Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 3: The Cage

  • Kaolin, Drake, Tavist, and Fenelyn take a few days and check out the house. Fenelyn and Kaolin catalogue the gatekeys and and destinations of Stray Manor’s portals. Drake and Tavist check for secret doorways and rooms.
  • Meet with Ronnasic and go to the Grand Market in the Market Ward.
  • A githyanki suddenly dimension doors into their midst, nails Fenelyn once with a spiked chain, and ports out again.
  • Tavist feels the Call of the Bow while passing Emetriels Fine Flights. While he purchases an elven double bow the rest outfit themselves with various alchemical arrows and other bolts.
  • Deeper into the market they find Vrith, a githzerai dealer in magic and painter of some reknown. They purchase bags of holding and other magics. Drake arranges for Vrith to contact him when he gets containers of holding in the future.
  • Drake gets disgusted in the tent of an air genasai selling booze when he inquires as to the prices. A rare bottle of Leshay Amberwine is out of their current reach at 8,000 jinx. Tavist goes to town on several bottles of expensive stuff, including the pink gaseous stuff he had found on the Elemental Plane of Air. He finally finds out it’s name, Wavoosh.
  • Stopping at an Ysgardian trader’s tent they purchase several small kegs of beers and wines. Kaolin gets a bottle. It has no name, “it’s…”
  • Returning home they broach the booze, raise a toast with Ronnasic. He tells them a bit about the faction war, and shares the dark on who weilds the clubs of law now.
  • Drake plants his campestri spores in an area of the arboretum made marshy by create water spells. Tavist and Kaolin do some impromptu drinking songs and sailing shantys when he tells them the magic requires music to work. Over the next twenty minutes a dozen campestris grown up and start crawling around singing off key. They all rush towards Tavist who cuts loose with his breath weapon killing seven (To Kay’s horror


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