Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 5: Olympic Torch

Kaolin and Ozzy take a drunken joyride in “Valis,” and note a sizeable number of both Scro Tarantula Fleet ships as well as a similar formation of EIN ships waiting to dock. They end up sobering up somewhat while waiting in line to dock and disembark.
Prior to the games Andru cut deals with Tomojak, Valkan Riogan and Celestia Silverfist to have the Bralian Giff, Valkan’s Legion, and The War Drakes assist with peacekeeping during the event.
At Drake and Tavist’s urgings they all get fresh courtgarb made for the festival. Fin gets a cloudsilver outfit, with golden yellow piping (his brother’s color)
Drake arranges a (costly!) box at the Arena of Frun. The box to their right is occupied by Merredin Sandyfoot, a halfling of some reknown, the one on their left by Teledir Sunstrider, an elf.
Tavist and Fin stock the box with extraplanar wines and ales, Drake adds elven wines and sets up to paint the events.
Ozzy takes Fin down to The Edge where he gets to know his niece. The two bond while Ozzy, Tolluk, and Kra’th have drinks
Drake’s Gallery opens the night before the games. A swank party in upper midtown.Corwin Cozar allows his portrait to be used for the show. Drake bumbles into a conversation between Aric Cozar and an unknown human about the latest assassination attempts made on him. Arkan Nobrodduk, Voice of the Bralian Dwarves, stops by.Morgan Kullek buys a large painting of Bral seen from Wildspace. Kaolin runs into Lady Cerena (Andru’s consort, Diplomacy 1)
On the edge of the gravity plane a small asteroid has been brought in. It is here that 11 priests from the Olympian Church hold their ritual to light the torch in a ceremony honoring Zeus, Hera, and Mercury. (just like on ancient earth).The Priest of Zeus, of course, leading the rite. The Priest of Hermes then begins the relay, using boots of star striding to run across the gravity plane to the Rock.
Once at the Rock the relay continues, with Gen Mors Dairbad (Gen of Bralian Military) doing the last leg of the relay, ending with the lghting of a huge torch in the Arena of Frun. (Ozzy and Tomojak are part of the Honor Guard around the Arcane Torch)
Andru opens by addressing the crowd, winners will join him at Castle Skyview for a Grand Ball after the games are finished. Non-arcane competitions with have antimagic field cast over the contest ground. All judges and participants will be under Contract of Nepthas to ensure honest competition


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