Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 4: Stray Manor

Drake and Tavist playing “mushroom games,” (deliberately failing save and experiencing the Slow effect of the spores)
Mimir delivered. Gift from Ronassic. He will be on the Inner Planes for a few weeks and want’s you to offer hospitality to his associate Charles William Dexter Ward Shakespear III, a bard of some reknown.
Finn sights harriat
Kaolin helps name the Manor, and then proceeds to make a batch of Stray Manor Liquor (DC 26)
Harriat befriended and named Astro
Tavist buys coffee at Robusto of Arborea’s tent (down the street about three days a week) 1.5 # Blue Peak, 1.5 # Lower Ward Dark (cut with abyssal bloodroot) and 1.5 # Solanian Goldbean.
Courier arrives with word that the new Ship has just arrived on Bral. Another arrives moments later with a message from Sissk, the illithid Celestian, that travel by Portal might be very dangerous to him due to his “bracers.”
Tavist and Finn get party paid up on back dues and ahead a year or two. Picks up Guild insignia for all.
Drake meets with Sissk, subjects himself to massive arcane/divine/psionic examination. The “bracers,” are an Ultimate Helm, a seed from The Spelljammer itself and the only helm that can drive it. They can act as a Crown of Stars although in a more limited fashion, and seem to have various other abilities unidentified at this point.
Sissk also tells him that taking the Ultimate Helm through a Sigilian Portal could feedback and blow him past his destination and perhaps into a completely different dimension of reality.
He ignores this warning and take the crew through a gate to Gehenna. They emerge in a cave in the midst of an acidic snow storm. Kaolin then uses Greater Plane Shift to get them to Bral.
Their arrival startles the gnome who was painting a landing circle for them. Kaolin accidently knocks him down.
Upon finding it is 3 bells they send K’tel back to bed and head into town.
Kaolin and Ozzy hit the Rockrat. “Must be Thiefsday. Thiefsday is always brawl day at the rat.” Get ripped, bet on bar fight, decide to shakedown the new ship.
Drake heads to check out his gallery. It’s in great shape, and he almost walks in on his employee getting laid in the back.
Tavist arrays weapons, booze and other fun stuff on the bed within reach of one of the Ring Gates. The other he carries with him.
Tavist and Finn go into Shou Town and meet Chen-san. Arrangement for betting throughout the Olympics is made. Tavist gifts him with Cinnamon and Cacao retrieved through Ring Gate.
Tavist and Drake arrive at the Rockrat just after Kay and Ozzy have left. They have a few drinks and head for the docks.
Kay and Ozzy take off in the new Octopus just as Finn and Tavist come running up to the docks. Tavist jumps for it and misses, Finn uses his gravity boots to get them back to the Rock where they then walk up the side.
They pull themselves up on the dock just as Drake arrives. The three watch the Octopus do a barrel roll once away from the docks.
Kaolin notices something different about the ship. “What’s your name, little girl?’ she sings, and is startled when she receives the reply *Valis


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