Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 11 Part 4: Competition Time

Day Seven: Dance

Kaolin and Ozzy enter with high hopes of winning, unfortunatly the audience does not appreciate their interpretive efforts and they are cut in the first round
Tavist goes to Shou Town and pays the Yakuza their cut of his winnings.
Day Eight: Archery

Anak is eliminated in the first round
Finn makes it to the fourth round in the crossbow competition.
Lola shows her colors, making it to the pre-final round before being cut.
The final winner is Aefeledir of the EIN.
Day Nine: Spellcrafting

The competition is amazing, and ends in a tie between Elminster of Shadowdale and gamalon Idogyr, Archmagus of Bral.
Day Nine: Mage’s Guild Ball

At the Corner of Noble and High Streets lies the home of Lady Dahlia Mignor, lit by a profusion of multicolored mage lights and illousory scenes from the History of Bral. The party is in full swing when Drake arrives with the rest.
Seeking out the Lady of the manor they pays their respects.
Many notables are present from Elrohir Amroth the Seeker to Diadan Cartan, Andru’s Advisor.
Day Ten: Javelin

In the aftermath of having his quarters desecrated Drake moves to his living quarters on Valis, the new Octopus ship.
Lola, Drake and Tavist get pickpocketed in the crowds of midtown.
K’zishan (Ishan Master of Readiness) Kr’grawl Ch’rowl of the Kzinti wins the Gold Medal.
Drake finds the planar symbol for Limbo scribed on his door (on Valis) when he returns. He has the door removed and switches it for the one on the Capt’s room. “he won’t miss it.”
Tavist gets homesick
Kaolin creates yaneesh as part of a Heroes Feast i


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