Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 3: Dawn of the Overmind- Eidolon

Lola departs to check on what happened to her stuff.
The group returns to the warehouse to confer. Shortly into the discussion a semitransparent image of the Capt. appears claiming to be his spirit. Questions seems to verify this.
The Capt’s ghost, or Eidolon as he puts it, reminds them of the incidents at the Elder’s Outpost when under commission by Thought Taker. “We started this,” he says, “without us he never would have been able to take that piece of their drive.” He also reminds them of the vision he had when the Outpost emitted that energy burst. In it a six tentacled Illithid reached out across the spheres and shattered them. Finn recognizes this description as a Ulitharid or Illithid noble.
While Finn and Theridon get aquainted Finn determines that the place the Capt escaped from sounds a lot like the quasi-elemental plane of ash.
Theridon identifies the psionic circuitry on Finn’s hand as a key to a ship. He believes that the ship will take them towards finding a key to stopping the Overmind project. They are able to determine that it is hidden in an asteroid trailing the planet H’Catha, a beholder world in Realmspace
Finn and Tavist place orders for custom weaponry in both Bral and Sigil
Theridon’s books are collected for study en route.
Kaolin creates a Heroes Feast for them on the Elysium Balcony, they then Greater Plane Shift to Killroy’s Folley, the turtleship, in Realmspace.
The next thre weeks are spent poring over the capt’s books, and researching illithids. When not otherwise occupie the Capt.and Finn continue to get aqainted.
As they near H’Catha they begin having to dodge Beholder Tyrantships, they manage to avoid having any confrontations.
On the Capts urgings Finn tries to interface his circuitry with the planetar locator. It works and throws up a pinpoint map to the asteroid that is their destination, trailing H’Catha about 5 days out.
Findng the asteroid they enter a large cave in its surface and find an ancient Nautiloid. They enter.
Finn locates something that seems like it might be a control panel. Using the circuitry he activates it.
A distant click audibly and mentally reverberates throughout the craft, and dim phosphorescence pulses in slow rhythms along the walls like flowing blood. A mental whisper speaks; “Reinvigoration protocols executed and successfully completed. Navigation coordinates successfully installed. Destination: Penumbra. Awaiting launch command.”
As the voice is heard the capt’s image fades from view.


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