Planejammer: The Seven Stars

After Dugan Left

After being let go by the seven Stars, yet still owning a share of Stray Manor, Dugan spent his first year after the “Vecna Incident” as follows:

Returning to Oerth and his home colony Dugan offers a tithe to his clan for his prior transgressions as well as paying his aunt back the money she had loaned him to get out of town.

Gifts his uncle with one of his platinum Mage Armor rings in a bid for forgiveness.

Tells the stories of his travels to the clan elders, displaying evidence of his prowess as both a metal worker and an enchanter.

Meets with the elders about his intent to expand the clan’s wealth and prestige by branching out to other planes and other planes. Requests a party to accompany him to Sigil and begin the process of creating a planar beachhead there, location being top priority. In the meantime based in Stray Manor with instructions to steer clear of the Seven Stars.

Gathers those willing to make the trip, only accepting those with no surviving family or with families willing to come at a later date.

2 Clerics of Moradin
2 Wizards
4 Fighters
1 Bard
1 Sorceror

Tutoring all in the art of the Magesmith. Magic items created are to be “an ultimate celebration of the talents Moradin gave to the dwarves.”


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