Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 12 Part 1: The Violet

The next morning begins with shopping in Sigil as they take Lola to Emetriel’s Fine Flights
Sitting at a Cafe drinking Bytopian Gnomish tea they discuss Planar Theory with Lola discovering that her take on the Planes is quite different than their own. She disdains the standard cosmology and speaks often of the Million Spheres. This conversation evolved out of speculation on the Capt.’s fate.
Tavist comissions Balic’s Blades (on Bral) to make a matched set of rapiers from Tanarri red steel and Baatorian green steel that he provides
Lola tells the party of Carrigmoor while dining on a Heroes Feast in their private vale on the Seven Heavans
Tavist gets hit by a needle trap when attempting to search Drake’s room. He urinates on Drake’s bed in response.
While walking to the Library of the Spheres they are waylaid by chaositech bearing enemies led by Falkirk! They are all knocked unconscious and awaken in The Violet (Lola recognizes it)
They find and awaken Drake amongst the vines and snakes of The Violet
During an encounter with a ravid they experience a time slip.
They use vine sap to attach a continual light coin to the ravid and set it free in an attempt to scout out some of the surrounding terrain.
Drake attempts a Summon Monster I, which succeeds materializing three hawks. Finn’s breach sense detects the spell as working normally. Attempts to dispell or banish them fail…
Sling-shotting themselves across the vines the party travel several miles until they notice a violet orb 50′ across nestled in the vines. They engage an infuriated trio of Bone Devils and send them running. “Your souls will fetch a meagre price in the markets of Nimicri!” shouts Finn.
Examination of the sphere reveals a 20′ adamantium sphere with a very complex lock inside. “Can we get it home with us?” quips Tavist.


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