Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 11 Part 2: Running and Singing

Day Four: Foot Races

Krath makes it to the second round
Anak makes it to the third round
Winner- Illutriel Atreus, heir in exile of Spiral
Ozzy and Kaolin decide they need dancing lessons before the Ball
Ozzy is found by Post Capt.Wilhelmina. He ditches her, she chases him down and tells him how rude he is.
Tavist hangs out at Drake’s Gallery opening. Picks up on a rumor that Kruz Kanonwerks has been commissioned by the crown to make a bombard for the Giff as payment for policing during the Olympiad
Merrydin Sandyfoot stops by the Gallery and buys an inked portrait of a Battledolphin.
Finn begins camping out in the Box at the Arena
Day Five: Bardic

Balthasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker’s Guild arrives with two assistants (one assimar, one tiefling) and the Tuirian Chorus who are here to compete.{Considered the masterwork of the half-Elven bard Domatha, the Tuirian chorus has toured many Planes. Consisting of a full dozen singers, this choir has members from a variety of races. While the core members of the group are a quintet of Elven bards, Domatha’s direction weaves in the voices of a pair of harpies, a young silver dragon, a trio of lillend and half-fiend Dwarf whose demonic parent was a succubus. The experience is one of unearthly beauty and transcendence.}
Bang, the Tinker Gnome Bard puts on an enthusiastic show
The Spawn seem to be doing alright until Dib suddenly loses his ability to carry a tune (Natural 1) He blames it on his contract of Napthas with House Seven Stars interfering with his playing.
Ld. Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong the Kindori Bard do a duet that leaves the audience weeping.
The Tuiran Chorus provides Baleron and Deepsong’s only serious competition
Winner- Ld Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong The Kindori
Finn and Tavist take Ld Thames to Drake’s Gallery, The Edge and Large Luigi’s


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