphere they run afoul of ephemerals. These lost souls of the phlogiston take over Tavist and Finn with the intent of getting to wildspace as fast as possible. Getting uncovered early in their efforts the two spirits claim to be buccaneers who died in the Flow 900 years ago. When they become combative Kaolin casts undeath to death destroying them both.
It is about this time that Ozzy shares with the party his new ability. Evidently after spendinng the past few years trying to “twist his mind a certain way,” he has developed psionic abilitites. Notably, a mindblade!
Frustrated with being unable to unlock the safe in the Capt’s quarters, Tavist and Finn turn to the drow. Using her suppression blade she neutralizes the psionic circuitry allowing them to pick it. Inside are found three humanoid skulls, plated with precious metals, that contain concentrated brain matter in the form of pills. Evidently emergency rations for illithids


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