Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 11 Part 3: Blood On The Sand

Day Six: Gladiatorial Style Combat

Breakfast at The White Galleon arranged, Fin schmoozes and bribes his way into a 10 bells reservation after liberally bribing Aliar the desk elf.
Ozomata Muwara visits the box with bodyguards in tow, ostensibly to wish Ozzy luck.
Ozzy fumbles through trying to do a tea ceremony for Muawara while guards and crew stay out of earshot.
Muwara delivers oblique threat not to advance beyond the third round, he also tells Ozzy to “ask that one among you who has studied our ways to tell you of the quivering palm…” He then hastily exits.
Drake dimension doors them all to the White Galleon to meet Thames and party. Fin greets Aliar with a shower of gold and continues to tip like a madman while there.
Seeing that they have two more than the reservation was made for, Ozzy takes the opportunity to bow out of breakfast. He hauls ass through the crowded streets to Shou Town and the Song Ming monastery.
Thames and the party take note of Dargaaz and Ishathrandra meeting in the White Galleon dining room.
Ozzy accosts the novice answering the door and gives him an errratic and nearly incomprehensible earful mentioning “quivering palm,” several times. The novice asks him to wait in the inner courtyard until he can find a superior.
Realizing that the event will be starting soon and Ozzy is not back yet, Kaolin, Drake and Tavist Dimension Door to Song Ming looking for him. Drake is incredible rude to the monk who answers the door (“Snap to it! We haven’t got all day!”)
The others are ushered into the courtyard to meet Ozzy. After ascertaining that Kaolin does have a diamond for him, just in case, they dimension door back to the Arena of Frum and Ozzy begins armoring up.
Ozzy’s first round he faces off against an 800 lb giff “hottie,” Sgt. Major Tolia Pellorak, who sports a three foot ponytail and an orcish double axe. A close match, but Ozzy wins, driving the crowd wild by ending with two head butts.
Krath pound’s a dwarf in his round.
Ozzy barely beats Valkan Riogan
Tavist wins 4,000 gold, three donkeys, and a cargo barge with a tactical helm.
Midmatch with Erica of Pelor Ozzy just barely shakes off the death effect of the quivering palm……..
The match continues until Erica K.O.s Ozzy with the flat of her blade. She then walks ten paces and passes out from blood loss.
Drake begins a painting of the party in Sandyfoot’s box.
When it is announced that Ozzy has won the Bronze Medal there is much celebrating. Tavist nips out after a few drinks and collects his winnings (3,000 gp plus a custom tailored court garb from the House of Metege). Erica of Pelor won the Gold, and a Hadozee Oathpack Warrior named Gigree won the Silver.
Finn brings Lola to the box to meet the crew. Meredyn Sandyfoot is passing the pipe as they enter.
Finn and Tavist sugest using their portal network to run to Bytopia “for some serious pipeweed.” The visiting Guildmaster Thames loves the idea. Loal pulls a fadeout.
The boys make their run to Bytopia and return, gifting Thames and Sandyfoot each with a pound.
Drake encounters a construct-like creature consuming his spellbooks when he returns to his quarters. He. turns it in to the City Watch


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