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Planejammer: The Seven Stars – Campaign Trailer

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Low level members of the Seeker, the adventurers of the Seven Stars made their fortune when they took on a high paying job no one else would touch – a exploratory mission for an illithid. Charting the unknown sphere of Elderspace they discovered an entire asteroid base of the Juna. Using the fortune they made from sharing their discovery the set up an inter-sphere trading company.

Becoming embroiled in the Unhuman War II, they took on a major mission for the Elven Imperial Navy – chasing agents of the scro through a multiplanar maze called Tovag Barragu. It was not long before they discovered that they were actually on the heels of the living demigod of the scro – Dukagsh – who was making a bid for godhood. After chasing Dukagsh and his war priests across multiple planes and into the palace of Vecna himself they discovered that all was not what it seemed to be.

Vecna had lured the scro demigod and sucked him dry of divine power. Using that energy, and not yet an actual god, Vecna was able to enter Sigil. The Seven Stars managed to bring him down in a fierce battle in Sigil’s armoury. While no one but them remember exactly what happened, the Lady of Pain not only spoke to them but granted them a manor house in the Lady’s Ward.

Returning to wildspace they participated in the first Olympiad of the Rock of Bral. It wasn’t logn after this that the suns started going out across the spheres. Using an ancient illithid nautiloid they ventured far beyond known space to Truespace, home of Penumbra the seat of the Illithid Continuum.

After pursing and being pursued by illithids across several dimensions (including Dragonstar and Gamma World) they eventurally made their way to the site of the Overmind itself in the Deep Ethereal where they destroyed it.

A 6th Level version of The Seven Stars with additional description may be found on Beyond The Moons: The Official Spelljammer Site. Another interpretation of the group can be found on Planewalker: The Official Planescape Site.*

Statblock – Planejammer: The Seven Stars
Ruleset: The first Gaming Session was Tues July 9, 02. It was converted to D&D 3e in November ’02, and updated to v.3.5 upon publication.
Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape
Rating: Adult themes, NSFW
Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing, XP bonuses for good characterization are common
Frequency: Thursday nights, 7pm till 11pm
Psionics: Yes, Psionics Are Different rules
Started/Ended: The Seven Stars July 2002 – August 2005 | Hurricane Katrina Interregnum | Seven Stars Rising May 2009 -Sept 2009
Location: The Chartreuse Den, Uptown New Orleans | Mardi Gras Manor, Northside Cicinnati
PC Limitations: No evil alignments, no repeating of races or classes played in one of my prior campaigns, no races with level adjustments higher than +3.
Starting Level: PCs had three levels to spend on Race and Classes, all character concepts considered except Dark Sun characters.

Planejammer: The Seven Stars

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