Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 3: The Back Doors

Feneylin , or “Finn,” as the others call him brings in some talent for interviews.
Olga Thorulfsdottir of Ysgard is hired as the Seneschal of the household.
Lilyra (took them for all their cash to get home to Oerth on their first visit to Sigil) is sent packing after being a smart ass. Kaolin REALLY disliked her.
Paentia – tiefling who first tutored them on the factions when they joined the Planewalkers Guild. Hired to orient the troops.
Praetorians and team brought to Stray Manor, Paentia as liason.
Test Astral Portal- let’s find out in what this place Finn calls the Elserryn Cluster is like. Lots of distortions and color pools.
Bytopian gate leads to area outside the town of Yeoman in the layer of Dothion. Stop in store to purchase pipeweed (Old stuttering gnome shopkeeper named Kalb)
Test Elysium Portal- isolated glenn high on a celestial mountainside. Stop for a celebratory Heroes Feast.


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