Planejammer: The Seven Stars

Chapter 10 Part 1: Party Time!!

Everyone escapes using the wind walk magic which is still active, escaping injury in the collapsing building.
A spontaneous festival breaks out as the party exist the collapsing building.
The Lady of Pain thanks them (using her dabus) and grants them a triple reward: A manor in the Lady’s Ward, A Key that will make a permanent portal to Sigil three times, and immunity from Vecna unless they seek him out.
Ronnasic meets them and claims the crystals. He then shows them through the drunken crowd to the Celestial Cathedral of Celestian. Riotous crowds in Celestian robes greet them exuberantly.
After being gifted with several skins of “Novice Henry’s Contraband Brew,” they are approached by a Planetar in Celestain colors. He introduces himself as Talos. He escorts them inside to a Heroes Feast set up buffet style. Novices come through with magic edibles that cure all the physical damage they suffered. Drake takes him aside and tells him about Dugan.
After they have had their fill Sissk, an illithid priest, escorts them to see Ronald the high priest.
Debriefing is surprisingly casual. Ronald is an older priest who wears spectacles and has a friendly, irreverent manner.
Atonement rituals are shceduled, Dugan declines and barricades himself in the quarters provided.
Drake and Kaolin go to his room intent on making him go through the atonement. He faces them off in the doorway and demands another priest if it is neccesary.
Sissk arrives at Dugan’s room and presides over the ritual. As it draws to a close Dugans eyes tear up as he realizes the evil he has done and been influenced by. (extreme swing to CG) He apologizes curtly and leaves, taking a novice to guide him to the temple of Morradin.
Durind, High Priest of Morradin hears his tale and grants his wish to do pennence in his own way. The Forge of Sustenence is turned over to him so he can work without stopping to eat or sleep. He begins working on replicas of the Hand and Eye, made of solanian truesteel and precious stones (as pure as the originals were not). He then enchants the eye to produce a Major Image of the rejoicing in the streets at Vecna’s expulsion. Kaolin, Tavist and Etsuriko arrive as he first unveils them.
While exploring the Lady’s Ward Tavist discovers the Blue Fountain where they party like heroes.
Returning to Bral they take stock of their affairs. Tavist begins an audit of the Company, Drake and Kaolin go to church, Ozzy sulks and spends most of his time in his room depressed over having used the Eye against a comrade.
Drake calls a tribunal of the Company Founders in which the case is made and carried that Dugan and Etsuriko should be let go for disobeying orders on the stairs in Cavitus.
Discussion of actual company bylaws goes late into the night, upon exiting the warehouse they are approached by a stranger calling himself Fenelyn. Speaking the odd dialect of common used in the outer planes he claims to be Theridon’s older brother, although he looks several years younger than Theridon did.
He tells a tale of having lived in the astral for many years (since The Capt was a baby) which held off the effects of aging. He sought out his family and found all had been killed years before. Using his aptitude for gathering info he tracks down his brother’s daughter and follows her trail from the City of Greyhawk to the Rock of Bral. He has been gathering info and waiting for his brother’s return in the months since.
All of this is repeated under a zone of truth. He seems to really want to find his brother, and to have little interest in the wealth at stake with Theridon’s share of the company.
The crew report to the Elven Forest and are debriefed by Adm. Icarus. Ozzy tries to get himself court martialled for his misdeeds with the Eye, but Icarus summarily pardon’s him (to the giff’s dismay)
After discussion it is decided to erect the first of the Gates to Sigil at the Celestian Temple here on the Rock. Drake and Kaolin make the arrangements.
The portal is erected in a stoneshaped arch in the sculpture garden behind the temple.
Ozzy continues to sulk, but begins to leave his rooms mre frequently, going to the Planar Church of Olympus making plans for the upcoming Olympics.
Drake, Kaolin, Fenelyn, and Tavist take the portal to Sigil to set up the new house and scope out it’s portals.


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