Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 2: The Recondite Prison of Iralophinine

After extensive examination, revealing a variety of fiendish traps, Tavist and Finn attempt to pick the locks found on the sphere. Several traps are set off in the process, and Finn loses two fingers. (left hand pinky and ring fingers).
They eventually open it rescuing a Planetar named Iralophinine.
They prepare another sling and ride the adamantium ball through the Violet with Iralophinine steering.
Stopping to search after seeing some sort of reflection, they discover an extremely aged man, obviously near death. He addresses Finn, “You! You have the talent. Come here my son.” When Finn does so the old man clutches his hand, at this point there is a flash as the Illithid Psionic Circuitry transfers from the old man’s hand to his own. Reassuring his companions that he is okay, they continue to travel.
Eventually they find a broken storehouse, seemingly meant to contain something banished here. The place is smashed up and empty. After searching the main room and finding no doors, unsprung traps, or much of anything they prepare to leave.
Tavist finds a secret door in one wall of the corridor. It is very well hidden and has a very difficult lock. With Finn’s help he picks it and they enter an empty room. Drake discerns immediately that there is magic working here of much greater than first order.
After examining the dweomer he states that it is an inverted anti-magic field. While in the room they can all use magic and psi normally.
Iralophine thanks them, and after inquiring whether they need help returning to their own plane of existence, takes his leave. Before he does so he addresses Finn and Tavist, telling them they may call upon him for one favor in return for freeing him. Kaolin immediately greater plane shifts them to the Rock.
The sky over the Rock is an unaccustomed reddish hue and much darker than they remember ever seeing it. The docks are underpopulated, mostly Bralian Navy, Scro Tarantula Fleet, and EIN Tempest Fleet.
Making straight for their warehouse headquarters they summon K’tel for an update. Arriving still half asleep, he brings them up to speed on the year and a half they have been gone!
— Falkirk appeared shortly after they vanished, and lay claim to his share. As a founder, whose rights had been codified in writing, he experienced no opposition. He took Valis and a tidy sum in trade bars and set out a few months later. No word has been had of him or the ship since.
– The Unhuman War II came to an end shortly after the suns of over thirty crystal sphere across The Arcane Inner Flow began to simultaneously dim. The Illithid Embassy on Bral closed a few weeks before, Ishathrandra leaving on a nautiloid along with the other eight known Illithids on the Rock. As months went by and the suns grew steadily dimmer Illithid fleets appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and dealt major blows to both the EIN and Scro. In an unprecedented move the Grand Admiral of the EIN and the Almighty Leader of the Scro agreed to work together against the threat before resuming their own disputes.
Kaolin tries to contact Valis and succeeds. She encourages the ship to be hopeful, as Kaolin plans to planeshift onboard to reclaim it. When she tries again later she gets no contact and assumes that Valis is in the Flow.
Using a scroll hidden in their office, Kaolin regenerates Finn’s fingers. He saves the ones previously cut off.


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